Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 10, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Now that you have been refreshed, we may continue with our discourse and questions. So I am here to answer what you wish to ask.

QG: I do have a question on behalf of at least one of us here but frankly there is several of us here to who this matter is of interest and it is of interest to many outside this circle. We do know that one of the problems we have with soul progression is our becoming barriers. One of the biggest barriers that we are aware of is lack of self-worth. So this is the question: Even though an error may be released from my soul, it sometimes seems to be retained in the cells of my body. If this is the case, what is the best way to release this? Thank you.

J. The Love of God may accumulate within your soul and yet surrounding your soul are the encrustations of the conditions that you have obtained through your life. But not only this, there are energies and conditions and memories that are within each soul, each cell, and within the mind creating again another layer around the soul causing a great constriction of the expression of love within. So, in your world it is evident to us that many of you walk with the Light of Love within your soul and yet are burdened by these conditions. At times, you may even continue to accumulate these conditions through your life experience and thought. 

So, you ask, “How may I unburden myself with these conditions? How may I correct this part of me that is and continues to be in darkness and brings me pain?” In time, the power of Love within your soul will indeed neutralize these conditions. Yet, for many of you, you are not willing to wait and you are not willing to put in the fervent prayers that are required to neutralize this condition with God’s Love. So you seek to apply mindful efforts to neutralize these conditions, at least to the satisfaction of your mind. Yet, through all of these applications, you continue to revisit that which you wish to eradicate. So why is this? What holds me in that place? The human form, the individual is a very complex thing, many layers upon layers of energies and interactions within that individual. So in your world, with a constant interaction with outside forces as well as internal forces, it creates tensions and vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities to outside influence and energies that will reinforce the condition through the Laws of Attraction bringing it more alive within your individual self. 

In many ways, you are not aware nor cognizant of this interaction. Because you have worn this cloak for so long, it becomes the normal way of life and thought. In this way, you also reinforce these conditions though you are intent upon neutralizing them. There are parts of you that continue to accept and cling to these conditions. You mention the issue of self-worth, of being worthy of release from these conditions. Indeed the power of this condition within you and most of humanity is strong indeed. It creates such a barrier to the opening of the soul so that all is released and falls away. Yet with God’s merciful Touch upon you, His ministrations upon your being that will bring release and healing, it continues to make its effect upon you. As you continue to pray and seek and apply the truths that you know, these conditions lessen unless you are intent upon indulging yourself with those thoughts that reinforce this condition. When you continue to believe forthrightly within your minds that this is your true reality, your true worth so to speak, then you continue to uphold these conditions within. 

The question is always: Do you love yourself enough to say “I am willing to let this go? I desire to be released from this.” Not just from your minds and your intent upon this instantaneous healing but from the very depths of your being, those places within that are indeed encrusted with deep and abiding conditions that are not of love. Struggling to awaken your soul in Light, struggling to release the encrustations of your soul, struggling to indeed cleanse every part of you so that love is present and alive, is a deep struggle, a life-consuming struggle.

It is not accomplished through obsessing with the mind to solve these issues and problems. It is through prayer. It is through faith. It is in your heartfelt supplications to God that say “Father, release me from these conditions. I truly wish to be in the Light. I will no longer indulge myself in these pitiful thoughts and ideas about myself for I know I am worthy, I am worthy of love.” To make this resolve within you that goes to the very depths of your soul will indeed break the patterns and that which is locked within you so firmly by the reinforcing belief of error. 

