Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 25, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

There is change upon your world, beloved souls. Do you not feel that change within your heart, souls and minds? A response to God’s blessings upon this world. As His Love continues to flow within, do you not feel the strengthening Light, the greater peace, the joy and the wisdom flowing within your consciousness? Are you not less reactive to the world and more at peace? Are you feeling the flow of God’s Touch encompassing you, His Love, His Light, uplifting you?

These things are coming in greater intensity as God implements His plan for the transformation of your world, and they will continue to intensify. May you be open and receptive to all that is being given. May you come to know the great boon of blessings that God wishes to give to each of you. It is only limited by your own thoughts and actions, your own resistance, your own distractions. For those who are diligent in prayer, there will be great benefits. For those who continue to see the world from both perspectives, that of the material and that of the spiritual, there will continue to be conflict and disagreement between these two aspects of your being. 

Indeed, you are all human, beloved souls, and you will experience these difficulties and discomforts because of this. Know that as you continue to grow in God’s Love and that these conflicts will dissipate, these disagreements within you will fall away and you will know with great certainty the Truth. You will know the steps you must make and the efforts you must make to be God’s instruments, channels of Love.

This happens daily, the incremental changes that are part of this Gift, and you will come to know yourself as an individual who is different from that of years back, an individual who has changed their perspective and released their fears, becoming more loving and confident in their loving expressions in the world. These, too, are a reflection of your soul’s awakening. These too, are an affirmation of the power of God’s Love within a soul. Come closer in alignment, and in this you come closer to manifestations that you desire to see. It is a walk of faith, an effort to change and to accept the changes that are brought with the great gift of God’s Love.

You are all blessed, beloved souls, you are all blessed upon a world that is in great need of you and your light. God bless you. I am Andrew, and I speak to you today to help uplift, to support, and reinforce the Truth that lives within each of you.God bless you, beloveds, my love is with you.