Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: October 25, 2018
Location: Gibsons, British Columbia

There are deep changes happening within your souls, my beloveds. As the Father’s Love continues to be infused into your soul, so there are corresponding shifts, healings and awakenings that bring change to your consciousness, your being. You must accept and embrace these changes, to be curious about them, to desire them not just from your mind but from that aching part of your soul, that part that longs so deeply, so powerfully for redemption and healings from all conditions that are not of love. With every step forward that you take, it is crucial that you do so with a longing heart, a deep desire to move forward and to release all conditions that are not in harmony with the love that continues to grow within you.

In many cases, it is not the condition of your soul that is your problem. It is the patterns of your mind and we cannot change this, beloveds. We may bring healing that will give temporary relief from these inharmonious states of thought. It is for you, beloved souls, to reject that which is not in love. Indeed, as has been said, to have deep compassion for yourselves and that compassion rises up from your souls. You feel a sweet tenderness towards yourself, a forgiveness of your transgressions against yourself. For when you lack love of yourself, you are in error. You reject God’s commandment which is to love.

Many in your world continue in this course of self-hatred, self-denial and a lack of self-love. This causes great pain in the world as so many enact their lack of love within with judgment, condemnation, fear, acts of violence one to another and depravation. So many in your world are in a deep state of pain and longing for love. Yet, in this dreadful condition, they hide away from others. They hide their pain from others and walk in the world with facades that do not indicate who they are.

You must overcome these barriers within you, beloved souls. You must listen to your own soul which truly does love who you are and has deep compassion for yourself, that mindful fabrication of who you think you are. This is illusion, beloved souls. Yet, in this world of thought you steadfastly cling to these illusions, these thoughtful constructions which you call reality. Beloved souls, the true reality is within you, within your soul and your relationship with God. This can be trusted. It is consistent. It is powerful and it will change your perceptions, your ideas about yourself and your ideas about the world. And yes, to trust in the perceptions of the awakened soul is difficult. It requires a strength and bravery, a capitulation to love, to this reality that is true.

This we wait for, beloveds. This God waits for, this deep shift within you where the struggles and the pain and the deception fall away and truth comes in its stead. Love comes to heal the wounds. God comes and touches those painful parts of your being with His Love. This is the greatest exercise of your faith, beloveds; to trust in the power of God’s Love, to long for this with all of your being, that you may be awakened, that you may accept your true self.

All those conditions within your mind, so intricately and steadfastly constructed, often implanted within you from others, must be released so that a whole new paradigm of truth and reality may be infused within your minds and your consciousness. This will come, will rise up from your souls provided that your minds accept this new self, this new reality.

Can you not feel the power of love within you? This consciousness of the soul aches for the recognition of the mind. But there may be a blending of both, to bring harmony and truth, a new reality, a new dawn in your life. So that you are not controlled and subjugated by these old conditions and patterns within the mind. I know that often you feel victimized by these conditions. In some respects you are justified in this feeling, for the conditions of your world brutalize you from the very beginning. That tender soul born in this world absorbs so much of the toxicity of the earthly conditions. Yes, each soul has the choice at some point in their lives to choose differently, to walk in a different reality, one that is part of God’s creation, one that is in more alignment with the laws of Love.

Indeed, I have witnessed your struggles, beloved souls. With many of you I have been with you for many years and I have a deep compassion for your struggles, beloveds. I have a deep compassion for humanity that continues to be lost and without any sense of direction, any glimmer of understanding what the true meaning of life is. The true meaning of life comes with the power of the awakened soul. For only the soul truly knows and understands its purpose for existence. It is in its relationship with God, communing with God, receiving the blessing of His Love, that truth comes. Not in the linear fashion of the logic of the mind. No, this perception is different. It is like an expansion of your awareness, absorbing the reality of truth and embracing it with all of you, all of your senses and sensibilities. Your true mind is the mind of your soul, the faculties of your soul. All of these things come into play when you come to know truth and clarity and the clear vision that God gives to you within your soul.

Yes, you walk a powerful path, beloveds, and God asks of you to walk in truth, honesty, and love. When you are clear of those things within you that bedevil you and cause you great pain, God will indeed help you heal from these things. The power of His Love will overshadow the darkness with light. But when it comes to those conditions of the mind, it is for you to fight your battle, to be resolute, and to say no, I will not walk in this world, in my life in this way. I reject this error. I reject this attitude. I am no longer a child of the error and darkness of man. I am a child of God and I shall live accordingly.

Draw your line, beloved souls, your line against darkness and error, your line against love that does not exist in self-hatred, your line that says I shall walk upon the side of light, truth, and love and I shall reject all that is not in harmony with this. Each of you are strong enough to do this. Each of you are not confused as to what I speak of. Each of you has a beautiful soul that continues to shine in the Father’s Love. In this, there is nothing that holds you back from the truth other than your own free will, your own desires, and your own mistrust of the truth. You are human, beloveds, and these are human qualities. We are beseeching you and God implores you, to step into the Divine, to a new reality, a new way of being in the world. Yes, your strength comes through prayer. Your strength comes from each other. Your strength comes from our ministrations. Your strength comes from the love that builds within your soul. All goodness and light pours upon you, beloved souls. It is time to accept the emergence of something beautiful, powerful, and new within you, to embrace this with all of your being, to shout hosannas to God, to say Father “I awaken in your Love and my love brings me joy in this awakening”.

Beloved souls, God touches you deeply. His Love pours within you at this very moment. You are embraced and held in the sacred Touch of God, in His Love for you. The power of this is greater than the power of a thousand suns. It can bring all change and strength that is required to do so. Trust in God’s Touch. Seek this blessing always and be confident that all healing will come and blow away your worries and cares as if it were a feather. The Breath of God is upon you, beloveds. Release your concerns and be in the light. Accept your awakening and live in its joy.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher, Augustine. You know my love, my care, my ministrations upon you. I will continue to walk with you as you grow in this love, as you become this new and beautiful bright soul which God has intended to be in this world. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.