Spirit: John the Beloved

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: November 2, 2015

Beloved souls, I am John. Blessings of Love to you, my beloved dear children, who seek Truth and desire to live by the precepts of God’s Love. Blessings to you who continue to rise above those conditions of the world, to seek something higher and better, purer and more beautiful in your lives.

My beautiful and precious souls, beloveds of God, you are ever awakening. As more of the Father’s Love enters your souls you become more awake to the reality of God’s creation and God’s presence in your life. And those parts of you within your souls, the faculties, the abilities, the perceptions, the knowing opens and blossoms with this Love. It comes in waves as you are able to release those parts within you that are of error and pain, and you are able to bring within yourself, through your prayers and longings, the healing balm of the Father’s Love, healing the wounds within you, my beloveds, and making all in harmony and Light.

Yes, you just begin your first steps, my beloveds, upon an eternal Path to at-onement with your Heavenly Father. Yet, those first bold steps, so very crucial and important to your awakening and understanding, the direction in which you walk, what pulls you, your beautiful souls, to Light and to be willing, to be willing to walk towards the Light, my beloveds, gently releasing that which holds you from it, joyously awakening to that which pulls you to it so that you become aware of your true selves, your beautiful selves, so full of potential and promise of abilities and capabilities to understand truth.  

Yes, this Love, this precious Gift ignites many things within you, my beloveds, many things that to some of you are completely unknown and to others who get glimpses and shadows of understanding. But, this shall grow, my beloveds, it shall grow and expand within you, your great understanding shall grow and God shall touch you again and again edging you ever closer to the Light, bringing you into greater harmony within yourselves and within your lives so that you will break the chain of error. That terrible yolk that is passed from one to another, one generation to another, and you must break this pattern, this chain, this yolk, and shout to the roof tops “I am Loved, I am Loved by my Heavenly Father, and I know that I am Loved, I feel it, I know it, I am in it.

Beloved souls, continue in your prayers, continue to awaken as the power of the Love brings its changes within you and it’s healing. And, we will be with you as you move and transform, we will be with you pouring our Love upon you as God pours His Love within you. Beloved souls, be with God; be with God always in your thoughts, in your prayers, in all that you do, be with God. God bless you, I am John the Beloved and I love you dearly, beautiful souls who bring Light to the world. God bless you.