Spirit: Professor Salyards
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Sydney Australia
Date: November 20, 2018

I have come to answer a somewhat complicated question that you have had regarding the expansion of the soul that is fully developed in the natural love compared to the soul developed with the Divine Love. Since I have been studying this subject, I have been asked to give you some points of interest and details regarding this issue. The soul untransformed by the Divine Love still carries with it certain capacities and abilities. In this, the mind of the soul is present and may convey certain information to the mind, the material mind, that is, the mind of the spirit. If you think of the soul mind as a receiver of information like a radio and the frequencies which may be available to the mind of the soul merely purified by the natural love, these frequencies are somewhat limited and may only go as far as the development of that soul and therefore, is unable to receive the higher truths that the soul enhanced by the Divine Love may receive. Its frequencies then are in the lower range of what is possible.

So one may say, given the examination of the soul’s mind, that the soul may expand to some degree in information and truth. There is a greater capacity to understand certain laws and truths of the universe through the faculties of the soul that are purified but limited by the condition of the soul. And as you well know, the soul enhanced, purified, and transformed by the Divine Love has much greater capacities to understand truths of the universe, to understand God in all His glory and complexities.

There is much that can be absorbed and integrated into a soul that is fully alive in the Divine Love. For that soul is indeed transformed. Its capacities and instrumentalities, gifts, and ability to perceive, observe  and understand truth is at a different frequency than that of the natural love soul that has been purified. So, yes, those who inhabit the sixth sphere, the natural love heavens do indeed enjoy a certain amount of truth and knowing that comes from the soul faculties, but the higher truths, the greater truths of God are not fully understood by the limitations of the soul unredeemed.

You cannot compare the two, for there is no comparison. The ways in which a natural love soul may approach, absorb, and integrate the knowledge that is available to them is very different from the capacities of a soul transformed in Divine Love. Therefore, one might say that they speak different languages, that the faculties used, though similar, are very rudimentary within the natural love soul compared to the complexities, the facets of these faculties within the soul redeemed in Love. This is why the capacity for soul progression in the natural love spirit is limited though one may say is far beyond the understandings and perceptions of those of you on the earth plane. It still lacks certain dimensions, abilities, depth of understanding that comes with the awakened soul.

But those souls who are within the purified condition of the natural love are quite satisfied with their experiences, their pursuits of truth, their understanding of the universe. For this too is a complex world, a world that may be explored for a very, very long time in order to understand with the mental faculties of both the material mind and the spirit mind, the soul mind. But these understandings are hard won and take a great deal of effort and tedious examination. Yet, these spirits take great pride in their pursuit of knowledge and are constantly experimenting with the possibilities of their mindful knowings of truth.

With those who reside in the Celestial Kingdom, truth is like plucking a flower. It comes reflexively with the Love as God’s truths pour into the soul that is receptive and able to perceive with its renewed and transformed faculties. And there is great joy in this pursuit, not pride. It is not forced or is not subject to intellectual examination. It comes as a gift from God and this gift is magnificent. The faculties of the soul are capable of absorbing all facets of a particular aspect of truth. Their knowledge comes complete, though is able to be added to as the soul continues its infinite progression. So there again, there is no limitation to the awakened soul’s capacities to understand truth. For a soul is not limited by mind. A soul is not dependent only upon mind but there are other faculties of the soul that come into operation and are able to comprehend truth in ways that would be difficult to explain to you in your present state of soul progression.

But I assure you that an awakened soul redeemed in the Father’s Love holds within it a treasure chest of knowledge, possibilities, capacities, faculties that a soul limited by mere purification and intellectual and mindful development cannot perceive or know. Do you not think it is sad that those who reside within the sixth sphere, the heavens of the natural man, are incapable of knowing truth in this way, knowing God in all His wonderment, beauty, and complexity? Yet, one comes back to this crucial issue of feeding the mind and feeding the soul. Those upon the natural path are quite content and quite focused upon the mind and see this as the only reality. Though when they are in the receptive state, they come to realize these limited faculties of the soul’s mind and are excited to utilize these awarenesses. There are many yogis and spiritual men who have walked this Earth and have come to realize these faculties without the awakening of their soul in Divine Love and they may utilize many gifts to manifest many things, to utilize the laws of nature, of creation, to bring forth what you may consider astounding manifestations.

Indeed there is a measure of wisdom within the mind, the mind of the soul that is of a higher level, but not of the Divine. So you see, from your perspective, it would be easy to acknowledge a spiritually developed individual on your earth plane as being ascendent, perfect, and provide to you a great example of what is possible. But I tell you, my friends, those souls redeemed with the Father’s Love have far greater capacities and abilities. Though your minds are limited in the perception of these things, your souls feel the power of the love within your angel friends that visit you and can feel a difference in these two qualities of soul.

So I say to you, my friends, continue to follow the development and awakening of your souls with the Father’s Love, for in this comes infinite possibilities, wondrous gifts, capacities, to be expressed through each soul redeemed by God. Though many are content to walk the natural path, to pursue the development of the soul in this way, know that they are limited in what is possible in their development. Though the manifestations and possibilities within these souls may be quite astounding to you, it is limited. You must consider the higher road to soul awakening and expansion for many, many blessings come in this way.

I thank you for listening to me, my friends. Your Professor Salyards continues to observe your progression and your light and I am happy to come to speak to you on this subject.  May you continue to grow in the Father’s Love, to awaken and in time know all the possibilities and potentials that come with this gift as your soul expands in love and its energies reaching far in your world and our world, as the light grows bright, the love flows unrestricted, and your consciousness becomes fully integrated with your soul. Yes, there is so much more truth to know, my friends. There is no end to it and this brings this humble researcher great joy as I continue to travel in the universe with my soul fully awake and eager to absorb all the truths of God.

May God bless you my friends and keep you in His Light and show you the way to infinite truth and knowledge, joy and peace, love, love that cannot be contained but grows and grows. God bless you. God bless you, my friends.