Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 9, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am Jesus. I implore you to have compassion for your brothers and sisters, especially those who you have nurtured upon this Path Divine, this Truth of Divine Love. Though you see that, within their minds, there is some error and misunderstanding of the truth, for this is how all enter into and upon the path of truth. They carry with them much error and distorted thoughts and ideas about the truth. You can well imagine, from our perspective, when we see you all upon the Earth plane struggling with what, to our perspective is simple truth, and yet each of you have had your struggles to discern the simplicity and power of truth in your lives and to apply it accordingly.

Some of you wish to adorn this truth with many other ideas and concepts which you have gathered along your path towards truth. I say to you, in time, the simplicity of truth will continue to be rendered down to the absolute and glorious truth that is of God, that these things of the mind will be incorporated and transformed by the power of the soul receiving God’s Love. So you must have patience with your brothers and sisters. You must have patience for yourself and deep compassion for the journey that you have taken thus far, and appreciation of how you have continued on from this path of love. Your commitment grows with each day. Your desire for greater truth continues to infiltrate your mind and originate from the mind of your soul.

The journey that you take, in some respects, is complex because of how the human mind attempts to understand and integrate it. We urge you to come to your own souls and that perspective of the soul. For there, within this knowing that is of the soul, is a deep understanding that reflects the simplicity yet power of God’s Truth, His Laws, His Laws of Love.

Each of you continues to find your way to this place of true understanding, and awareness, and appreciation of the simplicity of how God makes available to every soul, the powerful truth that is of His Creation, this universe in which you inhabit, and have a spirit that interacts with it, a soul that has an intuitive knowing of it, and a mind that has a curiosity and desire to know in detail, these things of God’s Creation.

All of these elements are a part of each of you. Some of you are more attuned to your soul than others. Some of you are more attuned to your spirit and that of the spirit understandings, and some of you are quite intellectual and desire to fulfill that curiosity of the mind. But all of you within, have a deep desire to travel the road of truth and to be in at-onement with God in His Love.

This will carry you far. It will bring deep truth to your conscious understanding. You will come to know yourselves. You will come to know God’s great Soul. You will come to know your angel friends, the bright spirits, and your stellar friends. All that is of God’s universe will come to your conscious understanding and knowing in time. First and foremost, you must set the foundation of truth, a simple truth that you are loved by God, and that the power of this Love, which you long for and ask to receive, will bring you to that place of recognition and understanding of the great truths of God.

We travel this road together, beloveds. We are truly brothers and sisters upon this path. Yes, we of the Celestial Kingdom have greater and deeper knowledge of the truths of God. We come to you in our efforts and attempts to inspire you forward, to seek these truths, to come to know them intimately and powerfully within your conscious self, to accept that deep within you is the capacity to know all the truths of God. These truths will come as you continue to progress in the blessings of God’s Love, and so we are truly brothers and sisters. So we gather together acknowledging God in prayer, coming to God with our deep longings, opening ourselves to God’s Touch, His Blessings upon each of us who desire it, who know it, and recognize that this is of the highest and most beautiful blessing that God can give to us.

Beloveds, we are all children of God. See everyone that you meet, everyone in your world and in the world of spirit, as a child of God to be acknowledged, appreciated and loved. In this way, that which is of the human condition will not sully your love and connection with others. You will be pure in your heart, and loving in your demeanor, and caring and accepting of those who continue to struggle upon the earthly plane and the dark planes of spirit, seeking truth, a truth that you have been endowed with and know powerfully and truthfully. You will give, in simple words, the way to the liberation of the soul, its transformation in love, its true awakening, so that it may acknowledge and recognize the truths of God.

Give your words in simple and loving ways, beloveds. May the Love of God flow through you to your brothers and sisters. As my disciples, I implore you to accept and love all you encounter and to be that example and channel, so that others may learn from you and see in you a light, a beautiful gift to the world that is of God’s doing and God’s blessing.

God bless you, beloveds. We are together on this path. We are brothers in arms carrying out God’s Will to bring enlightenment, peace, joy, and truth to all of humanity. God bless you, beloveds, and keep you in His Light. May peace and love rain down upon you all. God bless you. My love is with you always. God bless you. I am Jesus, and I come with words of truth and reassurance and comfort for you all, beloveds.