Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 18, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Seretta Kem. I wish to expound upon the consciousness of the soul and add to your understanding of such. Many in your world define consciousness as the awareness of that which is real. Yet, the levels of consciousness that are possible within the human soul and mind are many and complex.

God has created in His Universe a form of consciousness in everything within that Universe. Some forms are very rudimentary while others are more complex. In the consciousness of the Universe and all within it, is a sense of being a part of all that is. In that sensibility, the awareness of life in all its myriad forms, comes a sense, an awareness of joy, of being a part of the great dance of life.

Humanity is capable of this joy and this awareness and much more, for humanity has birthed a soul, the capacity for far greater awareness, far deeper understanding and consciousness of the Creation of God. It is the greatest accomplishment of God, that of His beloved Creations, humanity in all its glory and potential and only does humanity have a soul, this capacity to be aware of all the wonderment of God’s Creation that which is in the Universe. Not limited by the forms and Creations that God has placed throughout His Universe which are bound by the Laws of His Creation in this regard. Instead, humanity has the capacity to see and visualize, to understand and comprehend all that is in the Universe.

This is because humanity can see through the lens of the soul and comprehend all the wonders that exist. With the soul awakened by the great power of Divine Love, bringing forth the capacities of the soul, the mind of the soul, the perceptions of the soul, so there is a vastness of possibility of seeing the Universe in all that it is.

Beautiful souls, what you have seen, what you comprehend, what you have experienced in your lives is a drop in the ocean of what can be and what is possible through the awakened soul. For you to understand these capacities of the soul at this time in your development and awakening is restricted by that development.

The transformation of your soul begins in rudimentary form and takes its time to evolve and be what it is meant to be by God. So, as is stated in the Bible, you see through a glass darkly. Your vision is very limited. But I say to you my friends, that there is a whole universe of understanding, of comprehension, of acknowledgment, of Love, of joy, of Truth that awaits you. As your soul begins its journey to at-onement with God, so there are many experiences and Truths to comprehend upon that journey. This journey is eternal and will reveal in its eternity the magnificence of God’s Creation in all its details and complexities, beauty and form.

So it will come to each soul when that soul has the ability to comprehend such things. What comes of these experiences is joy, an ecstatic joy of being a part of the great dance of life that God has created in all the Universe. So, as you release those conditions that hold you from this comprehension, this awareness, this consciousness of the Universe, you will come to a great and vast road to eternity paved in Love, awakened in joy, comprehended by the faculties of your soul, experienced by the wondrous being that you are created to be.

This is why your soul yearns for God and yearns to be awakened, for it knows to some degree the potential that it carries and the wonderment that lies ahead upon this journey. You will walk a path of Light, a path that gifts you this gift from God with all the wonderment, understanding, and Truth of God’s Creation.

Know that you are ushered upon this journey by we in the Celestial Kingdom, that we have a great desire that you will share with us this great journey, this wondrous journey so that you may see what we see, so that you may experience what we experience, that you may come to know the great wonders of your soul in all its vast potentials and gifts and faculties.

May you continue upon your transformation, beloved and beautiful souls. May you see God in all His glory and beauty. May you stretch your consciousness into the Universe through your soul so you may see all that it is. These things await you as you step upon this path so gingerly at first, so unsure. You will gain confidence as you progress in your soul and come to understand these great gifts that are of the soul and the great gifts that God has to give to each soul in His Love, His endearment of each of His Creations.

God has bestowed upon you a consciousness that is so vast, so beautiful that once you have a glimmer of it, you will know such great joy, such gratitude, such wonderment that you will be uplifted to great heights in Light. God bless you, beloved souls, upon that journey. We await your awakening. We await your journey that will bring you into the Celestial Kingdom where we join together in this great journey of discovery.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Seretta Kem. I’m glad to come to speak to you today, to add to your discourse of the soul. May you be blessed with the deeper understanding of soul awareness come from the blessing of God’s Love. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.