Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 12, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

You continue to build your foundations, my beloved friends, to consider each day an opportunity to grow your soul, to see your life in the perspective of growing your soul and advancing spiritually. This is what is required for these great efforts to come to fruition, walking in the Light of God’s blessings, uplifting yourselves in prayer with each day, absorbing wisdom and Truth as you continue to awaken within your soul. These things are the implements that help build the foundation that is required with the manifestation of these gifts. As you know, it does not take  great studying of knowledge and texts and tomes of truth. Rather it is mining the Truth that is within your soul, the wisdom within your soul, and seeking for God to grow that wisdom and Truth within.

Prayer must be your focus, my friends. Faith must grow for it is faith that will bring this gift and faith that is built upon the foundation of God’s Love. It is wisdom that will carry you when this gift has arrived in Light and humility and Grace, guided by God. You are asked to walk upon this Divine Path. You have chosen to do so. Because you have chosen and you are sincere in your choice, you have been chosen to do this work. You continue to strengthen your choice, your commitment to God. You continue to seek and to awaken your soul through prayer. You have not let up in your efforts but have pushed forward. You do so with a beautiful grace and patience that is true to the Will of God and the timing of God.

You will be rewarded. Each of you will be rewarded and have been rewarded in the past and the present and the future. For each effort that you make is rewarded many times over. As you continue to forge your relationship with God, so God continues to pour His bounteous blessings upon you until all that is resistant and not of love and truth and harmony, is dissolved in this great washing of God’s Blessings over you.

This is the way of God’s Love, of God’s Truth. It does not require that you assess all in an intellectual way and be focused within your mind to any great degree. Rather, it is the continued awakening of your soul. It is your commitment and faith and purity of thought and strength of desire that awakens all that you desire and seek to have awakened.

You will not falter, my beloved friends. You will come to that place and step through the threshold where you have been transformed, that your perspective has changed dramatically. Your willingness to follow God will be clear and strong. Your faith in the present and the future will be that of a soul awakened and bright in knowledge and truth and love. Your path is clear, beloveds. Your resolve is strong. Your desire is consistent and focused upon the awakening of your soul.

These things ensure that you will fulfill your destiny and your purpose in this world and come to great joy and great fulfillment. The clarity of your soul will inform every step for with this clarity God may guide you without faltering or distortion. You will see with the eyes of your soul and awaken to the possibilities and gifts that God has placed within you. Your choices will be in harmony with God’s Will and with the desire of your soul. All will come into alignment. All will be right and magnificent in the light of God’s Love.

A great future lies ahead, my beloved souls, a great future indeed. You will be blessed. You will be deeply blessed and all will come and unfold in the wonderment of God’s plan. You will find your way and know you will, lit by wisdom, lit by the focus of your soul.

May God Bless you, beloveds. May God continue to awaken you. May all the things which I have spoken today come to pass as the unfolding of your soul will bring these things into a beautiful manifestation of your soul and God’s Will combined. God bless you. Seretta Kim loves you. I am with you. Each and every day I am with you, my friends. Such is the depth of my commitment to your efforts and to each of you. God bless you. God bless you.