Spirit: Paul of Tarsus
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: October 29, 2018

I am Paul, Paul of Tarsus, Paul of the bible. I’ve come to speak to you about the value and purpose of your soul. When you pray together in a circle such as this you bring your spiritual energies and intentions into the circle. Depending upon your beliefs and your desires, you bring in certain energies, influences and blessings to you.

The purpose of a Circle of Light is to bring blessings to your souls, to bring the inflow of the highest blessing of all, which is the Essence of God, into your souls that your souls may be awakened and nourished in this prayer. When you come together with this intention, you feel the building of blessings and light come amongst you, enveloping you and the added blessings of the angels surrounding you. In this way and environment, your souls are more open to receiving this blessing of Love. It is more powerful amongst you and takes little effort to receive it, but you must desire it nonetheless.

Many in your world assume that this Love exists within them already, that this is a part of their nature. It is only required that one explores and digs deep within to come to know this gift of Love. Yes, there is love within every soul but that love is a gift that God gave to every soul and what we refer to as the natural love. It is a beautiful gift, a beautiful blessing upon every soul that exists. This blessing of love can be cultivated and opened and made pure by efforts to release those conditions that are not in harmony with love. There is a higher Love, however, and a higher blessing that one is not born with, but comes on the heels of desire and longing from the soul to receive it. God freely gives this Love, this blessing, this energy with the prayer and longing that goes out, connecting with the Creator. In response He sends the Holy Spirit to touch your heart to open your soul to this gift. It is simple enough beloveds, all it requires is your time to seek out the longing of your soul, to humbly place that longing towards God so that you may receive this gift. It is not restricted by God, it is limitless. The possibilities of expansion of your soul through this gift have no limitations, only that which you place upon it, only that which you restrict through lack of faith or practice or desire. A soul that is ignited in this blessing of Love will find that it craves and longs for it, this nurturance, this Divine Elixir that is the Essence of God. Upon receiving this Love, the soul is changed, is healed, becomes something new and more in alignment with God, expressing gifts and attributes that are within the soul often hidden and dormant. It is the key to the ignition and awakening of these gifts. Jesus said “seek ye the kingdom and all things shall come to you”. His words refer to the blessing of this Divine Love, this Essence of God, for this creates the kingdom within your soul and indeed many, many blessings and gifts will come with this Touch of Love.

There is another path and this path is followed by many in your world. It is the path that says that what one has within is enough, that what is within is all that is and all that can be. I say to you my beloveds, there is a higher way, a higher path that does not merely heal the broken soul and purify the love that is within you all. This way brings you beyond that pure condition. Though joyous in itself, there is a deeper joy, a more fulfilling path and that is the path to at-onement with God and that is the path that requires your choice and effort to seek this gift of Love. One may follow this path at any time, whether here in this world or in the next. It is your choice, but I tell you, with your prayers to receive this highest of gifts you start a wondrous journey, a path that leads to many, many experiences, blessings, openings, perceptions, gifts, joy and deep love. Those who take the path of the purification of the natural attributes and love within take a very long and arduous journey, one that requires much effort to look deep and thoroughly within, to make great effort to erase and heal that which is not of light. With this gift from God, the Divine Love, there is effort indeed required but the path, the journey to healing and awakening is much swifter and has no limitations. With the journey of the purification of the natural love, one can only progress so far because the soul is not enhanced by this Divine Touch and therefore cannot progress beyond its natural capacities and abilities. Indeed, these spirits who inhabit what is known as the sixth sphere, the natural heaven of man, are beautiful and pure and know great joy, but those who progress beyond the sixth sphere into the seventh and then into the Celestial Heavens progress far beyond this condition. Their understanding goes beyond that of the natural man for they have become Divine Angels, transformed by the Essence of God.

As you sit here in this circle and pray for this gift of Divine Love, it is our desire that you realize the journey that you embark upon. Though this is the road less travelled by mortals, it is a wondrous journey, one that can bring deep and wondrous blessings, insights, perceptions, joy, at-onement with God.

You are given an invitation beloveds, an invitation that has been proffered many times, to walk this Divine Path to God. Many of you feel the beautiful Touch of God’s Love within your souls. You feel the atmosphere around you charged with this Love, charged with peace, charged with healing. All of these things come with this gift of Love, all of these things are available to you without restriction and all can come in great abundance, great abundance and deeply felt within the soul. Seek this gift beloveds, this we implore you. I tell you, that every moment spent longing for this blessing will bring unfathomable rewards as your souls open and emerge in this light and awakening of God’s Love within.

God bless you beloveds, I am Paul and I am happy to speak to you tonight. May your journeys to God be swift and full of wonders and great joy. God bless you. God bless you beloved souls, my love is with you, God bless you.