Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: April 28, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

As your souls continue to grow in the Father’s Love, you continue to awaken in this Love. My prayer for you is that you know peace, deep peace, beloved souls. Though our beloved teacher Augustine is fervent in his desire that you progress within your souls and in the ways of your life towards light and his words are well placed, yet I wish for you to know, beloved souls, that you are loved. You are beautiful and you are of light. Allow the truth to infuse every part of you. Let His Love heal you. Give yourselves to God that you may be awakened in all the ways that our beloved teacher urges you to be in this light and truth. All will be well and will flow in love and harmony.

Much is coming, my dear friends, and we all wish for you to be well-prepared and strong in Love. That your illusions so nurtured by the human condition may fall away, that you may awaken in truth and clarity. That your souls may indeed find their place within you that informs and guides you forward as God whispers into your soul and guides you through your soul on this journey of life that is eternal.

May God bless you thus, my beloved friends, awaken you in every way, every part, every aspect of you. That those conditions that burden you may indeed fall away so that you may find true liberation in love; peace, deep peace, beloved souls; truth, truth beyond the comprehension of the mind; love, deep as the oceans, infinite and joyous in its manifestations; clarity, so that all that is unknown that may be known, all that keeps you from God, may fall away; faith, faith in who you are, faith that God loves you, that you are truly loved and that you are truly a beautiful soul of God’s creation; Truth, that you may know and speak and be an expression of all that is in harmony with God’s Laws of Love.

All this comes in your awakening. All this God gives to you, beloved souls, as you come to be with your Creator in love, in faith, in trust, in longing, in truth. So God blesses you, beloveds. We are with you always and love you dearly. God bless you.