Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 26, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Seretta Kem and so we begin. First, I would like to discuss the importance of acknowledging and realizing the power of the Law of Communication and Rapport. You have been encouraged when one sits in a circle such as this that you direct your love towards the instrument who is being used. This is important, for we are building power, the power that allows us to make a close rapport with this instrument and with all of you. This is accomplished through your prayers, your love, the conditions that you bring within the circle. You carry a responsibility, beloved souls, to be in a condition that is in harmony with love and light, with God, with we who are your friends. That the desire of your soul continues to grow and expand in these directions of closeness with God, of receiving the gift of His Love, of opening the way for we to come close, to control your thoughts, to bring them to a heightened elevation, to awaken the gifts of your soul, to feel and know the longings of your heart.

As you build this foundation within you through, your efforts in prayer, your contemplations, bringing into alignment your mind and your soul with God. It makes it easier in these times when we are close and communicate and brings added gifts in your own spiritual life, times of prayer where we may come close and bring our influence and inspiration to your hearts and minds. You all long for a closeness with God to consciously know His Presence, to be aware of the gift of Divine Love flowing into your souls to acknowledge this precious and most wonderful part of yourself which is your soul. These things are accomplished through your efforts to sensitize and come into greater alignment with these deeper aspects of yourselves. To have your soul perceptions awakened and opened, and in this way, a personal development and awakening. You help to facilitate many gifts and blessings to your brothers and sisters as you come into alignment and unity with your brothers and sisters for the highest and best and most beautiful blessings. This exercise of communication becomes easier and clearer and more powerful and deeper in its facets and quality of information relayed to you and to others.

It is important my dear brothers and sisters that you prepare for each of these gatherings, whether it be in this form of coming together, or in prayers and Circles of Light, helping to create Centres of Light. It is your own condition of love and light that is important and crucial so that whatever plans God may have within a circle, within a centre, within a gathering that they may be accomplished and expressed with all its beauty and clarity in the highest, most wondrous of blessings and love.

As for the Portals of Light of which we speak and encourage you to contemplate and pray for, I have spoken on several occasions about these gifts that are given by God. There is much information within these messages if you care to read them and think about the truth that they bring. I will summarize now in hopes of bringing clarity to your minds at this moment.

Portals of Light are a mechanism for communication and bring the flow of blessings from God in a concentrated form. You cannot build a Portal of Light, beloved souls. You have not the capacity or the ability to do so, but you may pray for this blessing and this blessing is conferred upon those who have made a commitment to bring forth the highest, to be channels of God’s Love, to be in close rapport with the angels. We build these portals, beloveds. There is a great team of spirits who have this capacity and because in a way this blessing has a material element and the aspect of being a mechanism that we may use, it requires a certain effort from we in spirit to formulate this gift of a portal. It would be difficult to explain to you the composition of such, but suffice to say that it is made of energy and it has substance. The energy within a portal is sustained with prayer and desire to have such a gift present within a certain location. This too is supported by your efforts and prayers.

These portals are not conferred lightly. They are not a gift easily attained. They are of great importance and have a powerful function of bringing greater light and blessings to your world. To have this opening conferred upon a place, to have this connection between the higher realms and the earthly plane is a powerful gift and one that is given as a blessing from God as we do not act unless this blessing is conferred by God’s Will.

We have indicated where these portals now exist, one of which is with you at this moment. Yes, my daughter, there is a portal at your home. You have prayed for this and this blessing has been conferred and within your soul you know that you are responsible to maintain this portal. Your dedication will indeed bring many blessings through as this portal grows in strength and beauty, as it will in this location. The daughter far off may be comforted by the knowledge that yes, there is a portal within their home shared by her mother. It exists in this place because of their efforts in prayer. This is also given as a blessing to replenish and sustain the dear instrument as she continues with her work.

For your beautiful church, this portal continues to be activated by your prayers and thoughts and efforts to bring about many blessings through this gift of a portal. I will add that the beginnings of each of these portals were ignited by the Master Jesus as a gift to you all. For he is closest to God as you well know and knows God’s Will more perfectly than any in the Universe and so his gifts bring and confers this blessing from God.

Once the foundation, if you will, has been laid, so we began to work and construct this gift, a great blessing from us, a joyful effort knowing of what may be conferred through this gift to you on Earth, awakening many potentials, bringing deep blessings to your world. It is God’s will that this particular and unique blessing may proliferate in your world helping to elevate the conditions, helping to awaken humanity to love. In accordance to your prayers and efforts, your dedication and the wisdom of God’s plan, a portal may be conferred upon any soul, any group of souls who desire to serve in love and for the highest good, to be an instrument of God’s Will.

At times these portals may be temporarily established. They are not as strong or wide in scope or ability, but indeed they do help to sustain the light within a Circle of Light. It is your prayers, beloveds and your desires to be a channel, to open yourself and open wherever it is that you decide to work for spiritual gifts and blessings for humanity that this gift may be conferred. Yes, for some it is difficult to recognize and acknowledge this gift, but this does not mean that it is merely an illusion. It exists and is real. It is powerful and you do not truly know the potential of these gifts of a portal, for you only begin to understand the power that God conveys and puts within your hands to serve humanity in love. It is difficult for you to truly comprehend the magnitude of God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. Yet you, with faith and commitment and resolve, continue to work upon your path of love and grow in God’s Love. In this, many awarenesses and awakenings will come as you grow in this blessing, allowing your souls to expand and incorporate all parts of your being in the harmony of God’s Love.

In time you will all know and work with, in a conscious way, this gift of a portal. You will see what may be accomplished. You will work with us, accomplishing the tasks at hand and come to know the beautiful blessings conferred through God’s gifts to humanity. Yes, other gifts will come, beloved souls, other avenues, other mechanisms, many things unknown to you but will be known in times to come. We will inform you and guide you along as these many things open to your awareness, as you are ready and have built together the conditions necessary to bring these gifts forward.

Continue to pray for the gift of these portals, beloved souls. You know within yourselves when you are in the condition that truly benefits these portals and send forth the heartfelt prayers of your soul for God to bless these efforts. That is all that is required at this time, beloved souls. Keep this in your consciousness, not as an obsession or a deep concern, but in joyful acknowledgement of a gift and a desire to be in harmony and in alignment with this gift. It is simple. We do not ask much of you, beloved souls. We merely ask for your cooperation and to keep within your consciousness this reality, the existence of these beautiful and magnificent blessings from God.

You will find your way, beloved souls. You will find your way and may God bless you upon your journeys. God bless you. I am Seretta Kem. God bless you.