Spirit: Professor Salyards
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 25, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Blessings to you, my friends, it is your Professor Salyards. The purpose of your organization is to reach out to individuals and groups who are seeking truth in whatever way that this may be accomplished which is in harmony with God’s Will because God wishes for all peoples of the world to know about this great gift that is offered to the soul.

I know you have your ideas and your speculations as to what may come of your work and how it may be accomplished, but I say to you my beloved friends, there is much waiting for you to do. When you have an idea of how you might accomplish this task, you may reach out to others, you may bring souls together so that you may pray together and be together in love. These things will all be blessed, beloved souls. They may not evolve in a direction that you anticipate but they will bring some fruit to the vine. As you continue to work your way through the challenges of the earthly plane and the limitations thereof, you will find that doors will open and opportunities will present themselves. It is in the application of your will, desire and effort that will bring the anticipated results. It is one thing to imagine and think of what you might do; it is another to have your feet on the ground walking towards a particular objective. Indeed, you must continue to walk no matter the obstacles and difficulties that may be in place. With your focus and vision upon the guidance that you receive, know that you will be assisted and blessed in such a way that you will be able to accomplish these tasks. There are no limitations, beloved souls, no limitations to the possibilities of what you might do. It is only limited by your capacity to do them and the world’s capacity to obstruct them. But indeed, with faith, with great courage and desire and effort and patience, many things will come to be and many surprising outcomes. As we have told you from the beginning, you will be surprised at what might be accomplished and expressed through this little group, this organization of light.

You have behind you a great retinue of angels. You have God’s Hand upon you. What limitations does this have upon your efforts? None whatsoever, it opens the door, it opens the possibilities that may be expressed with some small thought, some inkling of God’s Will that may come to your consciousness.

As you walk in the world desiring to be God’s channels of light, as your bring yourselves into greater alignment with God, do you not think that there will be many wondrous manifestations and accomplishments? By the mere fact that you are willing, you desire, you pray daily to be that channel of love, to be that instrument for God and so your prayers will be answered. And so your efforts together will bear fruit. Do not doubt this, beloved souls, do not doubt God’s plan and God’s plan for each of you and God’s plan for all of you. It is magnificent and wondrous and deep and sure in its execution. May you find your way upon that road, the road that God has created for you to walk upon as His servants, to be aware of His Will and to willingly be in alignment with His Will.

Beloved souls, you are precious to us, you are blessed and we wish to work through you in many ways, through many avenues that you may see and wish to engage upon in order to do God’s Will and God’s work. These things, if they are in alignment with God will open readily and will bring surprising outcomes, beautiful outcomes, outcomes that allow you and allow others to express the truth of God’s Love, to be that example of His Love, to share the experiences that you have had in engaging with God, receiving His gift of Love.

There are multitudes of avenues that you may walk upon, my beloved friends. Pick one! Dedicate yourself to the possibility of where that may lead and what may be accomplished. It is a matter of choosing and dedicating yourself towards a goal and being in harmony with God. Therefore, you will have the wisdom, insight and possibility of expressing this idea into the world, manifesting it as something palpable and powerful. Do not judge one another or doubt yourself, but have an open mind and an open heart and allow the wisdom of your soul to dictate your efforts and the possibilities of your imagination and ideas towards service and accomplishing the goals that you have together.

Beloved souls, much is coming. I have told you this many times, much is coming. Allow yourselves to be open, be diligent in your efforts, your prayers, your conversations and all that may come of these efforts. Beloved souls, you are children of God! As children of God do you not think that God guides you each day, that God pays His attention and love upon you in so many ways, in so many dimensions. Your soul is drinking the living waters of God, His Divine Love, and is growing with this. Your perceptions are changing, your mind is being influenced greatly by what is happening within you. Many blessings are coming. Much insight, inspiration and revelation all come to you if you are open and willing to receive. Do not allow your mind to overshadow the wondrous expression and faculties of your soul. Rather, be in balance with this, beloved souls, be in balance and in this way the wisdom will be added to the imagination which will then be expressed through your being in beautiful ways.

May love guide you. May love be the foundation of all that you do. May God’s Love be the inspiration and the power and the impetus for your work. God bless you, my friends, I am Professor Salyards and I am with you often. Indeed, many are with you often. God bless you on this journey, this journey of service and growth and change and expansion of love for all your brothers and sisters. God bless you, God bless you, my friends. My love is with you.