Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 26, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

May God bless you. I am Augustine, your teacher. This dear and beloved soul is a member of the Celestial Kingdom and a wonderful teacher and healer and we are pleased that he has come to help clarify your questions.

Now our daughter has a question regarding how the different perspectives and individuals in our world, your world, will come together in harmony. Is this what you asked my daughter? (D- Yes) And it is a good question, absolutely, a good question because as you see the variations and differences in perspectives in the world and how the minds of humanity continue to take great pleasure and pride and desire to delineate their perspective from another, there is so much fear in the world, so much longing for recognition because so few feel loved and clamour for those who will acknowledge them. So many bear down with their opinions and ideas to any who will listen. They challenge those in the world who they believe are not in harmony with truth. And so it has been for millennia in your world, this terrible condition of fear and judgment, of desire for power, a desire to be right, to be filled with a sense of self that is based upon the needs of the mind rather than the gentle love of the soul.

But, my dear beloved daughter, we have indicated that the world is changing. In this process of change, many conventions and ideas will be turned on their head. There will be great confusion and disorientation that many will feel. Those who have felt that they understand and recognize the structure and make-up of your world will have their theories and ideas dissolve in front of them as new realities takes shape on this planet. In this trauma and these difficulties and this adjustment to a new world, the old anchors of truth, platforms of thought, ideas of spirituality will not be applicable.

God will bring greater truth to humanity, great waves of Love, upliftment, healing to the many souls upon your world. In these manifestations and blessings and gifts, there will come a new awakening where the soul may be recognized and the mind will take its place as a secondary way of understanding truth.

I know this sounds rather fantastic to you all and that the possibility of such things in your world seems unlikely. But I tell you, and have told you a number of times, do not underestimate the power of God’s Love and the power of His Touch upon your world and that many, many things are possible. Though your minds may reject this and you may feel fear rather than joy in regards to the contemplation of these changes, in your soul you know and will come to recognize as these changes progress, the harmony and necessity for the world to change. You who seek change for this world, who seek greater love, who seek to know your own souls will be called upon to teach this to your brothers and sisters.

Yes, there will be others who may have cloaked their ideals, their mindful understandings with thoughts that are of what we call the natural love, but as these changes take place, as the earthly conditions falls away, these beautiful souls will recognize their own potentials and their own beauty.

There is a great plan, beloved souls. There is a great plan for the awakening of mankind and I know you wonder and you contemplate this tremendous change in your lives and in the life of this world. I say to you, if you have thoughts that are deep dilemmas, if you have doubts, if you worry and fret about these things, turn to the strength that is the faith within you that comes from your soul and comes from God and you will feel a deep sense of peace and these things will not clutter your minds with questions that are unanswerable at this time. For the answers will come as the changes proceed and unfold in all of your lives. The wisdom of your souls will know what action is to be taken, what response to the changing conditions of your world.

This is like nothing you have ever experienced, beloved souls. It cannot be constructed in your mind and made real in your minds. It must come from the soul awakening and understanding of these matters. In this way, the wisdom of your soul and the guidance from God combined with your desire to serve humanity in love will guide your way and will bring you to that place of peace.

Many blessings are coming, beloved souls. You continue to yearn for the answers, for the awakenings, for the manifestations, for all the blessings from God. God knows your thoughts and desires and your motivations and He will guide you in accordance to your choices and ability to walk forward in Love, Light and peace. Much will come. Much will be bestowed upon you, beloved souls, as so few truly understand the reasons for what is coming and accept this and are willing to walk in the direction of change without fear, without confusion, without resistance. Be your souls, beloveds. Walk in the light of your own souls and in this way, God will inform every step and guide every day.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I appreciate your curiosities, your questions, expressing the desires of your soul. God will answer all in time, beloved souls, and we will furnish whatever answers we may at this time to support you on your journey of soul awakening. God bless you. God bless you, beautiful, beautiful souls. My love is with you. Augustine loves you. God loves you.