Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 15, 2022
Location: Les Chapel Monnaie, Guernsey

May God bless you deeply, my friends, that you may come to know your soul as you have never known your soul, so that something fresh and new may come to your consciousness, awakened by this freshness, this new insight into who and what you are.

I am your teacher, Augustine. I come to encourage you, beloved friends, to join the tapestry that God is creating as He weaves individual souls together, as He brings their strengths, their gifts, their beautiful lights in contact with one another. In this weaving of souls, there is a great strength in it, a beautiful light created by it, and a cooperation that is encouraged and strengthened by each individual who comes into this group of like-minded yet independent souls seeking to bring greater light to the world.

Indeed, you may do so on your own road, following your own will and desire, developing your gifts in a way that you wish to do so in the path that is well-suited for your mind and your desires. Yet, throughout history, this is what humanity has done, to walk the independent road, to be self-sufficient, to seek individual power, and to have eyes put upon them so that they may be seen as a leader, a guru, a teacher. This is the way of your world. So many seeking to be the one. So many offering themselves as the teacher. But unfortunately, in doing so, that tapestry that God wishes to create is fragmented by the will of man. Instead, with this fragmentation comes a great diversity of thought and at times, an animosity one to another, and competition to be on top, to be the one.

Today, I wish to encourage you to be humble, to go to God and seek God’s blessing for God is truly the one, the One Source of All Love and Light and Life. To pay homage to God is to understand that we are all part of a great tapestry of life, releasing those conditions of the mind which wish to separate, that possess fear, that has trouble trusting, that does not know the power of faith. I urge you to release these things, to seek that part of you that knows otherwise, that great soul within you that is filled with wisdom and knows God, having the capacity to know God deeply and profoundly. If you allow yourselves to open to this way of the soul, then you will find the answers to your questions, you will know the deep blessings of joy and love and light that will come with this opening.

But you must choose, my friends. It does not come because God implores and brings forth an edict that you must step forward. No, God allows you to choose, to desire, to step forward on your own volition so that you may know the great bounty of God’s blessings because you have chosen and have opened yourself to this Touch Divine. God does not judge His children. God merely loves and God has infinite patience to allow His children to walk the road that they choose and in hopes that one day they may choose that direct road that leads to at-onement with the Great Creator.

As this dear son has spoken, it is in the prayer for the gift of Divine Love that the road may be straight and sure It does not require that you give up your ideas, the paradigms of your view of the world, but instead, to add this simple prayer practice to your life. To find your way to God in this way is a road that is quickened by love and opens you to many experiences and perceptions that will satisfy the mind and indeed, enliven and excite the soul and bring the soul to a place where that which is dormant and unrecognized may come alive. Our wish for the world is that each individual may come to that place of knowing God, knowing God in a pure and uncomplicated way, for the truth is like this. The truth can be understood and experienced by anyone, does not require great intellect or abilities of reasoning or perception.

The soul has the capacity to know God. What stands in the way of the soul are all those things that clutter the mind. All your energies go toward dealing with the material world. So many are negligent in saving some time in their lives to be with God. God yearns for you to reach out. God desires your prayers. In this way, you open the door and thus, He may touch your soul deeply with the power of Love, send His angels close that you may be in that light so pure and bright that you are bedazzled by this Touch.

All those who seek a spiritual path are within their souls seeking this Touch. But of course, as is the way of man, there is a tendency to over-complicate and over-think these things. In order to have validity, it must become complex in nature but it is not. It is simple. God is love. Each of you has been created to be a reflection of love, to be within the flow of love, to act within the grace of love, to express yourselves and know yourselves in this great light that is love.

It is only you that holds you from it. It is the world that continues to believe in its own illusions, the world of its own making, that humanity has with every breath reinforced this world that is contrary to the world God created. It is time to walk away from these illusions and pretensions that are of man for the world is changing and will change. The way of man is now diminishing until someday soon all that you see and think and experience within this world of man will be transformed and the world of God will once again be predominant.

It is for you, beloved souls, to find your way toward that reality, the new world, so that you may live within it in harmony and help God to create that which is in harmony with His Laws of Creation. God has given each individual the capacity to create, to imagine, to live a life of their own choosing with the knowledge of the Laws of Creation, with the understanding that love must be the predominant and powerful edict of life. Then harmony must come. Harmony will be created in the world and all that is within the world will know this harmony, will know peace, will know light.

I urge you to consider this and in considering this, to believe that the possibility of healing this world is given at this moment. As you reach to God, then God will give you what you require to be in harmony with all that is. It is simple. The invitation is always with you. It is for you to reach out, reach beyond those paradigms well-established within you and create something new and fresh, to know your beautiful souls in all their glory and light and potential. This is done in love, the Love of God, the love within you, the love that you may share with one another and you reinforce and awaken the great potentials of life. You join within this beautiful tapestry of life that God invites you within as He threads you into this beautiful framework and you feel that your wonderful place is one that is of joy and knowing and being.

May you find your way, my friends. I am Augustine. My love for you is great. I continue to come to the Earth to teach the ways of God and the ways of the soul. May you come to find those ways and express them in your life. I thank you and I love you and I am close and I will be close to all of you who seek the highest light, the greatest truth that is love. God bless you. God bless you all.