Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 8, 2019
Location: Fitzroy Falls Online Circle of Light

“Lattice Collection”

I am Matthew. It is good to see that you are reaching out to one another, seeking connection and coming to build the love bond that is so important, that has its own power and ability to intersperse the light amongst you in this great network and net of light that is being built in your world. Yes, we utilise these machines (internet) and ways of communicating in order to build this great network amongst you and amongst many. It is important that you continue to feed this bond of love, to think of one another, pray for one another and allow the light to flow amongst you so that you will strengthen this Lattice of Light in the world.

In the coming year there will be many challenges and many surprises. Those things that you can imagine that you will be doing in this coming year reflect the will of God at times and at times they do not. For what is of the soul is different from what is of the mind. So, it is in your capacity to understand the knowledge of your soul and the faculties of your soul that will guide you forward in your efforts to serve and to be amongst mankind as a channel of love. Each of you are part of a great plan. Each of you has a role to play. Each of you feels within your heart a sense of purpose, an awakening to new and beautiful avenues of service that will be fueled by your gifts and the opening of your soul’s faculties to serve God.

Allow these things to flow, beloveds. Allow your hearts to open, your souls to awaken, your love to flow, your faith to increase, your trust in God. So to bring you to that place where you are at ease with each day and the blessings that come, the openings that are made available to that day. For when you are at peace, when you are in a place of deep faith and trust and joy God may use you powerfully and you are not restricting the flow of love or the flow of direction and intention with your minds. Rather, the joy of your souls awaken the many possibilities of God’s will and intention in your lives.

Learn to trust your soul, beloveds. Learn to walk with deep faith and trust. When you are unsure, pray. When you are uneasy, pray. When you feel tense and confused, pray. God will alleviate you of your misunderstandings, your fear of making the wrong choice, your confusions around any particular matter in your life. God’s Touch will ignite the wisdom within your souls and the knowings that will bubble forth into your minds and give you clarity. God will heal you of these tensions and conditions that are so common on your Earth plane and bring to you peace.

There is much work to do for each and every one of you and for many more who are connected with you. So it requires a composure, a stance of peace, a flow of love, a faith and trust in the will of God for these things to manifest in your lives. For each of you have a deep desire within your souls to serve God in love. Each of you have done so in your lives in many ways. Yet, your mind persists and continues to mistrust the wisdom of your souls. This, my beloved beautiful friends, you must come to reconcile, this duality within you, this ambivalence that comes from the tension between your mind and your soul. As God’s Love continues to flow into you the resolution comes and all is reconciled in harmony as the mind of the soul and the material mind become aligned with the intentions of God and His Love.

Make this your goal with each day: To walk in harmony with God’s will and to walk in harmony with the deep love and light that is within each of your souls and you will find your way, beloveds. Those things that perplex and concern you will fall away. The road that you must travel and take, designated by God, will come clear and will indeed bring many opportunities to serve, to grow and to know deep joy and awakening.

My beloved friends, may you continue to walk in the light of God’s Love. May you continue to seek this blessing with every yearning of your soul and your mind to be at one with God in love and you will find your way, beloved souls. All will come clear. All will be a blessing. All will be an awakening. This is God’s will for you, my beloveds. It is God’s will that you and we in spirit will walk together in service for the benefit of mankind. This is coming. It continues to build as you continue to awaken to this calling. All will be well, beloveds. All will be well. God’s Hand is upon you. His angels are close. How can things be other than well and good and for the highest given your intentions for as much.

Beloved souls, God bless you and keep you close. My love is with you. I am Matthew. God bless you.