Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 9, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am your teacher, Augustine. Oh, how many evil deeds in the world are rationalised by the idea that God is perpetrating such things, and what error this is. These beliefs go far back into the history of mankind, with ideas of the gods manipulating humanity to their whims and will, and with the formation of Christian belief, that the many gods become one god who is manipulating humanity to his whims.

Where does the concept of free will come into play? How is it that God has given man free will yet is manipulated by God and is subject to God’s whims? These are two contradictory statements, and one must be true where the other one is false. A very egregious belief is that God put His only son to death in order to appease the wrath of God and to bring forgiveness to mankind. With this untenable belief and perception of life’s meaning and purpose, such ideas that Jesus died for the sins of his brothers and sisters becomes a formidable concept in the minds of men.

Yet, you are aware of the truth of the matter, that Jesus did not die for the sins of humanity, nor was Jesus meant to die for anything. He was meant to live as all people are meant to live in the world, a full life, a life that offers many opportunities and possibilities of growth, awakening and spirituality. So much is offered to humanity upon the earthly plane, such a great diversity of experience is given as a gift from God to humanity. 

With the exercise of free will, humanity is put in the position of deciding their fate, and with these decisions that accumulate over time, one’s fate is developed and the momentum of it is exercised in the world. For, one action leads to another and leads to another. Although the trend of a human life can be altered and changed at will, often, humanity continues to blindly follow and be subject to this momentum, a response to free will actions.

We, in the Celestial Kingdom, make great effort to help educate humanity so that they are empowered to make informed choices, choices for light, choices for upliftment, choices that benefit their soul and their minds and their beings. Unfortunately, for far too long in the course of humanity’s development, very poor choices have been made. Humanity has brought the concept of life down to its very basic needs and ideas. Without the higher thought and desires of the soul engaged in decisions and actions, there is a tendency toward greater darkness and disharmony. For without wisdom how can the truth of the laws of God and God’s Creation be understood and exercised within the individual’s life?

Few truly see beyond the rudimentary ideas and concepts that are most assuredly of human invention. Yet, within each soul is the capacity, the intuition, and the ability to discern between right and wrong, that which is in harmony and that which is not. There is so much that humanity must learn. To abdicate one’s responsibility to incorporate higher truths by suggesting that all are at the whims and Will of God and that they play no part in their own life’s journey, rather, they are a victim of God’s Will, this cannot be further from the truth, my beloved, beautiful friends. You know well that the truth is that each individual soul is given the gift of life which incorporates free will decisions, and that in this gift of life, God will present to each individual many opportunities to grow and to enliven themselves in this earthly plane. 

Few realise this basic truth. Few are willing to look beyond a superficial response to life. Many are certainly entrapped in the human condition, which is the culmination of many actions, decisions, and thoughts that are not in harmony with God. They have a sense that outside forces are manipulating them and to a degree and this is true. For the thoughts of man, the actions of man, and the influence of dark spirits which are indeed bearing those impressions and inspirations that are of a dark nature or, at the very least, are not in harmony with God’s Laws are part of the unseen forces present in the world. 

When the individual is awakened by Divine Love and the sensibilities of the soul begin to emerge into the consciousness of the individual, they begin to see the error, to recognize the darkness, to understand the pitiable condition of man. This is where the insightful soul must be discerning and clear in their communications with those who present error in the world. Some forms of error are innocuous and others are very destructive, and it requires the individual’s discernment to know the difference between the two. 

When one witnesses something that is destructive and evil in nature, they cannot stand by and watch this perpetration of darkness, its proliferation of error in the world. They must speak up and declare the truth. Whether those whom they speak to are receptive to these truths or not, is not the responsibility of the individual who is speaking, but indeed, their responsibility is to uphold light and truth and love, and in that upholding of light, they are doing God’s Will. Little can come of the silent individual who turns their gaze away from something that is indeed horrific and of darkness. Indeed, those who do so, create a measure of compensation for themselves when they progress into the world of spirit. 

Yet, as I have said, not all things require this intervention. When many things are entertained within the minds of those who are with you, speaking their opinions and ideas, often there is no need to intervene and correct. For this does little to help the individual grow, because your usual methods of correcting have a tinge of self-righteousness, and it is felt by those you are correcting. Jesus taught in love, but he also taught with clarity and, at times, forcefulness. His way of teaching drew many to him because he brought close the common man to his person and he was humble and loving. 

To know the ways and means of bringing humanity to truth is a great gift. It requires discernment, wisdom, and most of all, love, and a desire to uplift humanity. Humanity is not uplifted by judgment, or anger, or pointing of fingers. Humanity is uplifted by your example and by your words which are chosen in love and wisdom. It is a great challenge for the soul that knows truth, to share truth in ways in which others are receptive and can listen. It requires application and practice. Indeed, in the beginning, there will be some who will stumble and fall into areas that are of a grey nature and not clearly of light. Indeed, with practice and experience, the teacher may indeed draw many souls to them and bring much truth within them.

I applaud your efforts, beloved souls. At times, when you feel you have failed, do you not think that God forgives you, that indeed, God will place another opportunity before you so that you may correct this misstep? You are upon the earthly plane so that you might learn and grow and encounter challenges, and of course, many blessings. This is the way of your world and you cannot change this readily. Its harshness can be difficult and hurtful. The reflexive desire to judge and to condemn the perpetration of acts of violence and violations of the individual, all of these things reflect the darkness of the human condition. Indeed, it is understandable that you cannot stand by and watch these things and must take some form of action to intervene. So you will, with the presence of your angel friends protecting you and hopefully, inspiring you and guiding you to speak the words of wisdom so to help neutralise these dark conditions.

Have faith and trust in the journey you are taking and God’s guidance thereof. Have faith in your own light, wisdom, and capacities for love. Put aside the tendency to judge, to be fearful, and all those things that are not of love. It is time to step forward in light more fully, more completely, and to bring your mind into alignment with all that is of light. There is so much that you must encounter and be a part of in the world. 

May you be in the light always, in the Truth of God’s Love, in the wonderment of your soul responding to this gift of love. Be free, beloveds, free of the human condition, free of all those things that vex you and cause you great concern and pain. This is not what is meant to be in your life, and you have come to know the way in which you may be freed and clear of these things.

May the blessings of God’s Love uplift you and melt away all of your concerns so that you are truly free and in His Light. God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine, and felt it an important matter to address, so  to assure you, beloved souls, that on your journeys you may stumble and fall at times, but indeed, God is there to pick you up. The angels are there to uphold you, and your soul is there to inform you with wisdom and love. Listen, beloveds, know that you are in the grace of God, know that you are blessed and all will be well. All will be well in the truth of God’s Love and care for you. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.