Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 3, 2019
Location: Waianae, HI

Beloved souls, I am your teacher Augustine. I see you have once again gathered together in Light and the unity amongst you grows, feeling like you are one in this great Light that proceeds towards God, beseeching God to receive His gift of Love. In response, the Holy Spirit touches each of your souls. Beloved souls, you are blessed. You are given great blessings. You are awakening with each day a little more revealing yourselves to one another, to God, to your own self.

The beloved daughter has asked a question regarding those who are a part of the church which I helped to establish many hundreds of years ago, whether they who are within this church are influenced by the angels, by God, by the higher spirits. I say, yes, in many regards they are, that those who have sincere souls who are engaged in this work that they carry on, bringing what they believe as truth to humanity and a spiritual life to many. If they are sincere within their souls, then the mental condition, provided it is not too rigid or dark, will not supersede the desire of the soul and therefore they will receive the gift of the Father’s Love in their prayers, provided that longing reaches God and is sincere.

So there are many within this church which you call Catholicism that have had a touch of the Father’s Love within their souls. Yet there are many within the church who have not. There are a good portion of those within the church who are not motivated by Light but have political intentions for power and control. So with your world, so it is in this world, this little enclave of belief in the world. There are many varieties of souls. Some who are seeking and some who are not, some who believe they are indeed enlightened and in the great Light of God’s Touch and Blessing but are not and some who are humble, who serve God with love and serve their brothers and sisters with love. In many cases, they are motivated by their soul’s condition. Is it often that the humble soul rises up in the ranks and becomes the leader within the bureaucracy of this church? No, it is not likely, for their work is “on the ground” as you would say, with their brothers and sisters who are earnestly seeking truth. Though they may speak error, their hearts are filled with Love and this is the potent touch and power of their ministry amongst the children of the world.

They are drawn because they feel the strength and they feel the love and they know of that individual’s wisdom and courage and caring and loving. They are an instrument of God. There are many in the world, humble and unknown, but they are blessed deeply for each effort that they make, each action and expression of the soul given in their daily lives is rewarded by God. Those who are in great power are often not in harmony with God’s Will. For what is ambition rewarded with but the rewards of a material life, the rewards of ascendancy and power and control. These motivations do not garner the rewards from God.

So it is in your world, so many, whether it be a church or whether be in the political realms or the commercial realms of your world are dominated by these individuals who seek power and control, whose great motivation is to be puffed up within their minds with the sense that they are important, that they have control over others, that they may make decisions that affect the lives of others. These individuals create a very dark condition within themselves if they are not motivated by love. So they are contrary to the Laws of God’s Creation and the Laws of Love. This contrary action and life may bring its material rewards but as you all know, these rewards are very temporary indeed in relationship to one’s life that carries on in such a long, long road of existence in spirit.

So those individuals who are motivated by the human desires and predilections must face the consequences at some point in their existence. There are many who have lived a life of great power on Earth and have found a condition of great diminishment in the world of spirit.

So, beloved souls, when we ask you to be guided by God, to follow the desires of your soul, to express the Truth as a humble child of God, to be in harmony with God’s Laws of Love, to practice this each and every day, to discipline your thoughts so that they are elevated, to be aware of your motivations that you may nurture those motivations that are in harmony with God’s Laws and Love, this is true leadership. This is true awakening. As you continue to nurture this Light within you, receiving the blessing of God’s Love then that desire, that motivation to be a teacher, a healer, an instrument of God in the world and with the intention of reaching many souls with the good news of the Father’s Love available for all, may come to be in your lives depending upon your light, your motivations, your actions, who you are in the world.

That includes humility. Humility is when you are willing to listen to God’s Will and not supersede God’s Will with your own. So it takes a great deal of effort, as you well know, in your world to put aside the human condition, the human motivations, the desires for things other than awakening the soul and spiritual life and those things that are not in harmony and in balance with the spiritual, when these things are predominant within you then the possibility of leadership manifests not with intention but as a natural outcome of your soul’s progress and your willingness to allow your soul its place within your being as a motivating factor of your life, hearing and knowing and feeling the presence of God with you always.

These religious organizations, if they were led by such individuals, would be very different than they are today. All the rules and edicts, dogmas and creeds that are superfluous to a spiritual life would be eliminated, falling away revealing the golden Light of Truth within each religion. When that can happen, when humanity is willing to let go of this deep desire for dominance and control and power and give way to God with a sincere desire within their soul to know God’s Will and to acknowledge God’s Will in a truthful way, then religions will melt away. Instead there will be a life that with each soul born into this world will have a natural component of spirituality to it.

Those innocent children will not be corrupted by darkness and error but be nurtured and will grow in Love and Light. God’s Hand will be upon each soul, guiding that soul, bringing a greater harmony to all the world. In this, this world will be elevated. As the world becomes elevated, so the world between us and the material world will be less of a barrier. There will be greater communication and rapport between all the souls in all worlds coming together in harmony and light.

I know this sounds very utopian and quite distance from the vision of what is today but I say to you as there are greater numbers of those of you willing to step forward with this simple Truth with humility and grace and true power, that is the power of Love, then it comes closer. You add your light and your efforts to the forward progression of humanity towards greater harmony and closer to God and God’s intention for the world.

So I say to you, beloved souls, do not be like those who have risen to great power through their own willful actions and desires. Rather be as God’s children knowing and obeying the desire of God, His Will, in your lives and you will be surprised how you are guided and become acquainted with many of power and have some influence, bearing upon them through your beautiful gifts. This may be so, provided your efforts and the work and prayers and love that you put within this task of being God’s instruments in the world.

Much awaits you, dear and beloved souls. There is great potential within each one of you but it is of course your responsibility to be in harmony with God, to seek this gift of Love that transforms and empowers you, beloved souls. May God bless you upon that journey and may you come to know your true selves and take every advantage that you can to continue to grow within your souls and become strong and free of all conditions that are not in harmony with Love.

God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine and I come to you with humility because I was one who sought power and control in my life on Earth and continue to this day, many, many years past, to help rectify those mistakes and actions that I made in the light, or should I say darkness, of power. May God bless you so you will not make these mistakes but continue on as God’s humble children. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls. My love and encouragement and prayers are with you all that you may indeed walk forward in this world of yours and bring the Truth with all humility and grace and beauty and love. God bless you. Augustine loves you. God loves you.