Spirit: Aaron
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 9, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Aaron and I come to speak to you today about the changes in the world that are happening at this time and will continue to proliferate throughout your time on this world. Change is a constant in the world. Change is a constant in God’s Universe. Change is often a response to conditions and stressors that build in any particular environment. There is a need for balance always in God’s Universe, for energies, for materials, even physical aspects of the world, to seek balance, to come to that place of neutrality or a place of capitulation to something new. So, my friends, in your world today, there are many stressors, many things that are pushing against one another, creating a condition that is not in harmony with God’s Laws of Creation. So, there is a need to seek harmony and balance in the world.

I wonder if you all did not acknowledge the increasing tensions and darkness in the world, whether you would be here today praying together, seeking for something higher. Your souls are responding to the conditions that are causing stress upon you and on this world. You are coming together for strength, for fellowship, and to strengthen your connection with your Creator. Your souls are seeking harmony and you have found a powerful way to do so, in prayer to receive the blessings from God of Divine Love and healing and peace. So, you have found your way to bring greater balance and harmony into your lives and you seek to share this Truth, to move in the world as an agent that will bring greater harmony and love.

You sense all around you, as do most in your world, that things are not right. That life continues to be out of balance, out of harmony. For those who have the inclination, they seek to right this imbalance, to bring healing, to bring peace to themselves, but unfortunately, most merely seek distraction. They see these conditions of the world as impossible to rectify, as out of their control. But there are too many who continue to feed the fires of disharmony. There is a sense of hopelessness, a sense to let things take its course in your world. When things do indeed take their course and those who are apathetic and are not proactive are caught up in the conditions and waves of correction that will invariably come, then they feel like they are victims. There is rage and injustice and fear and often they blame God. Often they blame others. But, the last place that they go is to blame, or at least to take responsibility for, is their own actions.

God has given each soul free will, a choice, powerful choices, choices that are not present in any other element in the Universe. But with the human soul, there is great choice. When one comes to realize the power of a soul and the power of those choices that are made by each soul, then one can truly see that what is created in this world, is created by you all, all the varied and multiplicity of choices and actions, thoughts and deeds, emotions, and intellectual expressions.

Many, many elements of the human being are expressed with each of you and expressed in powerful ways, expressed in ways that can be destructive or constructive. As many choose either apathy or the expression of conditions and energies that are not in harmony with God’s Laws of Creation, there are great waves of destructive forces, injurious not only to humanity, but to the entire planet. These waves reverberate over and over again around the planet, causing ever more imbalance, causing ever more injury to the delicate balance of God’s Creation, this world. For those with the eyes to see this, it is difficult not to feel hopeless. The power of this, the great power of the expressions of humanity in your world is immense. Yet, God continues to allow free will and free reign over this planet.

But God has not nullified the effects of His Laws upon this planet. For, there are consequences to all actions. Whether it be as an individual in their particular lives or all who live in this world, creating conditions that are of darkness, there are consequences, my brothers and sisters. These consequences are evident today and will be evident tomorrow and build as these great waves of negativity join together and create greater impacts upon your world.

There is a tipping point, my friends. There is a time when all that you take for granted in your lives, all that has been created by humanity and by God, will be in disarray. This condition, this chaos is required in order to bring back balance. For these responses, these equal forces that respond to the negativity, will overcome the conditions that have been created and are expressed in the world today, and will be neutralized by these forces that are of the natural order and of Divine Intervention.

We have told you at times, that God has a plan: the salvation of mankind. Indeed, there is a plan. Indeed, you are all a part of that plan every time you come together in this way, creating light, creating positive forces to help neutralize the darkness. As you grow in your souls, awakening the power of love within that comes with the blessing of God’s Love, so you become part of the forces that correct the negativity, the power of destruction that has been created by humanity. When we encourage you to continue to grow in this way, to grow your souls in love, to awaken and be in that place of harmony and balance, we do so not only to support you personally in your growth and light and love of the soul, but to be an active agent, a force within this world, that will help neutralize the darkness and conditions that are not of God.

We need, as you can well imagine, many, many souls to take up the mantle of light, to walk in this world in light, to express the energies of light. My beloved friends, you have stepped forward eagerly, sometimes with a sense of curiosity, sometimes with a sense of purpose, sometimes because you have great need. But nonetheless, you step forward and seek the light and God responds, beloved souls. God responds to your soulful longing to receive this Light from the Divine Touch of the Soul of God to your soul. This is the most powerful change agent and energy there is in the Universe and it is required, my friends. It is deeply needed in your world.

So, each of you, who at times innocently step forward, knowing within yourselves there is a deep need to be free from your own personal unwanted conditions and pain, you are needed. When you do so, when you step forward, you are acting upon God’s Will and Desire for you to do so. You will be blessed, beloved souls, deeply blessed. As you continue to clear the negative conditions within you and about you, you will become an active agent of God to help bring about the salvation of mankind.

For without agents such as yourselves, who desire to do this work, to help neutralize the negativity, humanity will continue to spiral down into darkness and pain and this is not meant to be. God wishes for all His children to be in the light, to know the joy of true life, true harmony, true love. There is no greater work than this, my friends. There is no deeper cause or greater commitment required or more fulfilling to the soul in its expression, than this work for God and for your brothers and sisters. To take on the responsibility that all must do, to seek for the light, to seek for the highest; to seek for God and to willingly lay down all of those human needs and predilections that are not in harmony with your true nature, and to live a life that is in harmony with all that is good and beautiful and of love.

God beseeches all His children, as He continues to pour His Blessings upon your world, helping to soothe the flames of anger and discontent, of error, of rage in your world, and there is much, the entire world is aflame with these conditions. Many are seriously unhappy and discontent and lost and rageful. They do not know where to turn. They do not see the way beyond their own pain. Yet you have found a way, beloveds. You have found light. You have found one another.

Are you willing to step forward, supporting one another in this great effort to bring light to the world, to bring the Waters, the Living Waters of Love to pour upon the burning souls of those in such pain, soothing and bringing hope. Are you willing? For change must come, beloveds. Change will come. For this is indeed the Law. For every action, there is a response. For every step in a positive direction, it will be reinforced with the blessing of Light. So, my beloveds, step forward. Be an active agent of change, as best that you can. Seek out God. Seek out God’s Touch on your soul and this council within your soul, so that you may step forward, not just in light that is somewhat dim, but light that is bright and vital and true to all that is of God.

God bless you beloved souls. God bless you and keep you in His Light and Love. May you find the harmony that you seek. May you find the truth that indeed ignites the changes that are required, not only within you, but within this world of yours. Be the change that is required. Be the light that is needed. Be a Channel of Love for God and all will flow in your life in wondrous and profound ways, changing all within and without. An active agent of change, beloveds, is what is needed for each soul who is willing to seek out the truth and to live truth in your world.

May God bless you with His great Love pouring within your souls. May God bless you with a great healing Touch, bringing you profound Peace. May God bless you and bring you to that sure knowledge that He is with you and that you are with Him.

God bless you my friends. I am Aaron and my love is with you. God bless you.