Spirit: James Padgett

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: August 17, 2016

It is James Padgett. Ah, how provocative is the Divine Love my friends? When this truth came to me I was afraid of it, afraid for my reputation. I wanted to keep it a secret, only letting in those very few that I trusted, only allowing the truth to become known to a very small degree.

And it is fear and it is a desire for recognition, these two opposite conditions which do inhibit the teaching of the Divine Love, does it not? Each of you want to be the perfect instrument, the perfect healer, the perfect Love channel in the world. This is your ego, your desire for recognition and even power that holds you upon these courses of attitudes and opinions; as to what is required to teach this simple Truth to mankind. And I tell you, all that you do in love, everything that you speak in love, all that you are, in love is perfect in God’s eyes, is beautiful and reflects the Divine Love.

First and foremost, each of you must be an example of love in the world and of course this requires you to embrace many others, no matter their opinions and their perspectives, whether they be on the Natural Path or the Divine Path. This does not matter. What matters is that you embrace all. And I was with you in your discussion last night and I heard through each one of you a sincere desire to embrace all. But, of course, you have your opinions as to what embracing all means and that is a reflection of your unique individuality and your life experiences and what it is that you feel is most important and this is what makes your efforts beautiful. For each effort, each unique effort, draws a certain perspective and those who agree with this perspective to you. This is why God needs many instruments to bring the Truth of God’s Love to the world. For each perspective will add to this wonderful picture, this glorious story of Love. And each is valued, each is beautiful, and each is equal. For God does not say, “You love more than that other person, you have greater Light than that other person”. No, God loves you equally and the divisiveness in the human condition is born from those fearful desires to be right, to be acknowledged, to be loved. And each of you is acknowledged and loved, my beloveds. Each of you carries the truth, each of you is upon your unique journey of truth, and each of you experiences God in a unique way, experiences the Divine Love in a unique way.

And if you are to teach to others, what do you have to give to them? You have to give to them your unique story, your unique perspective, not saying, “This is the Truth” but, “This is my Truth, this is how I have perceived this journey, this is what I have received within this journey, this is how I love God”. This is what you have to share, my beloveds. And, yes, there are simple statements that need to be shared to all and those statements will be interpreted by each unique individual who hears them. And it is not for you to ensure that their interpretation is correct. Only that you share these simple truths as best you can, in a way that is harmonious with you, truthful and sincere. That’s all that God asks of you, my beloveds, to share truth with a deep sincerity, all enveloped in Love, and with the perspective that “you and I and all are brothers and sisters in this world, and I have found something that has brought me great joy and deep insights, has carried me in my life, has brought about wondrous experiences and knowings, and transformed my soul and that is God’s Love.”

With this simple message, how can another turn away from you? How can another berate you? No, there is nothing within these simple words that can be denied, for you have said “This is my experience in life. This is who I am”. And Jesus taught by his own example, he shared his own experiences and who he was in the world and many, many, many souls have been touched by his beautiful words of truth, his actions of love, his beautiful healing channel in the world and now in spirit. And he walks in humility, he walks in that mighty river of Love and it is undeniable to those who experience his presence that truly God has blessed him.

And for all the angels that come to you, my beloveds, do you not feel the condition that they bring? And the truth that they bring? The love that they bring? This is what you are striving for, to be that channel of Love in the world, for this will be your credibility, this will be what others turn to listen to. For when you bring this condition of Love, then souls respond and in these circumstances it matters not what you say. It matters how you say it, how Love infuses all that you say, how you embrace the beautiful souls that are drawn to you. And in this way you speak the truth. In this way you will be God’s channel of Love and Truth in the world. It is the striving of your own soul that opens up this mission, your ministry in the world, and though you may read a hundred books, a thousand books, know it is what you bring within your soul that will capture the attention of many. Your words may be filled with perceptions and understandings of truth but it is your embrace that will touch another soul.

So, my beloveds, and all who wish to teach these Truths, be simple, be humble and above all be loving. And in this way you will know the words which you need to speak, you will bring the blessings through you which are meant for each that you connect with. And God will touch many through you in this way.

The minds of men hunger for the reality that words create but the soul hungers for Love. Which do you wish to feed, beloved friends? There will always be words, of course, but how often are words infused with love. This is what is important. This is what you are required to do, to be God’s loving channels in the world wherever you go, to stand up straight and tall and say “I am a child of God and I love you because you are my brother and you are my sister and we are all children of our Creator and may His Love touch you as it has me in my life”.

Beloved souls, continue upon your ministries and may they always, always be in that great river of Love. There is no competition when there is Love. There is only a beautiful sense of family, of togetherness, of working together for a single purpose, for the salvation of mankind. Bless you, my beloveds, as you walk upon this Path seeking to fulfill God’s Will. May this ever be your great focus, to be a channel of Love, to receive ever greater portions of Love and to express love in your lives and with this you can not be led astray, with this you will fulfill God’s Will. It is always simple; it is always simple.

God bless you, my beloved friends. I am James, James Padgett and I work with you in this great effort to bring these simple truths to mankind. I thank you for listening to my words. I love you. God bless you.