Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 10, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

It is your teacher, Augustine. It is my privilege today to be with you, to answer questions that you may have. This has been our commitment to you and promise that we will do so, provided these questions are relevant to the awakening of the soul and the functions of the soul as it pertains to the growing of the soul with God’s Love. So, I am available at this time, to answer your questions, beloved souls. Please feel free to ask.

[Question: Pertaining to the soul awakening and development, can you elaborate on the Essence of God’s Love, Truth and Light? What is the difference between Truth and Light? Is Light the Truth? How is it that Truth can be transformed into Light? Is there anything different?] 

Light was created by God. God is Light. Light is a reflection of God. So Light has a power, light is an element in the Universe of God’s Creation that has its function within that Creation. Each soul was created to thrive and receive Light within them, to expand in Light, to be Light. It is a natural aspect of the individual to desire and to be imbued with Light. When Light is present, then various abilities and faculties of the individual are empowered by this Light. So yes, Truth and Light are not synonymous, but there is no Truth without Light. 

Therefore, it is important to bring Light within the individual. You use the word “enlightenment”. In this regard, bringing Light into the individual brings the capacity for Truth, the understanding of God’s great Creation and workings and function and the functioning of your soulful selves, your spiritual selves, even that of the spirit body, comes with the enlightening of your consciousness which then allows this information, this understanding to thrive within you. The greatest Source of Light is God’s Love. God’s Love is the most powerful energy, if you will, of the Universe. God’s Essence is of Light. Light reflects from God and the Divine Love of God, His Essence, is imbued with Light. With the reception of this Gift of Divine Essence then Light pours not only into the soul but expands out from the soul into all parts of the individual, even bringing Light to every cell in the body. In this way, there is a transformation that takes place, to enliven all of the aspects of the individual. 

For when an individual lives in darkness, many aspects of them are lethargic, if you will, and not functioning in its optimum capacities. That individual then struggles, has disease, is out of balance, carries the burden often of pain, is ignorant, has many emotions that are not of love. Many reflections of darkness then are within that individual. When the individual finds its way to Light and this Light begins to penetrate into the many aspects of their soul, then these things are transformed and changed and a healing takes place. Harmony comes with that gift of Light. 

Whether it be through the individual’s efforts to be a purified soul in their natural capacities or a soul Divine, transformed by God’s Love, Light must come and is present. It is like the sun that shines upon your Earth. Can you envision your Earth without the sun? Can you envision your soul enlivened without Light? It is a natural part of the process of bringing greater life, deeper understanding, joy, awakening, knowledge, Truth and wisdom to the individual. It is that which enlivens all. That which brings harmony. That which is a powerful catalyst for healing, change, balance and Truth. 

 Light is not Truth in itself, but without Light, there is no Truth. There is darkness. Each of you are familiar with that condition. You have experienced it within yourselves. You have experienced it within others. You know well the condition of darkness and you have rejected this in favor of Light. You struggle each day towards Light. You have an innate sense of drawing to the Light and recognizing it. Your souls recognize Light. Your souls crave Light and every part of your being craves Light. But for many who are numb and in the darkness, this is a difficult understanding. They do not feel and know the power of Light and feel far removed from it. Yet within that individual and every individual is the capacity to draw Light to themselves. 

It is a choice, like all things, it is a choice. It is given freely. It is within all elements of the Universe, but, for the individual soul who has the blessing of free will, they must choose. They must choose. God does not deny Light to His children, but His children deny Light to themselves. They starve themselves by their willful desires to contravene the Laws of their existence. At times, they delight in this imbalance and in this darkness. This is the dilemma of humanity and many spirits who continue to crave darkness over Light, to desire that which is not in harmony over that which is. But in time, all will come to Light, all will come to balance and harmony. All will be within that great atmosphere of Light. This must be, for this is. Light is a compelling force in the Universe. It will draw all to it in time. Does this satisfy your questioning sir?

[Question: You mentioned about the natural path process and also that God’s Love and Light can transform a person. Are you referring to the natural path process using the material mind that many of us are trapped within and striving of our own power versus opening up our soul and surrendering to God’s Love and Light for the transformation? Mankind seems dominated by the intellectual/material mind process and blocking man from surrendering to the Will of God.]

Yes, this inclination towards listening to the will of the individual has been with humanity from the beginning. But without the gift of free will, without allowing humanity to choose its course, its way towards God, then those capacities that are of the soul, those things within humanity which are unique and different from all other creation in your world, cannot exist. It is part of God’s intricate and perfect plan of Creation. So, the individual has capacities and potentials that are far beyond that of any other creature in your world. Yet humanity often does not understand these powers and potentials to any great degree and are inclined towards the baser desires and aspects of life. They are essentially asleep and they are content to be asleep. 

