Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 30, 2018
Location: Gibsons, British Columbia

You have been discussing ways in which to communicate with your brothers and sisters, those who do not understand nor have experience the blessing of the Divine Love. You will meet many in your time on Earth who may not know your experience or understand your way of prayer. I say to you, beloved souls, ask to be guided when you are reaching out to another or another reaches out to you. We will assist you and inspire within you the words to be spoken. For this to happen, you must have a loving appreciation of each soul, an understanding of their condition and state of mind. With your soul perceptions, this is possible, to truly receive insight into another in a way that increases your own sense of love and compassion for another.

You are all so immersed in your dedicated, prayerful life to be with God and to receive His blessing of Divine Love. Since you are human, it is easy to assume that others may understand your experience readily. Beloved souls, your lives are somewhat unique. You do not share a common understanding with your brothers and sisters, who are, for the most part, distracted and engaged in the material life. So, to penetrate this condition that is so prevalent in your world, one must use all one’s gifts and faculties and resources that are available in order to truly inspire and reach the soul that is in front of you.

Of course, there are many layers and levels of connection that may happen in one conversation with another. God is working there, beloveds. God works everywhere. We work with you and through you to implant seeds, to inspire minds, to encourage yearning souls. If you could perceive the yearnings of another soul, you would be surprised how many in your world have a deep yearning for God within their souls. Yet, this is covered over by the mind’s condition, by the encrustations of the soul, by so many things in your world. This is why we call your world dark, because for the most part, it lives in ignorance, confusion, deprivation. You, beloved souls, are uplifted in love because you have chosen such. You have recognized the calling that God has put forth and heeded that call and come to God in prayer.

You see, when this instrument stood up in prayer in that crowd, he made a statement. He called forth to his brothers and sisters who were present to pray with him and to take into account the power of prayer, the blessing of prayer, the gift of prayer. Though there would be those who do not appreciate his efforts, there were many who did, quietly.

In your world, it is time to stand up and make your statements, beloved souls, in loving ways, in ways that are wise and that reach others. It is not time to be meek in your approach. Yet, humility is important. Clarity is important. As the world continues to lose touch with God, progressing more into the sterility of materialism, those who are instruments of God must stand up in light to speak the words of truth with words that are full of meaning and depth, compassion and love.

If, my beloveds, you are in this position to speak and cannot find the words, ask us here for our help. We are always happy to oblige you, beloveds. The words of truth need to be spoken in this world, plainly, simply, powerfully. How else will those yearning souls, muted by the power of the mind’s perceptions, hear you? You must be strong and forthright, clear and insistent. Though the minds of many will reject your words and may turn away, there are those who will hear you and respond favourably. Think about your words. Consider this truth. In this way, the seed that has been planted may take root, grow stronger and create more light in your world.

Yes, the time for silence is over, beloved souls. The time to acquiesce to the human condition is not in harmony with God and His Will and His Truth. To engage in this condition is a sin, beloveds, a sin of omission, but a sin nonetheless. Silence can speak many words and silence in the right place may speak volumes of truth, while silence in the presence of error is an acceptance of error.

How strong are you, my beloveds, to turn back the tide of darkness in this world? It is a mighty task that requires souls of great strength and persistence. You may consider the life of Jesus as your example, in this regard. He spoke the truth despite the angry reactions of his elders, those in power. He could do nothing but speak the truth, beloveds, given what he knew and who he was, the light that he carried. He could not compromise and would not. In this way, he had a great impact upon the world. He brought a light that was not here before. He brought the opening of Divine Love to the world, that opening which you enjoy and use today for the benefit of your soul. He brought this to humanity.

You are his agents for the continuation of the understanding of this gift to the world. And so, you are entrusted by God to stand up for the truth, to awaken the slumbering souls to the possibilities of great joy and love. The enlightenment and development of their souls through simple prayer. In some ways, it is easier today to speak of these things than it was in Jesus’ day, so encumbered by the doctrines of his religious society. Yet, in many ways, it is more difficult because of the multitude of distractions, because souls are in deep slumber and cannot fathom the workings of their own souls. So, it requires powerful tools to awaken those who do indeed slumber.

My beloveds, you begin once again a great effort to develop these gifts to jolt humanity awake, to present to them the possibilities and the power of God’s influence in the world and why humanity must awaken to these possibilities, this truth. For without it, the world will continue to slip into these darkened conditions until at some stage, all will slip into oblivion. This is not what is meant for your world. God wishes for His beloved Earth, His creation to flourish in light, to be in harmony and balance. Though the alarms are ringing all around in your world, humanity continues to slumber and ignore and rationalize and indulge themselves in great error.

It is time, my beloveds, to walk in the world as God’s agents of change and light and truth. It is time. This requires your strength and dedication, your purposeful efforts, putting aside those well-worn distractions and patterns of your mind, so that your souls may fully emerge into your consciousness, merging mind and soul into one harmonious and powerful being, that all these gifts that God has given you may come together and be used in wondrous ways for the benefit of mankind. Are you strong enough, my beloveds? You are within your souls. Each of you have received a great measure of Divine Love within your souls. The light burns bright within. Still you resist within your minds to some degree, of taking that crucial step that allows this perfect healing to be and this true self to emerge.

Beloveds, we continue to assist you in the birthing of your soul, bringing forth a new reality, a clear knowing of God’s creation, of your purpose within it. This is coming. You are not weak, beloveds, you are strong. You are not lost, my beloveds, you are in the light. You will find your way to that momentous revelation of soul awareness that will come and find its permanent place alongside your material mind, where they will co-exist in harmony and light. In this way, you will truly love yourselves. In this way, you will have a tremendous capacity to love others. In this way, you will know God and know His Will. This I promise you, beloveds.

I have been speaking to you for many years now. I have been guiding and helping and assisting, along with many other angels, to bring you to this place of awakening, of accepting your true selves, and finding that harmonious alignment with God through receiving His blessing of Love. So, the time comes, not only for you to stand up to others, but for you to fully accept all these parts of yourself in harmonious alignment and infusion so that your consciousness may be one of God and not of man.

I am with you, my beloved, beloved friends. I continue to watch every little step towards light, to urge you forward beloveds, to help you to understand where you are going, to help you to see within yourself all the true understanding that lies within you, within your soul, the wisdom that emerges from those deep places. It continues. We are joyed by your progress, your efforts to love, your desire to serve, your prayers beseeching God to bless you within your soul, beloveds.

May the heavenly Father continue to touch your soul deeply, igniting those dark chambers within. That the warmth of the light of His Love may create such a sense of joy and knowing and loving that these changes which I speak of may be as real and palpable as you feel your own fleshy body, that all may be united in love.

God bless you, beloveds. Your teacher Augustine loves you. God bless you.