Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 2, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

It is your teacher Augustine. These two beloved instruments have spent their lives preparing for their mission and their purpose that God has given to them. All the hours and days and months and years of this preparation are worthy of acknowledgement from others and to give others the opportunity to support these two individuals is a worthy cause. For in your material plane, there are material necessities that need to be attended to. So it is not a sin to ask for support from your brothers and sisters. It is not in harmony with love to insist upon support, to withhold because there is no material gain. These things are not of God. But to ask for a loving gesture from another, if they so feel inclined, is not disrespectful of God’s Laws of Love. It is merely stating that: “I, as an instrument of God and one who wishes to do God’s Will, is seeking the support and the mutual efforts towards these ventures that God puts before me.” In the humble asking, there will be generous giving for do not forget that we are with many of these souls and will exert some influence to inspire them to give in some way.

Yes, there are many who are not materially generous or have the possibility of being materially generous, but they too can give in other ways. As these two beloved souls give to them, continuing to support them, to use their time and their resources for their benefit, then there is a need for equilibrium and that there is the opportunity for an opening to give in response.

It is a great benefit to that soul who steps forward in love and says, “I will give to your efforts and cause, because I know they are Divinely guided and my gesture of love is a gesture of love and thanks to the Creator for these many opportunities that He has opened for each soul who yearns for His Love.”

There are no restrictions, beloveds, but you may restrict yourselves in your thinking. You may feel unworthy. You may feel that God does not care for your needs nor opens doors in many beautiful and creative ways in order to fulfill your needs, but this is error. God indeed opens many doors, provides many opportunities of service and gives in loving ways through many others in your lives.

As you give of your heart and your soul and your body and your mind to others, so this is returned one way or another. This is the economy of God’s creation. This is The Law fulfilled. What is given reflects what you give, beloveds. Though it may not be of material substance, there is always something returned, something given in your lives as you serve God and dedicate your time and your efforts, your prayers and ministrations to others in the Truth of God’s Love.

As has been said to you many times, the resources of the Celestial Kingdom are at your feet. God’s great Love, the power of His blessings manifested in your life, continues to flow in abundance, graciously awakening more possibilities within your lives. This is God’s care, tenderest of care for you, beloveds, and the fulfillment of His intentions and plan for each one of you. So my beloveds, do not fear or have great concern and consternation for the fulfillment of the guidance that is given, as you have each been witness to this possibility that God lays before you and as you accept this gift and invitation the means and the ways to fulfill this are provided.

Those who are giving, those who can give in a material way, are deeply blessed in response to their gift. Remember this beloveds, that when a soul gives to you in love and does so generously, that individual is deeply blessed as well. Giving in this way can be a deep expression of love, a deep gift and dedication to God. Though it is of a material nature, when one gives in this way one is transforming that material aspect into the spiritual, utilizing the resources of men for the benefit of God. Not out of guilt or a sense of expectation or duty, but out of love. This is where the transformation takes place. All that is predicated upon love, given in love, dedicated to God, will bring its blessing forward to that individual. Each of you have dedicated your lives to God, to the proliferation of love in the world, to being a channel of love, to bring grace into your own lives and to bring blessings to many. In this way, you have been deeply blessed because you are sincere and earnest in your soul’s desires to do so.

Thus, with the power of Love, many blessings come and you are gifted deeply with Love and blessings and material support and blessings. Have you not seen this in your lives? Do you not walk each day with the comfort of knowing that God has you in His deep care? That there is abundance in your lives? That what is of need in your lives is provided? As you walk in faith and continue to ask God to be guided and continue to respond to that guidance with intention and expression, so the ways will be open, the doors and the path opens as the provisions that are needed are made available. Follow your heart, beloveds.

Yes, there is always a need for the practical necessities of life, to bring these into your consciousness and express them in loving ways. God will provide on all levels for you, beloveds, and for all souls that are earnest in their desire to serve, to bring the truth to humanity, to walk that path that God has designated for the salvation of mankind. Each soul is precious to God. Each soul is worthy of His tenderest care and Love. This will come, this will come to each of you and all of you, provided you are open and willing to listen to your guidance and to walk in faith that is firm and clear and powerful.

Be at peace, beloved souls, and know that you are loved and cared for, that indeed all that is meant to be will come to be, that there is no doubt in your minds, merely an openness and willingness to continue to be of great faith so that God may utilize the resources of Heavens and of Earth to bring about the fruition of His plan for the salvation of mankind.

This gift of life is precious. Each day, each moment is precious and rife with opportunities to serve and to be in communion with God. The balance of both is important to prepare and to execute the gifts of your souls in service to God and to mankind. These blessings come, my beloved friends. With each day a wisdom grows, a knowledge, an understanding of the workings of God, the will of God, the way that it flows and is manifest in your lives. These things deepen in your minds and your souls and will continue as you progress forward in your soul awakenings.

May God bless you in His Love. May that blessing continue to pour upon you, beloved souls, and awaken every aspect of your soul and bring harmony to all that you are and your lives that are so beautiful and dedicated in love.

May God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine and my love and care is with you all. God bless you, God bless you.