Spirit: Aman

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: October 26, 2015

I greet you as your father because I am the first parent, I am Aman and I have not spoken through this instrument before, but I am happy to do so this night.  I have come to give a message to the dear daughter who sits before me who has a belief in the process of reincarnation. And as being the first parent who has lived for many thousands of years in spirit and have spawned the many generations upon generations that followed our beginnings in this world, I wish to tell you that I have never observed a spirit returning to this Earth in the flesh. And, though I do not know all of my children, for there are many billions of them who have followed in our footsteps, yet I have been witness to many, many spirits and mortals who have lived and been given the blessing of life.

The earth plane is but one plane of existence. Its function, primarily, is to give a soul identity for there is a pre-existence of souls. It is necessary for that soul to incarnate into the flesh to bring about a flowering and manifestation of its true self in life, in existence in this universe. And, when this is accomplished, and it may be accomplished in a very short life or a very long life, it continues to grow in spirit through the many planes of existence which provide many and varied opportunities of experience and growth, of development so that each soul may expresses its own uniqueness, its own personality if you will.

And, in the long journey of life which is far and beyond your ability to recognize, to comprehend, you must see that there are many, many experiences, and interactions, and opportunities that are laid before each soul upon their journey .When the soul sheds its body of flesh is there such a great difference in existence? No, my beloveds, it is merely a transition. And, in the lower planes of spirit those spirits who exist there experience something very close to your own fleshy existence. There is very little to discern between the two. As they grow in their souls, however, and purify their spirits, their minds and their souls, the quality of life, the laws which determine life in these spheres, come into play and life becomes a more ethereal existence, less bound to the conditions of the world and more in harmony with the conditions of Light, closer to God, closer to harmony.

And, for those who follow this path of Love, of which I am a part of as is my dear and beloved soul mate, there are even greater opportunities for enlightenment and growth and experience in coming ever closer to the Creator.

It is all about Love, my beloveds, this is the key to all, for the universe is infused and built upon Love. It is what you seek, it is the greatest power of all and the Divine Love is the highest and greatest blessing of all.

As your father, I encourage you to seek this Love, to come into the fold of the family of God’s angels of Love, to work your way towards this goal, to come to know your true selves which is your soul, to find the joy in this heavenly pursuit, and to know that never more will you dwell in the flesh once you walk upon this Path Divine and pass into that realm of spirit which will allow you to then pass into the realm of the angels, in time, as you progress along your Path.

Beloved children, know that I speak the truth, that there is no need to be distracted by a desire to come again to this Earth after a life lived. Its purpose is fulfilled in one life. And, there are many more lives to live in spirit as you pass from one plane to another. One set of realities to another and on it goes until you reach the Celestial Kingdom where life is eternal, my beloveds, eternal. Never ending joy and discovery and knowing God’s great universe, which is infinite and awesome in its beauty, in its complexity, in its glory. Yes, you embark upon a journey, my beloveds, and you will continue for all eternity. God bless you upon that journey, God bless you always. I am your father, Aman and I love you, God bless you.