Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 12, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

God bless you deeply, beloveds. I come, I am Jesus. I come because you gather together to honour your beloved Earth and to honour God and beseech God for His Blessings upon this world. I come because I love you all, beloveds. You are all my brothers and sisters who walk in this world seeking to uphold light, love and truth. I come because I wish to uphold you, beloveds, to assure you that in times to come, although there will be great changes and disruptions in your world, that God will envelope each you one of you in protection and guidance and love.

In God’s Blessing upon you, my beloved brothers and sisters, you will be guided and you will be used to assist all whom come upon your path and to bring them the Truth of God’s Love, to bring them the comfort of God’s Love and to bring them the healing and assurance that God’s plan for the salvation of mankind will manifest in your lives. Seek God’s Love above all else. Awaken to all that God has to give to your souls. Allow your minds to accept what God has to give. Bring these two parts of yourself into alignment and reach out to God to seek harmony and alignment with His Great Soul.

In this way, all questions will be answered, all dilemmas will be healed, all confusions will come to clarity. Those who are fearful of the results of Earth changes, you will come to a place of peace and acceptance. For what is happening in your world is the healing of your world. What may look extreme and harsh is the Blessing of God’s reconciliation of humanity to your world so that all may live in peace and harmony.

Yes, there will be great adjustments and difficult times. For within all of your hearts and the hearts of  humanity is a great resistance to change, a fear of what is new and different. I urge you, beloved souls, to go within your hearts and souls to find the answers in prayer. In this way, you will come to understand and recognize God’s wisdom and mercy upon this world.

For if humanity continues to have dominance in your world, the world will be ruined by the ignorance of man, the greed of man and the lack of love that is so predominant amongst humanity. God is bringing humanity to Him, beseeching His wisdom, beseeching wisdom within their own souls so that you may all understand the road that you must take, so that you may all accept the changes that must come and the adjustments within your own thinking and doing in the world.

These are serious times, my beloveds. These are times that will test your faith. These are times that will bring new revelations and understandings to each one of you. These are times that will bring change, both within the material world and within your own selves. These are the manifestations of God’s great healing Hand upon the world bringing many blessings forth, bringing you and all to a place of clarity and of choice.

For the world comes to a crossroads. Humanity must choose, for God does not countermand the Laws of Free Will. God will give each of you the Blessing of understanding this choice, of understanding the Truth that must be lived and expressed in the world. This Truth is predicated with Love always and Love must become the currency of humanity. Love must be involved and included in all decisions and undertakings of humanity. It is time for humanity to mature and come to that place of understanding their true natures, their true being.

Each of you, my friends, has this Truth within your hearts. Each of you may be used by God to give this understanding. As time goes on in your world, so the need for Truth will become more evident and the desire for Truth will rise up within the hearts of humanity. For when the world is in chaos and all that which you have come to rely upon and live within is no longer a part of life, then humanity, all of you, will be challenged to find the road which will be taken to bring greater harmony to your world and to ensure the survival and the vitality of your world.

You live in very crucial times, beloved souls. It is a time of choice. It is a time of putting aside all your material concerns and putting forth in your lives the concerns of your soul in relationship with your Creator. This is your challenge and your invitation, beloved souls. As you pray for this world, pray that the world will come to understand Truth, to truly understand Creation in all its aspects and how Creation is in relationship with the Creator. To understand the Laws of Creation, to understand the Laws of Love and  to understand what is important and necessary in terms of your relationships and your actions in the world. It is Love. It is Love that brings harmony. It is Love that brings wisdom. It is Love that will heal the world.

So you must live Love, beloved souls. Be an example for your brothers and sisters. Walk in this world as a Light. Be open to God’s guidance and God’s Will. Be a true brother and sister of this Truth that I came to reveal to humanity and continue to uphold in the world and in the world of spirit. If you are truly my brother and my sister then I beseech you to live this Truth with every breath, to walk in this world as a channel of Love, to be God’s child, truly and deeply.

I am your brother and friend. I walk with you. I shall always be with you. May God’s Love continue to pour into your souls awakening all, bringing the Truth to your blessed consciousness and understanding. Awaken in Love, my friends. Awaken in Truth. Be humble and strong. Be clear and be dedicated to the Truth of Love.

May God bless you all. I am with you. I am Jesus and I love you all. God bless you. God bless you.