Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 5, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, beloved souls. Yes, as our dear friend reminds us that prayer is important and citing the blessings of God into your midst is a crucial part of the work that you do within this church. You feel the blessings of God’s Love amongst you at this moment. It is familiar to many of you. You know its comfort and power and healing. The quality of this blessing is unique to the Divine Love. This you must bring and continue to bring within your sanctuary, your church. As you continue to build the conditions within this blessed place, the Love will grow. This unique blessing and energy will increase so that all who enter therein will feel it and be drawn to this comforting, warm, blessed place. That when they come to pray, they will feel and know that all that which burdens them may fall away and bring them peace.

Is this not the purpose of any church, beloved souls, to bring God to those who seek God, to bring blessings to those who seek blessings, to bring love to those who hunger for love? So, together, beloved souls, together you build this condition through your prayers and your intentions towards this sanctuary. With the power of your prayers and intentions, the power of your actions and your presence within this place, everything is blessed. From the very floorboards of this building to the rafters everything is blessed and emanates a light.

Our beloved brother Jesus consecrated this place and began the transformation that continues to this day. You will come to see the many changes, manifestations, healings and upliftments that will affect many souls deeply.

In order to accomplish change in your world, curious and seeking souls must see for themselves and feel for themselves the presence of God in some way. Thus, we will build the energies within this place so that those who enter therein will notice and take note of these blessings. It requires your efforts, beloved souls, your efforts in harmony, as you synchronize your intentions and unify them towards this goal. To be this Centre of Light, this refuge of Light in the world, this is the change that many of you have prayed for, for this place. This is the beginning of something new and dynamic and beautiful. You will all be a part of this. You will all benefit from it and you will all contribute to it.

There are many blessings to come, beloved souls. You will be guided upon the path that is prescribed by God. Each of you will receive inspiration, will come to know God’s intentions and Will towards this place and your involvement with it. You will not be relying on one person or two people to bring this guidance forth, for you will all receive and contribute. Collectively you will know without a doubt what is meant to be and provided you are strong enough and committed enough to enact this guidance, you will see the results and know the Hand of God in all its power and glory upon this place.

As with everything that God does and guides you through, it is both a learning and a test, a test of your faith and the opportunity to learn more of your abilities, to know God, to be in alignment with God. The very foundation of this work lies within your daily efforts and prayer to receive this gift of Divine Love, to walk this road of Love. With this as your compass, you can do and go where you are meant to be and apply yourselves accordingly and be in that flow of God’s Love which is a joyful, exhilarating, uplifting condition.

You all feel the benefits of being uplifted from the conditions of this world of yours. Do you not want to create a sanctuary where others may go and feel this upliftment? When their minds come to you in curiosity and ask “how is this so”? Why is this place so peaceful and special? You can tell them, beloved souls, of the power of God’s Love. This is the blessing that ignites all blessings, the way that brings all together in harmony, the power of God’s Love to transform and make whole and draw in all forces and energies that are of light and of the highest.

So, God has brought you together once more to serve Him in ways that are often surprising, unanticipated, and yet, one must trust that God’s plan is perfect. To follow in obedience and faith is to say: ‘ that the Creator is far wiser than am I. So, I relinquish my hold on the destiny of this place and give this to you dear Father so that you may guide us all and the unfolding of the healing of our world, that we may play a part, that you may guide us thus, and all will be as it is meant to be’.

Beloved souls, it is in relinquishing your hold to what is to unfold in this church and give it to God. In this way, listen for God’s answers and guidance, that what I speak of will be and will manifest in these wondrous ways. It is a test of your faith. It is the opportunity to grow in love. It is many things. But in essence, it is not a thing of man but a thing of God. So you must seek to serve from the highest, the greatest good for all and not to put your stamp, your mindful reckonings upon the plans of God but to be humble and accepting of what is laid before you. God always lays a spiritual feast before you, beloveds, where you may indeed find deep replenishment, deep healings and knowings, and opportunities to serve in love.

God bless you, beloveds. I am with you. We work together in the service to God. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.