Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 13, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Mary. It is such a blessing that you come together in these Circles of Light, praying for your brothers and sisters, praying for your own soul’s benefits. I want to assure you that we from our side of life are working diligently to help clear away the obstacles in your life that hold you from God. That we are indeed engaged in a great service together in prayer and efforts to bring greater light to your world. Indeed, it has made things somewhat easier with many of you who are living a life that is simpler and less engaged with the material world, that you are spending more time in prayer, more time with your Heavenly Father. So these times of prayer that you set aside in your day, these thoughts elevated towards God, your desire to serve and be a channel of God’s Love in the world are making it easier for us to assist you in this work and bringing greater light to your efforts.

Beloved souls, continue to focus upon God. It is important at this time as changes continue to mount and conditions are not as they were. So you will find yourselves in positions of service and in opportunities to comfort and uplift many. Even if you are not engaged in conversations and seeing others in the flesh, you are being used as God’s instruments to help comfort many. Though you may not recognise or acknowledge this service in a conscious way, I can assure you that you are serving God in many ways, provided you are willing, that your intention and desire and prayers are for this service to your brothers and sisters.

So much depends upon your efforts, your thoughts and intentions. So much depends upon your willingness to release those conditions, the earthly conditions, that hold you back from this service. As you continue to allow God to use you, to allow yourselves to enter into the flow of His Will and His Love, so many things are made possible. Many blessings flow and much Love and Light are given in the world. These are extraordinary times, but also great times of opportunity to the used as channels of God’s Love. Consider this, my beloved brothers and sisters upon the Divine Path, that God intends to use all those souls who are in alignment with His Love, to bring greater harmony, truth, peace, and blessings to many.

There is no greater opportunity than the moment. There is such a need. There are so many in fear, even in shock, as their lives change and shift and those routines and habits and ways of life dissolve before them, so they are feeling lost and without purpose. God will bring peace and comfort to those who are receptive and desire this. 

God requires each and every individual soul who desires to be in alignment with His Will to enact these blessings upon the Earth. So you are needed, beloved souls, so you are needed. So you will be blessed as you continue to put yourself in alignment with the great flow of God’s Love and Light. So you will come to know many blessings and great fulfillment as your soul awakens to the new world, the new possibilities and potentials of service in your world.

God bless you beloved souls. I am Mary and I love you so. I have been with each and every one of you on this day. I will continue to watch over you and be with you in love for it is my blessing, my desire, and my expression of soul that brings me into your midst with each one of you, as your mother watching over you with tender care and love. So God uses me as a channel for many of you and so God will use you as a channel for many others. This is a great gift, beloved souls, a great gift and blessing. God bless you. Beloveds. I love you so. I am Mary and I am with you so very often. God bless you.