Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 4, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you. I am Mathew. Just as you have exercised your bodies, so you must exercise your souls to do what is necessary in order to be receptive and open to God. The greatest gatekeeper to your soul is your mind. This allows your soul to express itself to God in an overt and conscious way. This you know full well my beloved friends, although it is easier for you to think of the soul and the mind as separate, they are a part of you in the oneness of you. But the functioning of the components within your oneness, your being, is dependent upon many elements of choice. In relationship to your soul and your material mind the greatest determinant is what you feed your mind. When your minds are obstructed with many thoughts, especially those thoughts that are of judgment and other lower conditions, then you restrict access to your own soul. The soul is always prayerful my beloveds, but for that prayer, that longing to burst forth and reach God, you must allow it to do so through your minds, your consciousness. Thus, we encourage you to pray, to elevate your thoughts, to be in harmony with your spiritual selves. The time that you have together is ideal for this and we wish for you to take full advantage to exercise in every way, harmony, love and to be at peace and joy. In this way the mind is not so distracted by the earthly conditions.

It is good that you exercise your bodies, maintain and make good the condition of your bodies, but this too can distract you from your prayers. All these parts of you when in alignment and focused upon the yearnings of the soul in prayer allow a great inflowing of the Divine Love from God. The Holy Spirit is activated through your prayers. Its inflowing into your soul is optimized. There is an eagerness, a longing, a desire that is unencumbered by the mind. Instead the mind enhances and magnifies this in words and thoughts springing forth to God. Each day is an opportunity for the soul to be further awakened by this blessing. As you build your relationship with God and you allow room within your mind to accept and foster this relationship, then further blessings come and the soul continues to awaken. You feel in a conscious way and know within your minds that something indeed is happening deep within you, a sense of purposeful awakening, of merciful healing, of release of those deep held hurts and errors. You inch closer to freedom from the tyranny of the mind and the encrustations of the soul begin to fall away. Joy comes, just as if you are viewing the dawning day and the beauty of the light, so you feel and see and know the dawning within your own souls of God’s Presence and Love.

Your soul is kissed by God’s Love, embraced and reassured that you are indeed His child enveloped in peace, comforted with a knowing that you are not alone, carried by the angels who help you upon your path and crowd around you in loving support. This beautiful gift, this comforting touch, this awakening that comes with so much, is yours and for all. In the beginning of this journey each of you at one time has felt a great onrush of love and are uplifted, carried, blessed mightily by God. As your souls have discovered the great blessing of God’s Love and that thirst that comes from a parched soul rushes forward to God, seeking the living waters, feeling the bliss of His Embrace. Then there comes a time where the earthly world crowds in again and those feelings diminish, those memories pass. There is not so much excitement and desire to be with God and yet those who continue, persist and are blessed in measure to their desire. Many of you have continued in this way for many years. You make your efforts, you follow your routines, you walk in the light, you absorb what you can given the conditions and opportunities of each day and the choices that you make. Now we’ve asked you to stoke the fires of your soul, to seek in earnestness this blessing of love so that the many potentials within your soul may be awaken in a conscious way and expressed overtly in the world. So beloveds, prepare yourselves with each day, choose to be focused on the Father and His Love and strip away all those conditions and distractions that may inhibit this. Bring yourself to God, as you did as a parched soul seeking nourishment, seeking the benediction of His Touch. You will find deep, deep blessings and peace. The power of His Touch igniting your souls and will come to your consciousness. You will see beloveds with inner eyes, the soulful wisdom, with joyful recognition the great wonderment of this journey of Love.

God pours His blessings upon you at this moment beloveds. Many angels have been assigned to you with each moment of your day as you are together. Be awakened to the possibilities. Seek with earnestness the healing and awakening of your soul. Seek to know the measure of how you are loved. Accept this gift. Walk in joy, walk as a child discovering the world, the world of God.

You have one another to share this with. Uplift and support one another my beloveds. Be eager for this upliftment and shed whatever cloaks you may wear that keep you entrapped in the world, though they are of tatters and of no use anymore, you still wear them so, as if they are of any importance. Release your cloaks, go naked to God, bare your souls. Be free of all that encroaches upon it and be with God.

God bless you. I am Matthew and I love you.