Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Sydney Australia
Date: November 21, 2018

I am Yogananda. I promise I would come and I am here. And I have been with you for the morning and I find you all quite amusing, how so much of your conversation is so mundane and yet you carry such a bright soul. Yes, this is the way of your world. The mind continues to play out those issues and ideas that are not relevant to a mature soul. Yet, with this gift of Divine Love, your souls grow and mature and are resplendant in wisdom and love. I find this rather ironic but it is as it is. It is how you are in the world my dear brothers and how all who live in your world continue to sustain the illusions, the incomplete understandings, the desires and the ideas of the material plane.

For those of us who have graduated beyond this plane to higher planes, we must humbly stand by and allow you to play out your life in whatever way that your will and desire makes it so. We have great compassion for you, my friends, compassion for the challenges and the conditions that you must deal with day in and day out. Yet you continue to be consistent and dedicated to the Truth of the Love of God and the way of God. And yes, you change, you evolve in your ways in the the world as the light within your soul continues to influence your thoughts, influence your motivations and your desires.

The power of this love will transform you, beloved, beloved friends. It does so each day inching forward to that place of truth and harmony, of peace and love. Come to truly know yourselves, my friends. Come to observe yourselves in your daily practice and efforts in the world for only you can change yourself. You may find it easier to judge another, to observe the flaws and the weaknesses, the error and the fears, but my beloved friends, can you change your friend? No. All you can do in the world is model the behavior that is in harmony with love, and this in itself brings change and influence amongst those you associate with.

Making this effort, meeting this challenge with love, love for yourself and recognizing the transformational process that is happening within you so that you may indeed adopt and embrace this new perspective, this new way of being in the world. It requires your efforts, my friends, the discipline of the mind, a willingness to look honestly within yourself and to see that in some ways you interact with others that lacks love and is of the harshness of the mind.

Judgment kills the light beloveds. If you judge another you are killing your own light by enshrouding it with a darkened condition. Each of you, my friends, are responsible for your thoughts and for what you express in the world. And I‘m not suggesting that you create a facade that would be acceptable in this case. No, you must truly feel and think and express love and put aside anything that is not of love. For if you are truly serious about your desire to speak and bless and comfort many, then this must be your demeanor, who you truly are. That you may banish these old ways of thinking, these old patterns of the mind and say to yourselves, I am truly finished with this old and useless pattern and thought and expression.Though they cling to you beloved souls, these things of the mind, they cling to you because there is a part of you that is afraid to let go, that it is comforting to speak and be in the way that is your well-worn pattern of thought. And yet, God compells you to speak and think in different ways, the ways that are in harmony with His Love.

So, my beloved friends, beautiful brothers with beautiful lights, there are always challenges when one progresses upon the spiritual path. These challenges may not be ignored, for if they are, there are deep consequences in your willful ignorance. As God blesses you so beautifully and so powerfully, He desires that you respond by changing and releasing those conditions that are not of love. This is your responsibility, beautiful souls. You cannot be one way of the mind and another way of the soul, though this is very common in your world.

If you are to be leaders, if you are to speak up, to demonstrate this truth, you must integrate the light of your soul with the conditions of your mind and truly be that individual who is a shining light and an example to those you meet in this world.

As these conditions are dealt with and dissipate, then your relationship with God intensifies. The light and the love is more palpable in your experience of prayer. It is the mind that always inhibits the soul. It is the mind that has been cultivated by the conditions of your world that must be re-generated in light. And this takes effort, a deep effort, a deep commitment in truth and honesty, a strength and a bravery that motivates you to speak in light with every breath, every moment to think in light. Every way that you can be in this world must be of light. In this way all of your ambitions and desires, efforts and motivations to be a channel of God’s Love, an instrument of His Truth, a teacher that may administer to many, will come to be.

All of this is predicated upon your time and effort to be in harmony with God’s Laws of Love. We do not judge you, my friends. We have a deep love for you. It is not common for us to prescribe in your daily expressions of life, but I say to you, my beloved friends, that it is important that you make efforts to correct your mental patterns so to be truly in harmony.

From the soles of your feet to the top of your head, all must be in harmony. In this way, your demeanor and expression of the world will draw in many. You will have a certain charisma. You will eminate a light. You will bring with you a condition of love that others will feel readily and be drawn to and will listen to your words. For when one is a teacher and a leader, every gesture, every moment, every word, every part of you is thoroughly watched and observed. For it is the way of this world of yours to find the flaws so that they may discredit your words of truth. And so, if you are truly serious about being that channel of love and truth that is a burning desire within your hearts, then you must make efforts each day so that you may incrementally come to that place of alignment between the mind and the soul, the thoughts and the expressions of the mind and the condition and light of the soul.

These concepts are not new. This has been taught in many different ways. At times, your brothers and sisters who have travelled this path are somewhat remiss in taking responsibility for these matters. They naively believe that in praying for this Love that all will take care of itself. There will be some deep healing in some future time that will change everything including the thoughtful patterns of the mind. I say to you my friends, that in theory this is possible, for some have been radically transformed by a prayer. Such it was with the apostles at Pentecost and can be, but I say to you, why wait? Why allow yourself to drift and not take advantage of the time and place to put your step forward in spiritual growth and maturity.

Yes, these things are hard-fought and hard-won but your efforts will bring great rewards, beautiful blessings, and a deep relief from the tyrannies of your mind so that the joys of your soul may flourish and blossom in a conscious way with each moment and breath. Is this not what you seek my friends? Is this not what every soul seeks, to be in that state of exultation and bliss and joy with God. Your souls, my friends, even now, are experiencing this condition but it is your minds that dampen down this experience that is in control of what you recognize in a conscious way.

Do you not want to be free? I taught this when I was on Earth. And yes, I struggled, as does every soul, to be in harmony. I received great rewards in my experiences and efforts to be in the flow of God’s Love and Light. And this I wish for you as well, to be free, to know this great exultation of joy, and to know the deep wisdom that comes with the soul awakened and on fire with love.

Thank you my friends for listening to me and I shall add more at some future time, for I do enjoy speaking with you. I have a deep desire that I might speak to many through this gift of the Direct Voice. It is our desire at some future time and this may come to be. So I encourage you in your efforts for light, your efforts to be light.

May God bless you upon that journey and may I continue to follow you upon that journey. God bless you, my friends. God bless you deeply. God bless you fully. God bless you that your souls may expand, expand in love. I thank you and my love continues to be with you my friends. I am Yogananda. God bless you.