Spirit: Michael
Medium: Al Fike
Date: Nov 25, 2018
Location: Fitzroy Falls Oz

Welcome to this circle of light. I have called you together. My name is Michael and I have been working with this dear soul and her mate and though she is not entirely aware of my presence, we know each other well. I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom. I have taken the journey of which these beloved brothers speak of and have come to that place where my soul, my being, has been transformed by love. It is the power of love, the power of God’s Love, that is the greatest force for change in the universe. For it is the highest energy, the highest element available to mankind. When you open yourselves to this gift you will experience something far beyond that which you carry within you, all the potentials that are of the mind, of your natural state. For this transformative energy goes directly to the soul and infills the soul so that deep healing, deep changes and shifts take place.

My friends, the world needs more light. The world needs more who are willing to love not only themselves but others. This is a simple statement, yet it is profound and important. For you see about you many who are lost, many who are in darkness, many who have no idea of what it is that nourishes them. They ride a wave of superficial thought and deed and think nothing more of what direction they walk upon, where they go, and what may be of their lives.

I see amongst you many bright souls, many who have wisdom, who have spent their lives seeking higher truths and helping others in their struggles in life. I wish to encourage you, beloved souls, to continue in these efforts that you make on behalf of humanity to uplift and bring harmony to your world. I would encourage you to come together in these circles of light and bring your intentions, bring your desires for the higher blessings of love. Put your efforts together and formulate this circle of light. We will come, my beloved friends, we will come to assist you, to teach you, to show you how you may accomplish greater acts of love and service in the world. For there is no limitation to those who are inflamed with love and light. Great works, my friends, may be done with humility, grace, love, and wisdom. These things come with this blessing of the Father’s Love. These things come with a willingness and openness that will allow these gifts to enter into your souls.

There is always much to learn, my friends. Greater truths, greater and deeper consciousness within. We of the Celestial Kingdom are eager to assist mortals of your world in their efforts and struggles to rise above the conditions of this earth plane, to be in a condition of light and harmony and love. All you need do is but ask, my friends. Ask for our assistance and you shall receive what you require. You are not alone, never alone. God is always with you. God sends His angels to be with you, beloved souls, provided this is your desire, provided you put forth a simple prayer, “Beloved God, open my soul to your Love. Bring me close. Embrace me with your Love that I may feel the peace that passes all understanding, that I may know your presence, that I may feel your essence flowing into me, healing and changing me.” This all you need say, my beloved friends, and God will do the rest.

The power of God’s Touch transforms, awakens, heals, and brings many blessings. Gifts open from the flow of this gift, this one gift that is Love. There are many here who wish to use their gifts to benefit others. I say that with the foundation of this Love within your souls, these gifts will be magnified, awakened, and exponentially more powerful with the infusion of this energetic Essence of God. I issue you all an invitation, beloved souls, to accept this gift that God gives willingly. The abundance of this gift is limitless. The possibilities that come with this gift are beyond your imagination. Great change comes within and great works expressed through a soul awakened by the Essence of God.

May you continue to seek this Truth. To come to know this Truth and bring it to your hearts. Allow this Love to penetrate beyond the ideas of your minds to that longing place, that longing place of your soul. You will feel the warmth of God’s Touch within you that will awaken many things and bring many truths to your consciousness and show you the road which God has laid before you filled with the bounty of His Love, the blessings that will come in God’s great care and love of you.

God bless you my friends. God bless you and may I come again to speak to you. There are others, other beautiful souls who wish to speak and bring their wisdom and truth to you.…. pour upon you. Drink deep and refresh your souls, my friends. Drink deep and know the joy that comes in knowing God. May you be fully blessed and come to the deep awakenings of the soul. God bless you. I am Michael and my love is with you, beloved friends. God bless you.