Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 29, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, I am Matthew. God needs you, beloveds. He needs your prayers. He needs your willingness to step forward in Light, to grow in His Love, to awaken in His Love. For God has a plan for the transformation of your world, to bring into reality a greater Truth, a greater Light that will transform the very nature of humanity and bring deeper Truth to your world. God needs those who are willing to step forward and be transformed by His Love, to walk in this Truth and Light, to express this Truth in their lives, to allow the power of Love to transform their souls so that they may be a shining example, a beacon, for those who will come to that place where God will invite each soul to experience this highest gift of Love. To have those who are in the flesh that have experienced this transformation, this process that brings the awakened soul will that comfort many and guide many to the New Birth, the blessed Touch, the powerful transformation and healing of the soul.

My friends, I encourage you to continue upon this journey of soul awakening, to seek for the highest, to seek to be in Light, to experience fully within this powerful change and transformation so that you are equipped, awakened and filled with the Truth and power of the soul touched by God. You are needed, beloved souls, each of you and all who are willing are needed. As God continues to infuse your world with the changes that are needed and required to awaken humanity, for most sleep in ignorance. Most lack the awareness and the faculty to know their own soul. This must be awakened, beloveds, and God will use whoever and whatever means to bring this awakening forward, to pull aside the veil of humanity’s willful ignorance of their own true nature.

For too long, humanity has chosen a life that is not in harmony with God’s creation, a life that is separate from God, that is separate from their own nature, their soul, which is able to commune with God. So these efforts that you make in your prayers, in your desire to be in greater alignment with the Creator will have its power and impact upon those who are within your communities. It begins the transformation of your world in Love. It begins with your acceptance and desire for this Truth. It begins as the flame within your souls is ignited and its warmth makes for a powerful invitation to your brothers and sisters to be warmed by God’s Love, to be awakened by God’s Truth, to follow the journey that leads to at-onement with God.

Beloved souls, each of you are precious in God’s sight, loved, loved deeply. Continue to pursue this journey of soul awakening, of deep prayer and communion with God. In this, you will be guided and shown the way in which you too may be of service, may bring Truth, may express Light, may bring comfort to many.

You are needed, beloved souls, because your world awaits those who are strong enough, awakened enough and who are loving enough to share this Truth, to embrace the lost souls, to carry the Light in darkened places. You are needed, beloved souls. God continues to call you, to beckon you forth in greater Light and He heals your wounds. He strips from you your cloak of pain and brings to you new garments of Light, new awarenesses of joy and Truth.

With each moment you pray for this gift of the Father’s Love you engage in the transformation of your souls and accept the invitation from God to be in this flow and Touch of awakening and healing, of deep peace and joy. May you continue upon this journey and be assured that God will provide all that you require to continue and to be in Light. Though you may feel you walk alone, you do not. God’s Hand is upon you and we are with you always, beloved souls. We will continue to journey with you, to assist you in your awakening and the birthing of your reclaimed soul in Love.

I thank you, beloveds, for gathering, for keeping the faith, for walking this road. Despite the struggles and the obstructions, you continue to persist and to receive all the blessings that God has to give to each one of you. May your unique souls continue to awaken in Love and find the path that God has designated for you to travel, a path that surely will bring connection to many others so that He may awaken those who long for such gifts, who long within their souls for the Touch of His Love. So you, beloved souls, may you continue to grow in Love, strengthen in Love, and demonstrate this powerful Truth to humanity.

God bless you. God bless you. My love is with you. I am Matthew and I will walk with you, beloved souls til the end of time, the limitless journey of awakening Love. God bless you.