Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 26, 2018
Location: Fitzroy Falls, Australia

I am your brother. I am Jesus. I tell you my friends I reside within the celestial kingdom and no other place but my own blessed residence close to God. Many have tried to impersonate me in your world. Some do so overtly, but many do so because they do not understand the power of the influence of spirit upon them. Though they are well meaning, they are in error. Though they seem to think they know of the truth of my existence and my being, they are influenced by spirits who are eager for acknowledgement and a platform from which to speak.

My beloved friends, you must be strong enough and clear enough within your souls to be able to discern the difference, to know my presence when I am with you, to know my love, my light. For I am who I say I am beloved souls, and I am not a construct of the personage of this individual through which I speak. I am a celestial spirt who has lived a life on earth and come to a place that is close to God. When you have the eyes of your soul awakened and opened you will see, you will see my true self and know my true being. Until then, every soul without the faculties and discernment may believe many things which others convey in the guise of truth.

As I have said, that in many cases these individuals are well meaning, yet do not truly understand which influences they are subject to. The rapport from spirit may be so close that they truly believe that they are that individual and come to believe what is impressed within their mind. When that individual speaks with authority they are believed, for it is the way of your world to allow the mind to absorb and give credibility to the words of those who wear the mantle of authority. But truly those who understand and know truth from the soul will see through this ruse and error and see truth. This you must all do my beloved friends, continue to awaken your souls by receiving the Father’s love.

I do not say these things to condemn those who truly believe they are doing good in the world, for in many ways they do good in the world. You must have compassion for those who are deluded and in error, and there are many in your world who are truly deluded and bring error. Your great challenge is to awaken mankind to truth and your present challenge is to awaken yourself to truth. A soul fully awakened in the Father’s Love can only speak truth and bring truth, for to bring error would be incompatible and improbable to the soul in light.

This dear soul that you have spoken of is earnest in his efforts. Within his soul is a deep desire to bring truth to the world, but within his mind is what you would call a disconnect of understanding, a misinterpretation of his gifts, which makes him vulnerable to these forces that would use him to bring their understandings forward. This situation is not unusual. There are many in your world and there  have been many in your world, that have brought distorted truth through and yet they strive to bring light and harmony and truth to the world. This has happened through many, many generations of your brothers and sisters who have brought forth many errors within the Bible, many errors in doctrines of religion and done so through the best of intentions and yet imperfect and often unreliable truth.

Our goal beloved souls, as children of God, celestial angels of God, and those whom we desire to work through, is to eliminate these filters and distortions and bring clear truth to humanity. It is a great challenge to you my friends. A great challenge indeed, but you know your souls, you know the possibilities and potentials of your souls and you have come to truly know yourselves in this light and truth. Ask God to bring clarity to all that you believe and think, clarity to all efforts to teach and bring truth, clarity to your soul and that which is within you. This capacity to know truth, as the spirt of truth blesses you my beloved friends, then there will be no doubt, no confusion and truth will indeed flow through you beloveds. It may not be complete truth, it may not be exactly what we wish to convey, but it will be truth nonetheless and given to you from the highest authority. This is our desire beloved souls, that humanity may have access to truth and come to understand this truth and live by it without distortion, without distraction and misdirection, but pure in love, pure in Divine touch.

As God puts his hands upon you all and blesses you with the highest of Truths, the greatest of Wisdom, and the power of Love, you bring my message forward beloved souls. This does not mean you are me, but it is that you are you in all your beautiful glory, in all the wonderment of your unique creation that is your soul. A soul that God loves as much as He loves me and all in your world and in the world of spirit. God’s Love, its intensity, is equal for each soul and the potential for that soul to find its at-onement with God is available and possible for each soul.

I will never return to the flesh beloveds though this myth has persisted for many, many years. It cannot be and contravenes the laws of creation. For in God’s laws progression is eternal, moves forward, does not regress but forever moves forward. My time on earth was ordained by God and that time will not be repeated. But I do come to the earth to speak to you in my spirit body which contains my soul and this is possible, as I continue to teach my message to the world and to the world of spirit. In this way, I am God’s messenger of truth, as are you my beloved friends, as are all those who take up the mantle of truth, who speak of the Love of God and its power to transform the soul. Come to know me beloveds. Come to know me and know that I am your friend and brother. I am Jesus of the Bible and I reside within the celestial kingdom, of which I was the first to enter and reside within the highest realms of this kingdom. I tell you there is none other and shall never be one other than who I am and shall be for all eternity.

God bless you beloved souls. God bless you with a great inflowing of His Love that He may give you and empower you with the knowings of your soul, to know the truth, that you may live the truth and be the truth.  God bless you. I am Jesus and I love you. God bless you.