Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 15, 2022
Location: Les Chapel Monnaie, Guernsey

Again, I am Orion. Yes, there is much in the way of technologies and understandings of the function of the universe that may be given to humanity but it must be earned. It is not given freely for when those things are given freely, they are not appreciated nor are they truly understood in regards to their power and capacity to not only enhance life but to take life away.

My friends, there is much work that needs to be done upon your planet. We start at a very rudimentary level to help humanity. We do so in this way and in ways of influence and bringing greater light to those who are drawing us close, those who are endeavouring to bring light to themselves, to their world. Indeed, we are challenged by the willfulness of humanity, by their insistence on going the road of independence and self-empowerment rather than blending that which is of God and the universe and that which is within themselves. In this simple way, humanity will find its way through the dilemmas of life in the world. So, we work diligently, ceaselessly to awaken humanity. We encourage all of you to awaken and be within that self that is of the highest and most beautiful expression of who and what you are.

May you be blessed, my friends, with wisdom, light, and love, and walk in the world as an instrument of such things and blessings. In this way, you will find great joy, great fulfillment, great peace. Much can be given to those with pure intentions and desires to be in the light and to serve their fellow man. May you be blessed, my friends. May you be blessed. I am Orion and I am close, very close. Blessings to you.