Spirit: James

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: August 16, 2016

I am James. Oh this world is a noisy place is it not? So many distractions from your spiritual pursuits as the world busily goes about its own noisy and disruptive and materially infused concerns and each of you, of course, must deal with these material conditions in your lives, and this is why it is so very important to take time to be with your Heavenly Father each day. Throughout your day it is important to be in that flow of Love always, to continue to grow in this Love, to continue to reinforce the connection with God so that in time all those distractions, all that human condition, all those things around you dancing about which are not part of this flow of God and His Love will not distract you, will pass you by like fluttering wings while you and God are together in this Light, in the flow of this Love.

You begin to feel new stirrings within your souls, my beloveds. You begin to sense new journeys being taken, new efforts being made, new insights coming to your minds and your souls, and you wish to express yourselves in service to God, in reaching out to others, to embrace truth and teach truth in the world. And you, in response, make efforts to reach out, to travel, to be focused on this work, which is bringing the truth of God’s Love to mankind. Each of you are gifted in unique ways, have unique perspectives upon this truth and have had unique experiences in the flow of this Love. And in this you will bring your beautiful testimony and understandings, and sensitivities, and compassion and empathy to others and they will feel how all of this is touched with love and will be drawn to this Light, this truth.

In your humble way you will do God’s work by bringing this simple truth of Love, by expressing the beautiful Light that you are in the world. You walk in the world as a testimony to God’s Love, my beloveds. And each and every day that passes you have a greater desire to be that testimony of Love, to be that channel of Love in the world, to express yourself more in harmony with God and less in resonance with the human condition. We in spirit observe your daily choices and struggles and triumphs. We feel great joy when we see you are moving beyond a limited capacity and perception of these truths to something more beautiful and expansive, something that has before it, even before you speak, that quality, the wave of Love that must inform all that you do in this regard, that it is the emanation of Love, the intention of Love, that desire to be in Love, in the flow of God’s Love that must be foremost in your lives. To put this above all else, to express this above all else, to walk with this and in walking in Love the doors will open and you will perceive the opportunities that God lays before you. You will know what God means for you to do. You will see beyond the limited capacities of your human experience and come to that place that is expansive and replete with soul wisdom and knowledge, perception, and in this way you will see, you will understand, you will know God’s Will with each day that passes. In this way, by enacting God’s Will, you will bring greater harmony into your lives and you will touch many other souls. It is the flowering of your souls through God’s Love bringing forth many gifts, abilities and perceptions that you will live in this world but not be so restricted and directed by the conditions of humanity. Your walk will be a walk in Light, your words will be words reflecting love, your thoughts will be thoughts that are in harmony with God’s Love and His creation, and these changes come about subtly at first, incrementally, but with power and a surety, and a permanence which you may rely upon, my brothers and sisters.

To know these truths and to integrate these truths into your minds, into your actions, into your lives, you are able to transform that which is all around you as all that is within you is transformed by Love.

So, my beloved souls, each of you walk your unique path and you are at a different place upon the journey, but each of you are heading in the same direction. Each of you has God’s hand upon you and each of you will continue to develop and understand more fully your service and purpose in knowing God’s Will and being that channel of Love, in capacities and abilities, the gifts within you, many of which you have no idea exist within you, will rise up within your consciousness, will seek expression, will manifest in beautiful ways.

So much lies within you, my beloved souls, so many beautiful things, a treasure house of beauty, a great wealth to express God’s Love in a multitude of ways lies within you and you will discover this as you walk upon this Path and continue to pray fervently for the Father’s Love. You will discover all those treasures that lay within your souls and are eager to be expressed, to be gifted to all those around you, to this world.

Yes, my beloved souls, despite all of the distractions in this world and all the resistance, and all that which is within you that is fearful and does not understand in a clear way what is meant in the true expression of yourselves, you will come to know who you truly are. You will come to see how God has created something utterly magnificent when he created each one of you, beautiful souls, full of wondrous potential which is now becoming awakened, and you get a glimpse, you feel the stirrings within you, you desire something different from when you were immersed within the human condition. That desire within your soul motivates you to continue your explorations, to continue your service, to widen that great channel of Love within you as it is cleansed by the Love.

Beloved souls, you embark upon a great journey. You have all that you require. You know what fuels this journey. It is your sincere prayers for the Father’s Love and you must ask God to clear away all obstructions within you, within your lives that may inhibit the flow of this Love both within you and through you, that you may come ever closer to God, that this sense, this feeling of Grace may be with you at all times, in all situations, and in this way Love and Light will be present in whatever you do, wherever you are, you will come to feel that you are in the flow of God’s Love, you will come to know that deep grace, that abiding peace, that glorious presence always.

How can you not serve God? How can you not express Love? How can you not truly be who you are? When you are in this powerful Grace, this wondrous flow of Love. And you glimpse and taste this touch, when you are together in prayer, and soon your lives will be an expression of prayer, a flow of Love, an awakening that will never diminish but always expand.

Beloved souls, continue in your prayers, your desire to be within the flow of God’s Love, to be with God, to serve God, and to express your true and beautiful selves so that all  which lies within your souls expand and is amplified in Love.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am James and I have come because my beloved charge, who is in that far off land, has prayed for me to come to speak to you and I willingly do so and share what I have to share in love, to be with you in prayer. God bless you and I love you too. God bless you.