Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 12, 2019
Location: Gibsons. BC

I am Andrew. Are you children of God? Have you released your need to be in control, to be independent of God? This is a question you need to ask if you are to truly be with your Creator, allowing the gift of His Love to flow into your souls.

When you come to God with sincerity, with a true desire for this gift, then it comes in great abundance, it floods into your souls. But when you mouth the words and have not the desire and not the understanding of releasing all that inhibits this relationship, this connection that you may have with the Creator, then what comes is weak and feeble. Yes, God will always touch another soul no matter how small and tiny is the opening of that soul to God. God will penetrate the armour that is within and around each soul in your world; these conditions that you carry, this fear and vulnerability that so many carry, protecting themselves from the world, protecting themselves from hurt.

When one carries such burdens, when one carries this view, this attitude, it is difficult indeed for God to reach that soul. Yet the soul often cries out in its pain, in its loneliness. The soul needs and desires the comfort of its Creator. Just as the child reaches for its parent, so the soul reaches for its Creator, what we call the Heavenly Father. In this way those feelings within of emptiness, of loneliness and no true feeling of completeness are soothed and awakened with Love, a sense that you are not alone, that you are loved.

Seek within your heart, beloved souls. What do you truly desire? What do you truly want in your lives? For it is the desire of the soul, it is the longing of the soul that will bring this connection, this awakening, this sense of closeness with God. Many may have this desire but know not how to go beyond the filters and barriers of the mind. They know that there is something that is missing. They feel a longing within, a desire, but know not how to direct it, to focus it, to bring it to God. When we say to pray it is to set your intentions to God, to desire a deep awakening of your soul and a deep understanding of that which I speak of, of God, God’s Presence, God’s Love, these things that God desires to give to you so readily, these things that are not particularly difficult to receive and yet, the condition of the mind, the earthly conditions in which you live, the many distractions of your world often keep you from fulfilling this desire, this need within the soul. Indeed to be a child of God means to give up the pretension, the veneer of the mind, the desire and sense that you are strong and independent of all. Rather, to release this and embrace that vulnerability of the soul, that deep desire that says, “I cannot truly do this alone. I do indeed need the Touch of God within me, the Strength of God, the Wisdom of God, the Guidance of God to help me through my daily affairs, to help me grow upon that journey of truly discovering who I am.”

Beloved souls, each of you to some degree resists the Touch of God and yet you are together in this circle. You are seeking. You do desire within you this Touch. Coming together as you do in this Circle of Light, you help to neutralize these difficult conditions, many of which you are unaware. Much of it is hidden deeply within you. Yet, God brings you together. You bring one another together seeking to overcome and to neutralize those conditions that are not of Love and not of God.

Beloved souls, you need but ask. You need but pray. You need but feel deeply those things within you. In this way, God will respond powerfully and deeply and beautifully and uplift your soul, heal your soul, bring Love to your conscious self in ways and means that are meant for you to receive, to experience, to know.

God knows you, beloveds, knows you more than you know yourself. God knows what you need and require for the continued upliftment and growth of your soul. May you have faith. May you trust in the wisdom and efforts of God to reach you, to change and heal you, to revitalize your soul, and to bring it into at-onement with the Great Soul of God.

Humility beloveds, simplicity, true desire, being true to yourself, seeking all that which is of the highest, desiring to be awakened and to be healed, these things will bring you to God. There is no complex formula, no great book, no dogma or creed. It is simple. It is so very simple. Be with God in your hearts, in your thoughts, in the desires of your soul, and all else will come in this humble place of desiring a connection, a knowing of God.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloveds. I am Andrew, and I am very happy to be with you, to share with you in these prayers, to speak with you about the great Love of God that awaits every soul who desires this gift. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.