Spirit: Michael
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Sydney Australia
Date: November 22, 2018

God bless you, I am Michael. Yes, we are coming closer to that time where the circle of light may be activated and those souls who are drawn may be inspired by your words and prayers, by your love and acceptance. It is important that you stress prayer and prayer for the Father’s Love to heal and replenish the soul. So few in your world know about their soul, understand this great jewel of your being that is truly yourselves, and to understand this is the most important truth you may learn. How God has created you, these beautiful aspects of your own being. Though for many, the mind is revered, is seen as the most powerful part of each human being, and in this world it is true for man has made it true. Humanity has created such reverence of the mind and that part of you that is more of God has been ignored. With this great focus upon the mind, much disharmony, sin, error, lack of love has proliferated in your world.

It is our duty, our effort, and our gift of love to humanity to remind all in your world that it is the power of the soul, the power of love within the soul that will make the changes required to bring harmony back to your world. The mind will never be able to bring the solutions forward to humanity that will bring healing, change, and balance. Though the concepts of the minds and the truth that the mind is able to perceive may come a long way to bring the healing that is needed in your planet, but without the impetus of love igniting the soul in God’s Love, these things will never have the power and the strength to be implemented. Instead the baser desires of humanity continue to rule your world and rule the decisions of others who are in power and control. There is no thought to have responsibility for the conditions that each individual creates in their lives through their actions, their thoughts, their interactions with others. Instead all is superficial, all is predicated upon the accumulation of things and the presentation of the superficial as the true self is hidden away.It is a great sadness in your world that so much is hidden. So much is never seen and ignored and there is a great apathy and lack, lack of desire for higher things, for love, integrity, joy, and peace. All of these things have a spiritual root and unless the spirit is informed and fed, so little is accomplished, so little comes through in the consciousness expression of the individual.

From the very beginning, each soul who comes of this world is fed error, is influenced by the conditions that are dark and of this world. Perpetuating the attitudes and sense of reality that mankind has built over millennia. And so there is a great struggle here, a great struggle indeed, for if you can withstand the powerful influence of these negative conditions of this world and yet there are those who continue to struggle like a fish trying to go upstream. Every effort, every inch of the way is met with resistance.

For those who walk this path of the natural love where God is not particularly present within this paradigm of thought and doing, it is difficult indeed. Those who ascribe to God and to receive His Love within their souls, it is an empowerment of the soul giving the impetus, the insights, the strength to create light that grows from within through the blessing of this love and expands outward into one’s life. And it is God’s wish that every soul may pursue closeness and eventual at-onement with the Creator.

This is accomplished through love, awakened by love, the Essence of God in-flowing into the soul of each individual through their efforts and prayers to receive this gift. Such a simple act brings great rewards, changes, awakenings, joy, peace, and love. I encourage you my dear brothers to speak in these terms with those you are to meet, to give the simple truth that is the most powerful of all truth. For to guide another and try to inspire them to forge a relationship with God is the very foundation of this work. That they may humbly ask and beseech God for His blessings of Love and Healing and Light.

This sparks the change, the revolution of the soul to something different, in greater harmony and alignment with God. It does not start with words. It starts with a prayer. It starts with a desire for change, for healing, for peace within. So many in your world engage so thoroughly in materialism and the material aspects of life, do not see with clear eyes and faith the possibilities that come with this relationship with God. Until humanity can come to a realization of God’s presence and being in the universe, they continue upon a path that may, for some, accentuate the good and moral aspects of the individual, the sort of love that we call the natural love but nothing more. There is still a key component that is missing and that is the acknowledgement of the soul and its relationship with God.

This acknowledgement is often considered a weakness by those in your world who need nothing but their own resources to find their way in life. And oh how their lives could be so much easier if they but acknowledge the power of God to bring enlightenment and strength, love and peace within. The wisdom that comes from the soul imbued with the Father’s Love can guide an individual upon a path that is of greater harmony, greater fulfillment, even material abundance given the wisdom of the soul awakened by love.

My friends, you have found the secret. You have lived by this for many years and you have experienced a life that is beautiful, deeply rewarding, filled with love, though you have not experienced the life that is free from challenges. For you cannot live in this world without these conditions pushing against you. You have found a way to achieve the solutions that bring greater harmony to you however.

Beloved souls, speak your truths. Walk in this world as a light. Show your brothers and sisters the way to greater life, to walk in harmony and peace, to see with the eyes of the soul, to know from the wisdom of the soul, to love from the love of the soul. These things are available to all. May you assist God in waking up humanity to their true potentials, their true purpose in this world so that life and harmony will exist and continue to thrive on your world.

I thank you for allowing me to speak. I am your friend Michael and I’m happy to be in acquaintance with you beautiful souls. I reside within the celestial kingdom, a man who has had many struggles in life but has found his way to God. I‘m happy to be with you today to be able to speak of these truths which are so important for the future of humanity. May God bless you in your efforts my friends. May you continue to shine in His Love, to listen to your own wisdom and guidance that comes from God, and to be in the joy of His Love always. God bless you. God bless you, my friends.