Spirit: James
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 10, 2020
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

This is James. You ask about the nature of the soul. Indeed, as each of your minds continue to ruminate on this Truth, the existence of your own soul, you continue to try to find of ways of defining that which is indefinable, that part of you that exists and yet for many of you is so elusive to truly separate the experience of the mind and the senses with the experience of knowing your own soul. It is difficult for you to recognize that place that is so much part of you, the very essence of who you are. Yet, because the soul and the energies of the soul infuse all of you, it is difficult to delineate what that presence, existence and experience is.

As you continue to receive the Blessing of the Father’s Love, so you will come to recognize within you that chamber, that place that exists and is receiving this gift of Divine Love. Some of you do indeed experience different sensations of warmth, an expansion, an upliftment, a sense of joy when you receive this Gift of Divine Love. These sensations and experiences keep you returning to God, to the Fountainhead of all Love. For when a soul has tasted the Living Waters of God, there is a deep desire for more, to receive more, to come to be within the awakened place of a soul touched by God.

For those of you who have difficulty feeling these sensations of recognizing this unique experience, I say to you that you are indeed receiving this Gift whether there is an awareness, a sensation, a mindful recognition of such. It is true, some are more sensitive than others. Some have a natural inclination and gift to recognize experiences of their own souls. Some are so engaged with their minds that they can feel little else but that which their minds perceive and their bodies experience.

Yet even those who come to this experience without any definitive recognition of it are drawn and continue to seek this Gift from God. So indeed their souls are communicating with their conscious self, sending forth this desire to receive more of the Gift that God has to give. Each of you in your own way will experience what it is within you that is called soul. But  will you be able to explain, to articulate what that is? Undoubtedly it will be difficult. For how can you explain that which is beyond words and beyond the recognition and intellectualisation of the mind to define its existence?

Jesus spoke of faith when he taught so many years ago on this Earth about the experience of receiving God’s Love. He talked of faith. He talked of believing and trusting that this Gift is bestowed through prayer. It is that desire that reflects a prayer to God to receive this Gift that is faith, trusting that God will indeed respond and give to you this Gift of His Love.

Your experiences, my friends, will evolve and change, shift and open as you continue to receive this Gift. It is inevitable that some experience, some awareness will dawn within each of you that will confirm for your minds and your deep need to know that this Gift is real, that this Gift is palpable, that this Gift will grow and glow within you bringing a warmth to the soul that was not there before. When you feel this warmth, when you feel a change, a shift of joy within you, know that this is your soul communicating with you. This is your conscious self allowing that communication.

The mental yearning to know your own soul is part of your awakening, my friends. But it is the yearning of your own soul, that which is beyond the mind, that has brought you here and brought you to that place of prayer and longing. As you allow your souls to awaken within their own time and way, the answers will come. The knowings will be realised and accepted. God continually works upon your soul because His Essence resides within. With this Essence working upon your soul, changing your soul, healing your soul and awakening your soul, these understandings will become evident and clear.

Often you are frustrated and blame the workings of your mind, condemning this faculty because it stands in the way of this sure knowledge of soul. I say to you, my friends, God has given you great gifts including your mind. But indeed, there are many other gifts, many other aspects of your being that are waiting to be awakened so that you may indeed see for yourselves the great capacities of your being, the great gifts that God has given to each one of you to experience, not only the material life, but a deep and rewarding spiritual life and relationship with God.

These are coming. Be patient, my friends. Be patient and faithful and trusting that God will indeed bring to you all that you require to know your own true selves and to know God in all His wonderment and glory. These things will come in time.

May you be blessed with perfect sight of all Truth, perfect knowing of soulful things, perfect understanding of who you truly are and how your place in a wondrous Universe, full of God’s Creation. May God bless you with His Love, a constant inflowing into your soul and bring you to that place of awakening, of joy, of truly loving and being in the Grace of God’s Love.

God bless you, my friends. I am James and my love is with you. God bless you.