Spirit: James Padgett
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 12, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C

I am your friend and fellow traveler upon the Divine Path, one who worked as a medium while I was on Earth, as you do today. I am James Padgett. So you have come to know the differences in the work that you do for the Heavenly Father compared to the work that others do to reassure their brothers and sisters of the continuance of life. I too had to delineate and realize these differences when I walked the Earth. For as you know, my initial experience with understanding mediumship came through those individuals who gave messages and who used their gifts and perceptions to assist others in understanding the truth of the continuance of life.

You cannot compare what you do, my beloved brothers and sisters, with this form of mediumship. It would be, as you would say, like apples and oranges. There is a big difference, a deep difference in the purpose of these expressions of psychic gifts and soul gifts. So I urge you to not compare yourselves with others, to not be distracted by these forms of service that are somewhat common in your world. What you do, beloveds, is unique. It requires a deep dedication, a soulful dedication to God. In this way, we from the Celestial Heavens may indeed speak through you, bring messages to you, bring visions and understandings to your conscious self. This connection that is forged comes with the inflow of God’s Love awakening your soul to some extent, so that we may be able to link with you, our souls to your souls.

The man who spoke the other day, spoke of mind to mind and he speaks correctly in terms of the mission that he has and the gifts that he is assisting others to open. It is indeed, mind to mind. But, instead of mind to mind, in regards to your own expression of gifts, it flows from soul to mind, then mind to soul. This added element makes the landscape very much different from that which this gentleman speaks of. He does not understand your perspective. How could he, given his experience and his focus? Yet you each communicate with our side of life. You each have a desire to bring the wisdom of the spirit world to your world. Yet each of you has a different job to do, a different way of doing this job and expressing these truths to humanity.

Yes I know it would be beneficial for all of you to work together in this regard, but understand that those who have stepped forward as mediums in the world undergo a great deal of scrutiny and often criticism from the general population. With this, there is a sense of defensiveness because they often feel under siege by those who are of the scientific mind. So their focus and intent is to bring proof to the world of the existence of spirit. And proof is difficult to come by, is it not? You, on the other hand, have no desire for the acknowledgement of scientists and others who may be curious regarding your gifts. Yet, you too are subject to skepticism and criticism, often finding it difficult to convince another who is not willing to be convinced of the gifts that you have and what is being brought through your gifts. This is the way of the world and you have often experienced this in your life.

I understand that you would like those who have had a common experience with you, in terms of communicating with spirit and yet it is different, to acknowledge your efforts. I say to you my friends, this is the higher way. It has a deeper purpose and it will continue to be challenging and confronting to many. For your goal and your purpose is to ignite the imaginations of your brothers and sisters and to inspire an opening of the soul to God. As you continue to walk upon your path of service, God will guide you. You will have many experiences and opportunities to share your truth, to share the joy of God’s Love with others. Do not be concerned with the negative backlash that you may receive by declaring yourself to the world. If there are no beautiful souls who are willing to stand up for truth even though they may be criticized, receive resistance or not be believed whatsoever, still this invitation confronts them.

This must be done, beloveds, this must be done. Continue to make the efforts necessary to show and demonstrate and express the powers of the soul that is connected to God with Love. Without your efforts, if you hide your gifts and your truth away from others, then you will have done a great disservice to all that has been given to you, all that is flowing to you in a great effort to awaken humanity to Truth. I know that you do not hide away, that you enthusiastically give of yourselves and do so at the risk of these criticisms and rejection. I say to you, my friends, this is the way of the world. I experienced it as such and so will you. Yet my work has reached many and many have benefited from what has come through my gifts of mediumship, and you will do the same. Remember, you are building a core of Truth in this world that will be sustained in times to come, that will benefit many and will build. This is all part of God’s plan and this will continue to unfold in harmony with His plan. So as you bravely step forward as you continue to stand by the Truth and to grow in Truth so that what you may express will be added to and expanded and gifted to humanity, then you will find that your souls will know a joy and a deep sense of satisfaction from your efforts.

You are greatly gifted, beloved souls. You are given great opportunities. You are given the ability to travel throughout your world, to be able to make connections in many different ways with many different individuals. This is a very blest situation, is it not? Utilize it to its fullest, beloved souls. Utilize what God has given you in these many ways and means to be His channels of Love and Truth. And all that is meant to be in light and joy will come to pass in your lives. That which may push against you, the negative forces of the world, they are weak in comparison to the strength and vitality of the Truth that you bring and the gifts that are inherent within your soul. Do not give credence to those who would denigrate you. Do not allow yourselves to doubt and have negative thoughts regarding your abilities. Be strong. Be clear. Be in the flow of God’s Love and all will be well.

May God bless you my friends. I am James. And I support and love and give to you all of my acceptance and encouragement towards the work that you do. For you bring Truth forward. You add to the body of Truth. You are a true channel of God’s Love and Truth and it shall indeed, grow and be a beautiful, beautiful gift to the world. God bless you. God bless you all. Thank you.