Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 20, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Andrew. For many of you, the sweet promise of spring is upon you. How the ground rises up and greets you with flowers and the leaves upon the trees, birds singing their beloved songs to you and to one another. All things of God’s Creation celebrate the beginning of a new season and renewed life upon your Earth. So it is God greets you in this way, greets you with encouragement, with the message that new life shall emerge and new beginnings will come.

And so it will be in your world. As old things die and wither, so new things will come to the fore and blossom before you. Accept God’s blessing and greeting, beloved souls. Accept that renewal is always possible. No matter what the conditions of your world, God will bring forth renewal. God will bring balance and harmony and new life to your world.

That which is not of God continues to be challenged by nature and all things that are of God. So each in your world struggles with this duality, that of the human condition and that of God’s Love and Grace and beauty. So this struggle will continue and will not cease for quite some time for the renewal of the world will not come over night. Even with your springtime, does it not take many days for the unfolding of all these gifts from God in the form of beautiful flowers and creations of nature?

So it will be with the unfolding of your hearts, awakening to the blessings of God’s Love, awakening to all the hidden potentials buried deep within your hearts and souls eager to emerge with the warmth of God’s Love shining down its Light upon you. So you will emerge from the old ways, those wintry conditions and thoughts and parts of you that long for renewal and awakening. So it comes with the warmth of God’s Love. So it comes with all its joy and beauty and wonderment. So you will come to know these new selves, these parts that were once seedlings and are nourished by the warmth of God’s Touch, awakening slowly, awakening with the power and strength of the renewal, the strength of God, the wonderment of His Love bringing forth what is required for these parts of yourselves to come forward and be realised, these potentials to become real and full and magnificent. So it is as this springtime of your soul emerges.

Yes, even the birds sing their rejoicing for what you are becoming and for what the world is becoming, this place that seeks renewal, this place that is capable of transformation because what God has placed upon your world and the emanations of God shining upon your world. So it will be, beautiful souls. So it will be an awakening of humanity in the Light, in the Grace, in the firmament of God’s Creation. So you will see yourselves, each other and the world with different eyes, the eyes of the soul awakening, the faculties of the soul coming to its realisation, the fruits of your labours and prayers bringing forth renewal and transformation.

Beloved souls, be joyed with what is and what is coming. Be joyed that you are in the Light of God’s Touch and Love. Be joyed that you are being transformed and renewed into something beautiful and glorious. Be joyed that God’s Love is abundantly given and never refused to any of you, this gift given in peace, in gentle Breath of God awakening you. May this peace that passes all understanding be your gift, beloved souls. May you carry this mantle of peace wherever you go. May you be a channel of Love and peace and healing and renewal to all those you meet, to all those in the world.

Pray for this world of yours. Pray that the renewal will continue, that the power of this transformation shall bring all into harmony with God’s Laws of Love. Pray that every soul may come to that realisation that their souls long for God, that they may come and understand that their souls are meant to be with God and that this relationship may be forged in longing and desire and understanding, that each soul may come to this awakening. Each soul may be blessed deeply and find their way to the great Fountainhead of God’s Love, so that they may drink deeply and for all eternity, this succoring of the soul may come and be awakened and awaken for ever more.

May God bless you, beloved souls, upon this journey. I am Andrew and I am with you all. I am happy to be your servant, to pray with you, to bring whatever gifts I may bring to assist you upon your journey. Many, many on my side of life attend you, beloved souls. Soon you will come to realise this in a more conscious way, in a way that brings deeper joy and understanding of what it is that God is giving to you and what it is that God is asking of you. May you indeed find your way to that understanding and Truth. May God bless you, beloved souls. Andrew loves you deeply and I am with you often. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds.