Spirit: Nikola Tesla
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 15, 2022
Location: Les Chapel Monnaie, Guernsey

The universe is such a vast place, my friends. The knowledge of humanity is small indeed in comparison to what is the universe. I am Nikola Tesla and you have asked me to come today to speak to you, to assure you that you are indeed contributing to the evolution and progress of humanity.

I made great strides in my day upon this Earth plane of yours but I did not do it alone. I had those helpers around me who assisted me to some degree. But most importantly, I had spirit helpers as well and guidance. Not that I would sit as you do and ask. Rather, I would contemplate. I would consider various problems and solutions to those problems. Solutions would come, it was like something that would come out of nowhere. Of course, in my mind I thought this was the genius within the genius.

But indeed, now that I live in this place, this part of reality, I understand the mechanism much better. Indeed, for each of you in your lives, depending upon your pursuits and interests and abilities, you too are being impressed and inspired. This has been so for the entire journey of humanity that much has been given to the world in ways that many men who are stuck within their mindful ideas would not acknowledge. Their egos insist that all comes from their minds and their minds alone.

I say to you that only a portion originates from the individual’s intellectual and spiritual selves, that much is being poured upon those who are receptive. Of course, there is the challenge of interpreting what is given and put the pieces of the puzzle together. This is where the true gift is expressed. I had that gift. I was fortunate enough to live in a time where there were great discoveries, fundamental discoveries, especially regarding electromagnetism and all the properties thereof.

Now I work in the spirit world. I am working on many projects. I am working with many scientists in your world, many of whom do not know that I am there by their side. Indeed, by my side are many others. This is the way the universe works, my friends, that there is bountiful, generous, and purposeful support that comes from those in the higher spheres of life to those in the lower spheres and those upon the Earth plane.

There is much that can come in this way. We are working with many who are coming to understand the physics of the universe. Some of which I know you have an interest in the quantum physics. That, at this time, is not well-understood but will be understood in time and other dimensions of reality which will be understood as well.

There is much yet to be revealed to humanity. Indeed, there is a deep caution that comes with our work, for humanity has an inclination to use the power of a truth, of an understanding that in ways are destructive rather than constructive. The moral nature of man is not well-developed. So, there is an inclination to utilize what is given in ways and means to make profit, to engender power, to control, to make war. This is not what is meant. Humanity must progress beyond these inclinations and can certainly do so. But first, each individual must examine their own hearts, their own motivations, their own fears and that which they desire, for the world is rife with those who are filled with fear, anxiety, skepticism, a need to control the world and to have that control at their fingertips.

Yet, God has created an open-ended universe. So, control cannot truly be established. Instead, those who are curious, those who are scientists, those who are travelers upon the spiritual path, those who seek to serve humanity in many ways, must realize that knowledge, truth, service, creativity and invention, all are upon a continuum that flows in one direction, toward great progress. Not the progress that you have been told is progress, not the building up and the building up until all collapses under its own weight. True progress is in utilizing the Laws of the Universe for the benefit of all, not the control of all, not the ways in which control is gained through wealth and manipulation and politics and all of those things that humanity has empowered in order to ensure that there is control. Rather, true control comes from the individual who has opened themselves to the wonderment of the universe. At once, realizing how very small and how very wondrous is their being in God’s creation. This engenders a deep humility, a deep respect for what life is. With this, no one can turn against their fellow man and express the need for great power and control. Rather, one sees that these things are false, that they are an illusion.

Humanity must awaken to their own potentials, to who they are and what is truly a part of them. Humanity must come to see that it is important to prioritize their thoughts and actions in such a way that there is greater harmony. This leads to the power of perception, of understanding truth and seeing the world in a way that is in harmony with all that exists.

Putting aside the illusion, that which you have been taught to believe in, the structures and edicts of those in power to manipulate and to control the majority. To be an independent thinker is a great thing. To be a soul who has a desire to be in light and harmony with all that is, is the highest aspiration. You can go far with these simple pieces of advice. You can in an instant come to see the world and the universe for what it is, given the right inclination and effort to do so.

Yes, there is much waiting for humanity to discover but the power of discovery put in the wrong hands can be a disaster. These discoveries must come slowly, drop by drop, into the consciousness of man so that they may adjust. Indeed, as the world changes and as life continues to evolve in the direction that is divinely inspired, then the strength and wisdom needed in order to incorporate greater discoveries and understanding of the universe is done in such a way that these dark inclinations are not given their range of expression.

So, I see you are together in this light-filled place ( the Monet Chapel) and you seek spiritual enlightenment and awakening. This is a powerful key to man’s future for this is the thing that is needed to truly be awakened within in order to access the wisdom and love that is within each individual. That part of you that is the soul needs your attention, needs to be seen for what it is, that eternal part that is the greatest gift that God has given to humanity. All other things pale in comparison. All inventions and ideas and concepts which are primarily of the mind and the wonderful invention of the mind, pale in comparison to the capacities of the soul to understand truly the reality of the universe and to understand truly how this understanding may be utilized for the betterment of humanity.

I urge you to continue in your pursuits but to do so with wisdom, to feed the soul as well as the mind, to bring that balance forward in your life. In this way, all of your ambitions and desires to help bring forth ideas and inventions to better the life of humanity, all of humanity, may come in harmony and that the wisdom within you and the guidance that may come to you may help you to better present and to introduce those things that you are curious about, have come to understand to the world in such a way that they cannot be abused and misused.

Humanity has the ability to self-destruct. Indeed, you see all around you patterns and ways of life that are destructive: politics that bring death, pain, disruption; industries that pollute and diminish the world; families that are isolated and do not know how to love one another in a way that nurtures and supports the spiritual growth of the individual. There are many imperfections in your world, many issues that need addressing, many things that are not of God, that are not harmonious, that do not reflect respect and love and appreciation. These things you know because you observe them every day. But the solution, my friends, is not to taking to the street and waving banners and saying you and you and you are wrong. Rather, the solution comes from within you.

When that time comes to confront evil, you may present love as a powerful antidote. I am not saying that you would be weak and to allow another to trample over you, but you must be strong in love for it is the power of love that will open the doors of truth. It is the power of love that can change the world. It is not the power of judgment and the re-enforcement of negativity, engendering guilt. These things will not sustain change. Rather, change must come with a united front of love for you do not understand the power of love, my friends, the power of love to ignite all things that are beneficial to humanity. Humanity has lost this truth, does not truly understand that without love the machinations of human endeavour are meaningless and will not bring great progress. But with love, there is great wisdom. Harmony comes with love. Much is accomplished with love, and that love has a strength, a capacity to change the will of others, to transform evil into good.

If enough of you aspire and ascribe to this truth, you will be capable of changing the world. That will be done with a gentle but firm touch. That will be done with wisdom. That will be done with a voice that speaks truth but not truth with judgment but truth with compassion. There is much for humanity to learn. Yes, you have brought about many inventions, many things in the world that are indeed impressive. But what have you truly accomplished if you have not changed the hearts of your brothers and sisters in the world, if you have not brought people together in love, if you have not brought true, heartfelt wisdom into every soul?

These things that have been imagined and created will not bring peace, will not bring harmony for they are merely objects, objects that are the projections and reflections of the mind of men. They take great pride in these constructs and accomplishments. But I tell you, my friends, this will all be laid to waste in time. It will turn to dust in time. When this happens, what is left? What does humanity have that is enduring and can bring greater harmony and peace to the world?

So, I urge you to understand your true natures, that there is that part of you that is capable of so much and yet is so misunderstood. I urge you to come to understand this part of which this dear brother calls the soul and is truly the soul, to bring yourself humbly to that place of understanding and to look about you and say ‘what is truly important in my life?’ What is truly enduring? You must come to the conclusion that it is your capacity to love for it is love that is passed on generation to generation. It is that true appreciation and respect of life. It is that ability to nurture, to be in harmony with creation, to be a channel of love in the world. This is the greatest thing and can be the greatest expression of humanity for the capacity of humanity to love is incredible. Yet it is not given the credence and understanding that it deserves.

May you find a way to love, my friends, that love is the foundation of your life, that all you do is the expression of love, that all you do has love put into it. In this way, harmony will come to your efforts. To love is to truly live. To be an expression of love is to be a harmonious part of the universe. When you are in harmony with the universe, all other things will follow, my friends, and will follow in the footsteps of love. In that way, you will work with wisdom, with integrity, with alignment and with the divine plan. Many doors will open that you would not expect to open. Many insights will come that you could not imagine at this time, wonderful things, my friends, wonderful things.

As you might perceive, I have learned much while in this world of spirit and see now what is needed for the betterment of humanity. I hope that my talk today might also inspire you and help you to understand that it is not the mechanisms, the machineries, the mental machinations that will save the world. It is love. May you come to learn and fine-tune the mechanism of love and truly be that bright light in the world. In this way, you will live a remarkable life, a beautiful life, and a productive life. It waits for you. It waits for humanity. May all souls come to understand that God loves them and that they may be a reflection of His Love, a reflection in the universe of light. Can you imagine the light that may be reflected out from this world and that those beings of light in other worlds may perceive this and come to be a part and acknowledge the great gift of life here in this world?

There is much waiting to come to humanity, to help change the world and reform the world. May you all be a part of this for there is a great plan afoot, my friends. We are all working toward the healing and transformation of your world for it must be sustained. It must be enlivened. It must come back to balance and harmony. Each of you may play your part in this, given you have the wisdom and the heart for it.

May God bless you in love. May you come to know love like you have never known love. May you come to see the world like you have never seen the world. May you come to love yourself and all those around you in a profound and deep way that your entire life will reflect something beautiful and magnificent.

I am Nikola Tesla. I do indeed come to Earth to assist others. I assist many, as many assist me. So, the chain of truth and light is sustained for all eternity. Thank you. Thank you, my friends. I shall now leave.