Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 28, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Yogananda. Indeed my teacher did come to visit you dear son. He was a great man and still is a beautiful spirit of light ( Sri ?). He plowed many spiritual fields in my country of origin, a place where spiritual understanding was much more prevalent than in the Western world. Unfortunately, even my country seems to have come to the Western thought, the material thought. Many are giving up these old ways of living their lives closer to the spirit than the material and this saddens me. It saddens me that the entire world seems so consumed with material thinking and doing, leaving behind understandings that are deeper and of God.

Indeed, it is refreshing to come to a circle such as this where the light shines so bright and each soul sincerely wishes to understand their true natures and exemplify the spiritual rather than the material. But in time, the entire world will come to this, this truth, that you are of light, of spirit, of soul and as such, you need to come to the Source to replenish yourself, to awaken your soul, to be in that mighty river of life that is of spirit, that is of God. When you, in your prayers, beseech God to receive His great gift, His Love, you come to the fountainhead of all great Light, awakening, and Truth. Though I did not truly understand this while I was in your world, I know it now and my heart rejoices in Love.

I join you my friends in your heartfelt solicitations to the great Source, God the Father, the Universal Being that brings all nourishment and life. Open your hearts and your souls to this gift. Bring yourselves humbly to this great fountainhead of living water and drink deep, my friends. Bathe in this place of Holy Love, awakening your soul, showing you the way to your true self.

You will find such comfort, peace, joy, stillness, and Love. This, God pours out to you with the desire that you embrace all that is of Light and Truth. God will not hold back any Truth and understanding nor His Love to those who come with innocence and a deep desire to be enfolded and embraced in this Light and Love.

There is a great light in this room, beloveds, beautiful souls. There is a great potential to awaken your soul here together, this day. Drink deep, my friends. Know that you have a rare gift amongst you, the blessings of angelic forces, the touch from the Heavenly Source. It is yours for the asking, yours always because there is no restriction to those who desire from deep within the touch, the awakening, the expansion of their souls in Love. It is with you now, my friends. It is with you now. So shall we immerse together in these living waters and feel the joy of a heart fulfilled in Love?

God bless you. I am Yogananda and my love and your love goes to God in acknowledgement of the wonderment of the universe created in love. May God bless you deeply, my friends.