Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 26, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you beloved friends, it is Andrew. It is our desire that we may come close to each one of you, beloved souls, that the avenue of communication between us may be clear and unambiguous for each of you has a beautiful soul lit by the blessings of God’s Love. So, through the Laws of Attraction, we are able to come close to you beloveds, for you bring us close in your soulful desires to be with God, to receive His great blessing of Love.

What inhibits your awareness of our presence? There is within each one of you, indeed some are more gifted than others, the ability to see and to hear, but each one of you possesses many gifts and many abilities which we may use to establish a deep rapport with you. Have faith in your own abilities, to know us, to feel our presence, to communicate, because there is no reason why we cannot be close in a conscious and clear way with you. We do not want all of this to be a mystery to you, that you are unclear or unsure of your steps and the experiences that you are having as your soul awakens. No, my beloveds, we wish for you to experience in all its fullness and beauty the gifts that God has given you, the gift of life that is not so much predicated upon the reality that humanity has created with their minds, but the reality that God has created for your soul and your being, in harmony with God. And as you are well aware and continue to struggle with, this duality of reality between the soul and the mind, one that is firm and true to God’s creation and one that is not. Yet within everyone’s life on this world, there is such a pull to the reality of the mind and the reality that humanity has conferred upon this Earth, most unknowing of their own power and ability to confer such a dark and inharmonious condition which they believe is truth and reality that is only conferred by the five senses and the mind.

Each individual is made up of so many more layers and capacities for truth and reality. Most of humanity walks in this world so steadfast with one truth, the reality and vibration of the material world. This does not bring great wisdom to the soul, merely allows the body and the mind to function within this paradigm of truth. Yet you beloved souls, beautiful sojourners on the journey of soul awakening, continue to strive for a deeper reality, a deeper understanding of truth. With your prayers and efforts, with your struggles, with your challenges, with your efforts to bypass this common reality, you come closer to this with each day. Understandings flicker within the background, like chimeras which are hard to discern and to see clearly. But I tell you, in time, these things will become clear and there will be a great shift within your consciousness, your understanding. Knowings of God’s creation, knowings of your own creation, your own soul, and the many aspects of your being that are so poorly understood by so many. You forge ahead, beloved souls, seeking the truth, seeking to unravel the mysteries, seeking to know God in all His beautiful glory, creation, and being.

This comes ever so slowly, like a flower whose petals unfold in the sureness of time, in the warmth and Light of God’s Touch. So it will be, beloved souls, so it will be as you continue to strengthen your faith, to grow in God’s Love, to awaken your potentials of the soul. So it will be and God’s Breath will clear the smoky reality of the human condition and bring a clarity to the truth.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls, and keep you close to God, your souls cradled in Love, your beings feeling the joy of this awakening and the knowing that you are loved. In this Love all is possible, that you may draw to you deep and abiding Truth, beautiful and joyful expressions of your soulful gifts, and knowing that you and God are in alignment and that we too share in this beautiful journey and are with you always.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Andrew and my love is with you always. God bless you.