Spirit: Augustine

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: November 2, 2015

Every day is a choice, my beloveds, every day is a choice. And at times you choose a path that leads to pain and at other times you choose a path that leads to Light. And as you grow in your souls and your soul’s discernments you will be able to choose wisely with every choice for God gives you free will and you are to utilize this Gift to bring change and Light within your lives and your selves, to exercise your desire, the yearnings of your souls, the thoughts of your minds, the actions of your beings. It is a choice and when you are in alignment with God’s Will, that choice becomes easier and simpler and less cluttered with your own fear and judgments, and it allows you to release your hold upon another and that human desire to want others to follow a certain path and way, which is of your perception and desire. But each soul has their own unique journey in life and lessons to be learned, and in order to grow in your soul you must venture forth into life exercising your free will, walking along your life’s path and experiencing the consequences of your actions, which, as I have said, at times bring Light and at times not.

This is the challenge of life. This is your challenge, my beloveds, to walk in this world. And it is our desire that you walk in this world but not be of this world, to be of the Light, the Will of God, to be motivated and informed by the wisdom of your souls, and to know God’s Will with every choice you make. Release those human conditions within you which draw you away from your Heavenly Father.

It is a struggle, we know and we have all had this struggle when we lived upon this Earth. We understand and we do not judge you, my beloveds, we love you. We love you and wish to support you as you make those choices for Light, for Love, for goodness, for integrity, to be strong in what you know is right and true and of Love. And when your mind follows that path that leads to anger and judgement, error and pain. We know that God will draw you back again into the Light soon enough as your soul’s desires draw you there, draw you there always and God reaches out to you, drawing you into the Light.

Yes, you are human but, my beloveds, with each passing day you become less human and more in the way of a soul enlightened by Love and those human conditions are surely being burnt away, turned to ashes by the glow of the Love within your souls and God’s Touch within you. Beloved souls, continue, continue on your journeys, your struggles, your prayers, your efforts to grow and to be loving in the world and we shall continue to assist you, for you are never alone and you never shall be alone my beloveds, and you will be assisted always as you struggle upon this Path.

Thank you for your efforts, your prayers and your desires. May you always choose Light and may you walk in Light always. Beloveds, your teacher Augustine loves you and bids you a good night. God bless you.