Yes, I know this is difficult. I know that many of you have pleaded with God on numerous occasions to be healed and for the great shift of awareness to come and the great joy of Love to flood within you and make all in harmony and peace and resolution.I say to you, beloved souls, in order to break the patterns, in order to shatter the encrustations, in order to change your ideas about yourself, it requires great faith, great resolve. Rather than that resolve and resolution coming from your mind, it must come from that place that is deeper and attuned to God. For when that barrier is released through prayer and faith, through the great effort of your soul to reach God in every way, to be with God in every possible expression and being, requiering your desire, your true heartfelt desire to be there and to not allow the earthly conditions and all the patterns and disruptions that come with a life in this world flooding in, reinforcing  these conditions over and over again. So that resolve must come with each day, a true commitment to walk in the Light, to not indulge in the thoughts that are not of love, to be strong, beloveds, for the strength is there, the capacity to truly change is there. But often the mind insists upon its well-crafted view, both within and without. You must not and cannot trust this place as being the truth or the reality of your being. You must continue to dive deeper, to pray more fervently, to be more faithful to this truth that you know but must be applied with each moment. 

It is the tendency of the mortal to be inconsistent, to give lip service to the truth, and indeed, at times, to experience this truth in a full way that is uplifting and beautiful. Yet often after this experience, a mortal tends to turn back to the old ways, the old conditions, the old reality. We ask you to be faithful to the Truth, be faithful to the Light within your souls, to truly understand and awaken to this Truth. This requires great effort and strength. It is not easily obtainable. It is challenging and it is difficult. But this struggle, this effort, this life-long desire for change must come from you, beloveds. God cannot heal you in an instant but God will show you the way where you may take responsibility for yourself and find your way in His loving embrace. These shifts will come, one upon another upon another until you find yourself in that place of great joy and harmony, of truly loving yourselves, and truly feeling worthy of His Love.

Yes, you live in a very difficult time and condition. It is challenging indeed but you are here, nonetheless. Each of you have made great effort to be together in this Circle of Light. It indicates the power of your desire and our willingness to seek Truth and to seek to change. Yes, each moment you inch forward in Light, as this great Light continues to infiltrate every part of your being, and you reinforce and acknowledge this beach-head of Light within you so that it may progress further, so that all that is not of Light may be released, is a daily struggle and commitment of which the angels will be with you. You are not alone. You have all the resources that God will give and can give to help you to overcome these conditions. But you must look at your own willful desire and choice. Indeed, part of you, that which is within your soul, will always choose Light, yet there are many parts of you outside of your soul that does not. This is the challenge beloveds, to look, to truly look at yourselves and the choices you make, to take responsibility and to choose that which is of Light in a conscious way so that you free yourselves through the infusion and the strength and the healing power of Love.

It is given freely. God desires for you to be released from all conditions that are not of light and love, that you do truly live in the truth, that you truly express yourselves in love. It is not hopeless, beloved souls, it is not hopeless. In fact, there is great hope, great encouragement, great love, great healing. Many, many things are given in this great journey of learning how to love yourselves and others and God. Yes, the journey is arduous but every step is well-earned and there will not be steps backwards but always forward. 

There will come a time when the power of the Love accumulated within your soul will accelerate this awakening and healing to such a degree that you will feel the fervency and joy and wonderment of a soul awakened in the transformative beauty of God’s Touch upon you. This comes, it is promised and it will come as you continue to place your desires, to put your focus upon the direction of Light and Truth and healing and Love. It must be with every breath. It must be applied with every moment. It must be your goal. It must be the true desire of your souls that will come and be conscious within you, within all of you, all parts of your being. 

You band together and support one another, do you not? You continue to be a testimony to one another, to these leaps forward, these steps, however small, that you take. You are seen by your brothers and sisters who continue to struggle as you struggle, who continue to seek the way of Love as you seek. This is God’s blessing for you, beloveds. None of you are alone in this struggle. You are strong enough for you have taken many steps, many steps, and you will continue to do so. Do not be impatient but continue to pray fervently. In your prayers, you will feel the power and shifting of your soul that will indeed infiltrate all those parts of you with Light. It is faith that carries you forward. It is faith that will give you the strength to continue in this journey. 

Yes, at times these conditions persist but I tell you, it is not a permanent state. You will find resolution and healing to those parts of you that continue to be stuck within the human condition. I say to you, beloved souls, seek God in all that you do. Seek to be in His Love. Seek to be in His Truth and all will come to resolution and healing and peace.

God bless you. I am Josephus and it is time to leave until we meet again. God bless you.