Spirit: Martin Luther
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 25, 2018
Location: Gibsons, British Columbia

God bless you beloved Souls and guten morgen. I come to speak about compassion. The ways of men in this world do not include compassion for others to any great extent. There is such a separation between each soul in your world. This separation comes from fear, comes from a desire to be safe and independent. Separation is sought after rather than connection with others. Where in this distance between each others there is a sense of personal power and control in one’s life. To reveal one’s self to another, to truly be honest, is something that is very difficult for those of you in your world and your culture. For it is often difficult even to reveal oneself to oneself, as one is inclined to wall off one’s feelings, to separate again even within yourselves, to not truly be honest.

So how is one to be compassionate in the world if one is not even able to feel compassion for oneself? Compassion is an act of love. Compassion wells up from the soul and is a loving gesture to another, feeling connected, responsive, love for another, especially those who are in pain. But compassion truly is an expression of love, of acknowledgement towards oneself and towards others.

Living in this world, beloved souls, requires compassion for there are always barriers and difficulties to be surmounted. If you are inclined to sustain light in your life, it is often the case that you are burdened by the darkness all around you. In this way, you must be compassionate towards yourselves, understanding the environment in which you are attempting to overcome and to lift yourselves up. With compassion, you give strength to yourself in these struggles. With compassion for each other, you may say “I love you and I understand the struggles that you have, for I share them. In one way or the other, I share them because I do not wish to engage in the common ways of life in your world, our world. Instead I wish to overcome my lack of love, to overcome my fear of another, to overcome the error that causes barriers between myself and another.”

It is compassion that loosens the grip of fear. It is compassion that allows one to reach out in love. This is a strength, my beloveds, a great strength and gift that arises from the soul. The compassionate heart is one who is a channel of love. It is not one who feels superior or more powerful than another. No, true compassion is married with humility. It is merely an acknowledgement in love of the struggles that you all face in this world and that with your gifts and your strengths, you may offer your hand in love and compassion to your brothers and sisters.

Yes, there are those who have brighter lights or are stronger in love, but in this, compassion must arise. In the awakening of your souls, my beloveds, you see the struggles of others through your soul’s perceptions. You recognize your own struggles that are often similar to another. Though you may have surmounted some of these difficulties, you are still very much equal to another soul, loved by God equally, blessed by God with life.

So, as your souls grow in love, so your compassion flows forth in the world and in this way you serve God. For with the outpouring of compassion, the gates are open for love to flow. God wishes for each one of you to have compassionate hearts, to see with humble, yet powerful vision, the struggles of all in your world. Though this may be a difficult task, one in which you are not expected to be burdened by, by taking on the pain of another, yet with compassion comes healing, a gentle embrace, an acknowledgement of those you encounter and who are in pain.

Compassion and love flow together, beloveds. The great spiritual leaders of your world had deep compassion. Those you emulate and you know of in your world who served humanity have deep compassion and humility. If you are to emulate those who walked in the world in service to God, who touched many without fear, without holding back, you must have this strength within you, the strength of self-compassion and the strength of compassion for others, for compassion is an attribute of the soul. It wells up spontaneously from the soul when you encounter another and you are able to see with the eyes of your soul, their struggles and their suffering.

I will tell you beloveds that no matter who you encounter in this world you will encounter this, the struggle that all humanity must face. So build the fires of love within your soul, beloveds. Seek the Father’s blessings of His Love that continues to awaken your soul, sensitizing you to all that is in this world and all that is within your own personal world. Remember that the flow of compassion is a powerful elixir to the soul, to all you meet where they feel this gift, this blessing focused towards them. And it disarms them. It allows them comfort and safety and they feel love.

This is an important component to being a channel of love in the world. You will feel and do feel compassion rising up, directed towards others, directed towards yourselves. This is the manifestation of the awakening of your souls beloveds, and can be a powerful motivator for your service and work. Again, this is a humble act, to have compassion, true compassion. It is a loving act and it will bring to you the strength that you need to be in this world as a channel of love.

When you gaze upon another with eyes of love, the feeling of compassion often accompanies your interaction. It is a signal to you that God is working through you for this gift of compassion is the Hand of God reaching through you to others. God has deep compassion for all. His Love and blessings pour out to all, for He too feels the pain of this world and knows the inner secrets of all souls, understands the struggles that ensue with every soul upon your world. We who have souls awakened in love feel great compassion for humanity and this motivates our actions, our love, our efforts. So we work together in the flow of love, compassion, joy, and humility. All of these beautiful elements like colours of the rainbow blending into one flow of light, touching many souls. Acknowledge these aspects of your soul, beloveds. Allow them to flow readily. Allow your feelings to be felt and expressed. Allow yourselves to know all the spectrum of the feelings of the soul, of which compassion is one.

May the Father continue to awaken your soul in His Love. May you come to know all your capacities, all that is within you to give to another as you are continuously prepared for this work of service in the name of truth and love. God awaits your awakening so that He may send you forth as clear and beautiful channels of love, healing, truth and compassion for others.

You are blessed, my beloveds, and I continue to be with you, your work. I am Martin Luther and I love you. I love that you wish to give and to work and to love in the name of God. God bless you.