Spirit: Goldie
Medium: Maureen Cardoso
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: October 4, 2018

Beloved souls I am here, it is Goldie. I cannot contain myself with the joy that we in the Celestial Heavens are dancing with at your great yearning, your passion, the way each of you have taken to heart this homework, this delving into your souls, this reaching to God.

Each of you feel this difference, each of you are emanating a greater clarity in your desire to be closer to God and to birth your souls into this purity, into this knowing, into this revelation. It gives us such great, great joy to observe you, to help you and to guide you.

My dears I was dancing on the water this morning. So glad you noticed – sparkling. For this is how your souls are sparkling. Can I just say, there is a sense of grandness that you carry and you are walking toward. My beloveds, we are elated in the Celestial Heavens by your efforts, your dedication, your desires and your passions. This fire is burning within each of you.

God bless you. I am dancing around you always, elevating you in joy, helping to keep your thoughts in high condition. We are cheering you on with great, great joy. God bless each and every one of you. I sprinkle you with sparkling glitter. My love is with each of you in great joy. God bless you my loves, I love you. I am your forever joyful friend, Goldie. I love you and God bless you.