Spirit: Mary
Medium: Maureen Cardoso
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: November 18, 2018

I am here with you, this is Mary. My dear sister, what a most beautiful prayer you have just said. What a blessing it is to hear the sweet words rise up from your soul. Giving a prayer for all those in some degree of suffering to have a blessing of hope for a better life.

My dear, dear children, this time that you sit, these seven of you and the extended glorious soul who join you, you come in this dedicated hour to deepen the awakening of your souls. Your dedication to your soul being in prayer with God receiving the blessing and the healing that this love brings to each of you is the link that will awaken your soul.

My dear children, when you hope for a better world and greater light and greater harmony to come to your world, there are times when it may feel somewhat hopeless as it seems that the condition of the world has gotten so dark and so out of alignment with the laws of creation and the Will of God. But my children what can give each of you hope is that within your soul there is a great desire to serve God through this great Essence of Love that has been bestowed upon your soul and the strengthening that is happening and the awakening that is happening. So draw hope as you begin to awaken. You my dear ones are like the Earth angels that God sends to those many who need your help, who need your smile, who need your extended hand, who need your listening ear, your compassion, and your understanding.

This is where you can draw hope from, knowing that God and God‘s plan for the salvation of mankind is unfolding. And you will find as you continue along your journey and this awakening of your soul continues to grow and strengthen and to come into a greater understanding of its essence, your gifts, and the potentials that your souls may serve God. This will be a great, great gift to yourself as you may be an expression of love and to those who may come before. For they will feel your love and upliftment and receive hope as well.

It is a simple work but one that is greatly needed in your world where there is suffering all about. And you too suffer beloveds but isn’t it wonderful to know that you have the key to come out of your suffering? And as you have each strengthened, how many doors have opened before you to walk through and share the way that your suffering has been alleviated, has been healed, has been overcome?

And as you continue along, there may come a time that you experience yourself as a soul, fully as a soul, and your physical body and your mind become somewhat secondary in your relationship, in how you express yourself in the world. You will simply feel yourself being carried throughout your life. And what may come to you in service to God in these times may not be what you think it is today. Honor your soul. Understand that your soul is here to unfold its purpose, to awaken, to allow its beautiful gifts to be expressed in your world, and to carry the Light of God’s Love wherever you go.

So many are already drawn to you and many more will come before you. And you will see as you continue to heal in this Grace of God’s Love, your humble presence, your radiant light, your bright eyes, your beautiful smiles, the contentment that you feel within yourself, all of these aspects will draw people to you. And they will be curious and wonder, what is it about this person before me? What do they know? Beloveds, your awakening soul will provide the words of love and wisdom, sharing the way your light has been blessed by God. And this is available for all who may seek.

Your paths are unique and there are few in the world that understand and know what you know. And we in spirit, the Celestial kingdom, are your forever servants helping you to awaken, to release these parts of you that are not harmonious with love. We are here in service to you, beloveds, always here to uplift and to love. As you gather here in prayer longing to be nourished by the Father’s Love, cradled in the arms of love, swaddled in this comfort, my beloveds, you awaken that much more. This is the way, this is the way to awakening your souls on an endless and eternal journey to at-onement with God.

Each of you are having these small awakenings at different times. All of these are very important. For with these smaller awakenings, you have the abililty and the strength to see the world more clearly with eyes of your soul.

My love is with each of you. It is such a gift for me to come to you this closely to speak to you for my heart and soul are very tender for each precious child of Earth. May each of you be deeply blessed and drink in the Essence of your beloved Creator who awaits you every time you awaken and draw in the loving Presence and Essence of the One who has created you. Continue walking home, beloveds, continue walking home.

I leave you with my love. I am Mary and so happy to be here with you now. God bless you and I love you. Good night.