It requires an awareness, a sense of responsibility, a sense of direction, a clarity, a purpose, a desire of soul to awaken and be in the flow of God and harmony with that flow. Yes, it takes a certain amount of humility to realize that they are not all powerful within themselves. Many in your day believe that they are God, that all power rests within them and they within God. This is a gross error and miscalculation of the purpose of life. It again reflects the inclination of the human condition to grasp power and to express power in all that they are, to feel powerful, to feel that they are all powerful. That way, those places within them that are very vulnerable indeed and feeling alone, are masked by this sense of power and control of their existence. All of this is a way of avoiding the great pain and void within the human condition, the human heart and soul that has not been fed with love. To realize this great void within can be quite traumatic and difficult for the human soul to deal with and to be cognizant of that which lies within them. So the soul is layered over with many thoughts and actions and concepts and ideas about themselves which, for the most part, are illusionary. 

My beloved friends, when you bring this simple Truth of God’s Love forward to those who are asleep and those who wish and believe, truly believe that they are all powerful, you threaten their paradigm of truth. Often, you are met either with disbelief or even anger. But your words that God is Love and that your souls long for this Love, shake the soul to its core. You ring a chord within them that recognizes that this is Truth and that they must look within themselves and reassess their sense of who they are. Yes, this powerful Truth may seem innocent to the minds, but to the soul, it is a great challenge. It says that you are not complete, even though you think that you are, that you are in need of this completion that comes with your relationship with your Creator, and that you were created so that this may be possible. 

Yet humanity, with all its inclinations to create its own world and its own reality, continues to insist upon its way, insist upon its reality, its truth. Since God allows free will to exist in humanity, so humanity takes full advantage of this and continues to sleep within its own illusions rather than come to the Truth of God’s reality. Few are strong enough. Few are inclined to step beyond this predisposition towards Truth. Rather, it is better to be asleep in a world that to the mind is comforting, than to be jarred awake to the reality that something truly is missing within them. It is the dilemma that has come down through the ages. It is expressed over and over again in many different ways. It has brought a deep pain to humanity, a deep misunderstanding of their true natures and of the nature of life itself. 

There have been brave souls over the many years that humanity has existed in your world, who continue to strike the chord of Truth. You, beloved souls who are willing and who are willing to look beyond your illusions to Truth, will continue to ring that bell, the toll of Truth, to help awaken humanity to its true nature and true selves and the Truth of God’s Love for them. This will continue to be your purpose and goal and it is the highest aspiration. You will continue to grow in God’s Love and discover the many aspects of your soul as you continue to awaken and know yourselves truly and know the true meaning of life. 

Is there anything else, dear son? 

 [Question: Can you explain more to us about transcending the ego, my teacher?]

Beloved daughter, the concept of ego is not what you may think it is. What you refer to as ego is really what I have been talking about for this time together. It is the mindful and willful individual that wishes to be acknowledged and in control and power in their lives. The transcending of ego comes with faith and the acknowledgement that they are a child of God. These simple things are difficult to ascertain in one’s life in a true way. One cannot give lip service in prayer and desire to be with God. It must be truly a part of your desire, the desire of your soul. So, transcending ego, as you say, is acknowledging that there is something higher within you and to express and apply your desire to transcend. 

This is our teaching, beloved daughter, that when you truly and humbly ask for the Blessing of God’s Love, the Essence of God’s Soul to flow into your soul, then you begin the journey that will dissolve the ego in Love and bring greater harmony to yourself. It is simple. It does not require a great deal of effort although, this is another way of applying your will. This we call the way of the natural love. But the way of Divine Love is a quicker route to dissolving what you call ego, into something that is an awakening and acknowledgment of the deeper parts of yourself. 

Yes, I must go now. It is indeed taxing upon this instrument to continue to answer these questions at this time, but we will convene again and come to have these conversations. We are happy to be able to do so and we are happy that this instrument is able to sustain this condition so that we may do so. 

May God bless you in His Love, beloved souls. May you come to know your true selves. May all those conditions that are of the human condition dissolve away in this Blessing of Love, that you may know the deep peace and joy, the profound wisdom and Truth, the glorious Love that comes from God. All these things are gifted to you with this one Truth of God’s Love. 

God bless you, I am your teacher Augustine. God bless you.