Spirit: Gandhi
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Sydney Australia
Date: November 21, 2018

There are many travels waiting for you, many travels to many places as the beloved master Jesus did not sit in one place in prayer in his ministry. He walked to many places, to the limits of his ability, to be a teacher to many. So, you too, beloved friends, must be willing to travel and be in those places that God guides you to be. Because there is indeed a plan, a plan that opens the doors to many possibilities, a plan that is not set in stone but does require flexibility and a desire to listen to your guidance, to be open to what God wishes for you to do.

Yes, the world is a big place and yet, in your modern society, it‘s not as big as it was. Here you sit, halfway around the world from where some of you reside. This luxury was not possible or readily available for many, many men who have walked this Earth. And yet, for you, beloved souls, when you are given the guidance and inclination to go, you have the possibility to do so.

Do not restrict your plans or guidance but be open and willing to listen and to enact what is purposeful and powerful in light, to bring this gift and this truth of God’s Love to those who are open and willing to listen and experience. I know it is somewhat frustrating for many of you that you do not receive the details of events to come and yet you feel the momentum building and you know that there are indeed opportunities formulating that will affect deeply your lives, but it must be so in this way. You are attuned to God, listening intently, testing your resolve, your desires, your motivations with each day. You are prompted to pray, are you not? To pray with intensity and intense desire and to be in the highest condition, greatest light, in the Love of God so that you may be open and capable of knowing His Will.

We, your angel friends, walk a fine line between giving you deep and loving support and not over-indulging you in your desires for comfort and knowledge. You must be strong and your faith must be pure. Your efforts must be expressed with high integrity and a desire to serve with humility. In this way, you are tested each day and you must be aware of your thoughts, the words that you speak, the motivations that you carry forth in your life, the desires of the mind and the soul that can often cause difficulties in the pure expression of God’s Will through you.

Yes, you are imperfect, but you continue to grow and awaken and purify and you graduate further, further up the ladder of light. This is what you were meant to do, to apply yourselves with each day with the truth and knowledge that you know. To express the wisdom of your souls, to be one who is willing to step forward and declare the truth, to live the truth, to be an example of the truth. Though often you feel that few listen and few turn their heads in your direction, but I say to you, beloved brothers, and all those who read this message, that you grow stronger with each day and that the light that grows within you will soon turn heads and bring acknowledgement. In this time, you will have the humility and the wisdom, the love and the grace that will comport you through life in harmony. So, each day you learn and grow, you pray and you speculate and you continue to be aware of these desires some that are in harmony with God and some that are not. With each day, you continue to adjust your thinking and allow greater harmony within. As the Love grows in your soul, so the wisdom will permeate all of your thinking and your doing.

Yes, there is a great work that desperately needs doing in your world. You must be ready. You are willing, this we know and you are eager. What continues to be your challenge is to be in that light so purely and intently that you may indeed be a clear and beautiful channel of God’s Love and Will in the world. So we continue to teach and to encourage and to add our love and support to your efforts. It brings us great joy to see that you are willing, that you have a deep desire to serve, that you have a thirst and hunger for truth and love. So we are assured by your desires and efforts that you will indeed come to that place, that you may be powerful channels of God’s Love, clear and bright, immovable in truth, strong in faith, humble and wise, loving and simple in these expressions.

May God bless you further with His Love. May you come to know your true and beautiful soul and awaken to God’s Presence with every breath. I am Mahatma Gandhi and I am one who continues to support you in your efforts and your journey to God. God bless you. God bless you my friends that you may continue on the road and I will walk with you with my staff and my simple clothing. Know that Mahatma Gandhi is your brother. God bless you.