Spirit: Mary

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: August 15, 2016

God bless you precious souls, I am Mary. When we see you come together in joy and happiness, excitement and love, how we wish this for all the world, this joyful communion, this deep soul awareness that you are indeed brothers and sisters in the Light of God’s Love and care, and how beautiful are your souls when you come together in this way, bringing your Light, adding your Light with each Light, to bring a beautiful Light that shines out into dark places in this world and the dark places in the world of spirit. And how in these prayers and gatherings and circles of Light you bring a great blessing through you to many. Beloved souls, you will continue to serve God in many ways and these circles of Light are but one of many ways you will serve God as His channel of Love and comfort, change and truth. 

You will serve God with each day and each breath as you continue to be more fully in the flow of His Love and to hear with the ears of your souls His quiet voice prompting you in service, in guidance, in truth. Guiding your steps, leading the way so that you may indeed be a part of that chain of Love that shall link many other souls creating a chain of Light that will envelope the world.

Beloved souls, continue to be open and eager, loving and generous. Continue to be aware of your deep souls’ desires. Continue to place your desires, your longings to God and continue to listen to His response. In these simple ways the whole world will open to you, my beloved souls, the whole world will be with you in your ministries, your efforts to bring truth to this world. The power of Love, my beloveds, the power of Love will change the world. The power of Love will heal the world and you, my beloveds, must exemplify and demonstrate this great and beautiful power of Love. The Love of God, the greatest change agent and healing force in the universe, is yours and as you continue to embrace this Truth and walk this Path there will be manifestations of God’s Love wherever you are, whoever you are with and whatever you do will have this touch of Love and will bring harmony and peace, and in this way those around you will take notice, will be touched deep within their souls as you continue in your journey as God’s channels of Love.

Please prepare yourselves, beloved souls, for the instrumentality which will open for each one of you in this world. There are surprises and changes coming for each one and you, my beloved souls.  When you are ready and strong and secure in the truth of Love then will manifest your true purpose in this world. It will come in a mighty wave, it will envelope your lives and bring the opening doors which will allow you to be that channel, that instrument of God’s Will.

Beloved souls, you mark the occasion of this instrument and his wife who have been together for many years ( Al & Jeanne’s 40th wedding anniversary), but you also mark the occasion of the beginning of a great work which will involve all of you and many more for the healing and salvation of mankind. You step upon this threshold together and your souls feel the joy of this and you know this within you that something momentous is coming and you, my beloved souls, must see your lives differently and when you feel you must release encumbrances and conditions within your lives which hold you back in this great service you must listen and allow that which is not in harmony with God’s Love to be released and that which is God’s Love to flow within you replacing those dark recesses within your soul with Light and Love, joy and healing.

For the process of the transformation of your soul is gradual and incremental as you, in accordance to your faith and your prayers and the desires of your soul, reach out to God and accept all that which God has to give you, my beloveds, and God has a great universe of blessings to give to each one of you in accordance to your ability and desire to accept what is given. Now God brings close to you these great blessings. God always waits in love and patience, as do we, for you to make those steps, incremental, often tentative, towards greater Light, towards greater clarity and truth. My beloveds, continue, continue to walk in faith trusting in God’s wisdom, trusting that all will be in harmony in your lives as you embrace your purpose, your true selves, and God’s Will.

Beloved souls, I bring my love to you and as you venture forth upon this day many angels will accompany you and great blessings will be yours as you continue to embrace one another and those who are a part of this day. All will blessed. Feel the joy that is God’s gift of life for each one of you, my beloveds, and embrace with joy and appreciation the many blessings that you have received and will continue to receive within the flow of this Love as you walk this Path joyfully and with deeper insight, knowing and Love.

God bless you on your journey. I am Mary and I love you. I embrace you with joy and I am with you this day in your celebrations and acknowledgement and as you venture forth into the future with that sure knowledge within your soul that you are embraced by God, guided by God and have a great purpose which is God’s Will for you, beloved souls. God bless you. God bless you.