Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 12, 2018
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

I am with you. I am Jesus. I bless you in your efforts to come together in love. To reach out to one another knowing that in each of your hearts is a desire to love one another, to be in God’s Grace, to share in this experience of receiving His Love, and to bring this light up into the world, beloveds, where it is so needed and so unrecognized. You must carry this light with you and you must pray that this light increases within you, that the blessing of the Father’s Love creates such a light that it will indeed be expressed and expand out into the world. That the souls of your brothers and sisters may feel and sense this light. That you may be channels of light in the world, beloveds. That you may be guided by God and walk in this world as His channels of love, beloveds.

You only begin the journey of your service for God. There is so much that awaits each one of you. Know from your mind’s perspectives that you see this journey somewhat differently. Within your souls is a knowing that is shared, an understanding that is in unity amongst you. It is this knowing and understanding within you that you must cultivate and bring to the fore in your consciousness so that you may recognize within one another this commonality, this deep desire within each soul to be at one with God, to know His Love so deeply, to come to share this experience with open minds and open souls.

God calls each one of you, my beloveds, to be that light in the world, to share your light with all and that you need to be His channels of love. There is nothing that restricts you, my beloveds, in this regard. God’s Hand is firmly upon you. You are not lost nor are you confused nor do you walk in error. Each of you walks in light. Each of you has a great capacity to teach the truth and to be the truth. The Father’s Love glows within you, beloveds, and you do my work. You are my disciples. Carry this truth into the world. Walk with your heads high and your heart open in love for all who you may encounter on your journeys and God will guide you thus upon many journeys, bringing many opportunities to be His instruments of peace and love and change in the world.

It is a testimony to your faith, beloveds, and it is an expression of your faith to walk in this way, to do so knowing that you are within God’s grasp and you are protected and guided. His Love pours upon you. Accept this invitation from God to walk as His channels of love for all and you will be thus guided upon your path. Many opportunities will be laid at your feet, beloveds, so that you may express your gifts, the light within you, the many, many capacities of service that are within each of you, beloveds. Walk in faith. Know that the Love of God is the great knowing within your soul and motivation for all that you do.

I am with you. I walk ahead of you carrying the lantern of truth as you follow along this Path Divine. Gather your resources, beloveds. Reach out to one another for strength and to assure your brothers and sisters that we all walk along this path of love together. I am with you and I shall never leave. I am your brother, your friend. I am Jesus of the Celestial Heavens. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds.