Spirit: Luke
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 12, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Blessings upon you beloved children of God, I am Luke. I have come to speak of the new life that is all around you and within you. In your parts of the world, new life emerges from the ground, renewing God’s promise to each one of you to bring beauty and warmth and sustenance and all things that are good and of light. The miracle of God’s Creation in your world is revealed with each season, with each time that you celebrate the coming of a new time in your world, a new awakening. With each day that God puts within your soul more of His Blessing of Love, so it is a renewal, an opening and an expansion of your souls in God’s great gift of His Love.

The world is replenished. Your souls are replenished. Life continues to bring new life and replenishment to all. This is the way of God for every good blessing from God and every time God responds to your prayers, are you not replenished? Is not something new and beautiful given to each one of you? So it is with God’s beautiful plan of life, awakenings, transformations, renewal and the emergence of new life. These things are to be celebrated with each day, for each day brings the possibility of renewal, the opening of something new, the awakening of your souls so that they may be in greater harmony with God. That His Love may continue to transform everything within and make you one of His beloved children upon that road of renewal, redemption, transformation and at-onement.

The very purpose of your existence is to express God’s great creative powers and bring new life to the universe. As God’s channels, you bring greater light. As one of God’s souls which He created, you bring the unique expressions of your great soul. In your lives, you bring creativity and you bring a touch of something new to your world, expressing yourselves with many gifts, expressing yourselves with all the capacities and faculties of your minds and your souls. This is what God wishes for each one of you,  that the great creative power of your being, the beautiful expression of your souls and the wonderment that is the creativity of your minds, what you may do with your physical bodies, how you may express the channels of light and healing and love through your spirit bodies, and all things that are in alignment with God, be expressed and manifest in your lives.

These are the things that God wishes for each of you, so that your lives, your world, your expressions, your consciousness, your soulful beautiful gifts may all flourish and be expressed in all their wonderment and capacities in this world. It brings renewal and it brings light, bringing greater harmony to the world. For you, my beloved and beautiful friends, have great potential as you continue to awaken to God’s Love, as His Love continues to pour ever more abundantly into your souls.

So all these things are made possible and as the beloved brother has said, Jesus encouraged all to walk in the world as he walked in the world, to be that channel of love in the world as he was a magnificent channel of love and still is to this very moment. God’s invitation is for all doors to be open, all possibilities to be realized, all that is in life to be expressed in its fullness and richness and beauty.

So with each day I urge you to approach the possibilities, those capacities that you carry, may be realised, expressed, uplifted and transformed, as you reach to God, asking God to guide you with each day, asking God to bless you with each day, asking God to open your eyes so that you may see all that you are capable of and all it is within the richness of life. When your eyes open, beloved souls, so you will feel a joy and know the wonderment of life.

May these things come to you, opening with each step, with each breath, with each prayer. Opening and awakening in all its glory as you dedicate your life to God. God has dedicated His expression and creation of the universe to you so that you may live a life and have an existence for all eternity in the wonderment that is God’s Creation.

May God bless you upon this journey, my beloved friends. Know that we are with you as you continue to awaken to all of these things of God. God bless you. I am Luke. God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you and His Light and Love and joy and peace. God bless you.