Spirit: Queen Victoria
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 15, 2022
Location: Les Chapel Monnaie, Guernsey 

I wish to introduce myself, I am Victoria. I was once the Queen of England. I too have great interest in this country and the world, to see that all of the entanglements and dark intentions may disappear, and in their place a harmonious world, a world of light and love, of joy, where all who live upon it find fulfillment, and truth, beauty, love.

So I thank you for coming together to pray for this country and to this world and all who dwell within it for they are in need of your prayers, in need of your efforts, in need of your light.

I do make great effort to help those who are receptive to assist them on their life’s journey. For it is here the seed of light begins and is most powerful to influence the journey of life beyond it.  It is important that you acknowledge the truth of life. What is important in life and to live a life that is filled with good things, goodness and love.  Be true to yourselves, be true to all that you know of is true, and be at peace, for you are loved. Truly you are loved.  

[Part 2 – second audio of about 30 seconds]

And keep you in light and know that I have great faith in your abilities to bring yourself into light. I thank you for coming together and being together. I encourage you to continue in your efforts.  Thank you, I am Victoria.